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  • 1. The Genre of Romance Romance is and has always been an exceptionally popular genre. It can make us laugh and cry, and is in general, a womans favourite film type. Over the years the original and typical conventions of romance have changed to suit the modernising audiences.Now, we expect there to be more drama and more exciting issues between the couples as it makes theending even more of a fairytale ending. However some film makers have toyed around with thecommon conventions in order to grip our attention andto make their work look original. Examples of this are; Titanic, Love Happens,Wall.Eand Twilight

2. Those that follow the rules

  • The normalBoy meets girl, leave and coincidentally meet again, e.g. Notting Hill.
  • Strong willed females, with even stronger friends, e.g. Sex and the City.
  • A love triangle, there is always one that will be unhappy, e.g. Titanic.
  • Happily ever after, e.g. Enchanted.
  • A conflict arises where the couple fall out for a short period of time, e.g. P.S. I love you.
  • An interfering character with strong points of view, e.g. Monster in law.
  • The ability to make the audience cry by drawing us into the story, e.g. The Notebook.

3. Oh, how they have changed

  • Over the years, romances have changed. They are more versatile and include elements of other genre such as; comedy and drama.
  • Other genre do use elements of romance within them, such as action and fantasy films which will almost always feature a love interest, an example of this is in Lord Of The Rings, where a prince falls in love with an elven princess, however by marrying him she would lose her immortality which is a big decision for her, however she chooses to marry him in the end.
  • Also, romances are a lot more technically advanced and have the ability to use better locations, and even stunts, another example of this is; Titanic, as the whole sinking of the ship is so realistic it causes the audience to really feel part of the emotion.

4. Still they keep on changing

  • Also, the audience have a huge impact on how much the genre has changed, they have higher expectations and want challenging storylines, this has been partly responsible for the creations of the mixed genres such as rom-coms and romantic dramas.
  • Examples of this include, Over her dead body and many current TV series that are on.
  • The audience have also shaped themselves, before, romantic films were mainly a genre for older females, but now it appeals to women of all age groups and the homosexual groups also enjoy them.

5. Our conventional romance

  • In our short film we have used many conventions but it is also slightly unconventional in its approach.
  • We have used the idea of the boy meeting the girl accidentally and continue to meet up.
  • Our main character, Rose, is a strong willed female, who decides to leave to take control of her own life.
  • There is a love triangle that is the main story of our film, however the third part of the triangle is not a seen character within the film.
  • We have a happily ever after ending, where the couple embrace and leave together.

6. And yet, it continues

  • Finally, we use the conventional plotline where the couple have a disagreement.
  • There is an interfering character, who, in this case is the father, who is trying to stop the couple from being together.
  • Although we have many conventions, our short film is exceptionally unconventional, for example;
  • Our film is a silent movie, using only placards to show words.
  • Our film is also in black and white, with only one use of colour, this being a single red rose which is given to the main character. This idea originated from Schindlers List and is a good use of iconography.