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Chaffey College

2010-2011 ASSIST ( is an online student-transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferred to another. ASSIST is the official repository of articulation for Californias public colleges and universities and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information about student transfer in California Exploring Majors is an ASSIST site that helps students explore majors offered at UC and CSU campuses. It provides several paths you can take to learn about specific majors, requirements for majors, major preparation at community colleges, and transferring courses to the University of California or California State University. BACCALAUREATE DEGREE LOWER DIVISION (FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE) MAJOR REQUIREMENTS. SEE ALSO GENERAL EDUCATION CERTIFICATION COURSE PATTERN SHEET FOR THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY (CSU), INTERSEGMENTAL GENERAL EDUCATION TRANSFER CURRICULUM (IGETC), OR THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA (UC) GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS. CAL POLY STATE UNIVERSITY, POMONA (QTR) 2009-2010 ASSIST 5/10/10 BACHELOR OF FINE ART GRAPHIC DESIGN COURSE CAL POLY CHAFFEY Introduction to Drawing ART 140A ART 14 Introduction to Design ART 150A ART 10 Introduction to the Computer as Medium ART 155A NCC Life Drawing ART 244A ART 30 Intermediate Drawing ART 242A ART 32 Photography COM 131/131L PHOTO 10 History of Western Art ART 212 History of Western Art ART 213 ART 3 & 5 History of Western Art ART 214 Lettering and Typography ART 251A ART 73 Graphic Design I ART 252A ART 63 CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, SAN BERNARDINO (QTR) 2009-2010 ASSIST 5/10/10 B.A. DEGREE IN ART (Graphic Design) PLAN IV COURSE CSUSB Chaffey Intro. to Two Dimensional Design ART 120 ART 10 Intro. to Three Dimensional Design ART 121 ART 12 Intro. to Drawing and Life Drawing ART 122 ART 14 Art and Technology ART 123 ART 63 Art History: Prehistoric Times - Middle Ages ART 221 ART 3 Art History: Africa, Asia, Americas & Oceania ART 222 ART 7, 9, 11 Art History: Renaissance - Present ART 223 ART 5 Principles of Design Management ART 232 NCC Production of Visual Information Design ART 238 NCC

5885 Haven Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737 (909) 652-6000, 822-4484, 652-6200



CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, SAN BERNARDINO (QTR)CONTINUED B.A. DEGREE IN ART (Graphic Design & Marketing) PLAN V Introduction to Two Dimensional Design ART 120 ART 10 Art History: Prehistoric Times - Middle Ages ART 221 ART 3 Art History: Africa, Asia, Americas & Oceania ART 222 ART 7,9,11 Art History: Renaissance - Present ART 223 ART 5 Accounting ACCT 211 ACCTG 1A Principles of Design Management ART 232 NCC Production of Visual Information Design ART 238 NCC Choose at least one of the following courses: Microeconomics ECON 200 ECON 4 Macroeconomics ECON 202 ECON 2 Introduction to Business MGMT 100 BUS 10 Recommended: Computer Graphics Art 63

CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON (SEM) 2009-2010 ASSIST 5/10/10 B.F.A. DEGREE IN ART Concentration Graphic Design Students who transfer from community colleges are placed in the B.A. category and may apply to the BFA once they have completed the 12 semester units of studio art courses listed below with a grade of B or better. Studio Art Courses CSUF CHAFFEY Beginning Drawing ART 107A ART 14 Beginning Painting ART 107B ART 16 Three-Dimensional Design ART 104 ART 12 Two-Dimensional Design ART 103 ART 10 Additional Courses

Life Drawing ART 117 ART 30 Lettering & Typography ART 223B ART 63 Art & Civilization ART 201A ART 3 Art & Civilization ART 201B ART 5 Plus an additional 3 units of studio electives: Art 18, 20, 32, 34, 35

30,63, Photo 13,92A-H SAN JOS STATE UNIVERSITY (QTR) B.F.A. DEGREE IN GRAPHIC DESIGN1 2009-2010 ASSIST 5/10/10 (Emphasis in Graphic Design and Illustration) COURSE SAN JOS CHAFFEY 2-D Concepts ART 12 ART 10 or 3-D concepts ART 13 ART 12 Beginning Drawing ART 24 ART 14 Prehistory Medieval or ARTH 70A or ART 3 or Renaissance Modern ARTH 70B ART 5 Beginning Photography PHOTO 40 PHOTO 10

1 Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale in all art/design courses; failing this, the BFA status will be changed to the BA-Art.



CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH 2009-2010 ASSIST 5/10/10 BFA OPTION IN GRAPHIC DESIGN COURSE CSUF CHAFFEY Foundation Art History I AH 111A ART 3 Foundation Art History II AH 111B ART 5 Survey Asian Art: Early Sacred Cultures or AH 113A or ART 11 Survey Asian Art: Later Traditions AH 113B or Foundation Art History: Art of Africa, Oceania, and Indigenous North America AH 114 ART 7 Foundation Two-Dimensional ART 130 ART 10 Foundation Three-Dimensional ART 131 ART 14 Foundation Drawing ART 181 ART 14 Foundation Painting ART 187 ART 16 Foundation Life Drawing ART 184 ART 30 Introduction to Typography ART 223 ART 73 Recommended: Computer Graphics Art 63

Applications for the Graphic Design specialization exceed the spaces available, therefore, this program is considered impacted by the California State University. Refer to CSULB for most current information and additional admission criteria.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art program is impacted. The CSU designates major programs as impacted when more applications are received in the initial filing period from CSU eligible applicants than can be accommodated by the campus. Impacted majors are authorized to use supplementary admission criteria and/or higher admission standards than the CSU minimum requirements in considering applicants to the program. These criteria are applied equally to continuing CSULB students and entering upper-division transfer students. Please refer to the admissions web site for impaction admission details: THESE SUMMARIES HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED BY THE COUNSELING STAFF BASED ON CURRENT INFORMATION AVAILABLE AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. For more information regarding transfer colleges and majors, please consult with a counselor, visit the transfer center, and refer to four-year college catalogs and websites. Valuable websites include the following:

California State Universities: University of California:

Independent: Articulation:

Lettering & Typography ART 223B ART 63