Chapter 23. A+ 22-23 A- 21 B 18-20 C 16-17 D 14-15 F 0-13.

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  • Chapter 23
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  • A+ 22-23 A- 21 B 18-20 C 16-17 D 14-15 F 0-13
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  • Week Twenty-Four (February 22-25) Day 1 Chapter 24 Quiz Discussion Question Day 2 Human Record / 267-274 Question to consider. How is Imperialism justified and perceived by different groups. Week Twenty-Five (February 28- March 4) Day 1 Chapter 25 Quiz Day 2 Discuss Comparison Week Twenty-Six (March 8-11) Day 1- Chapter 26 Quiz Day 2- Timed Comparison Essay
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  • Independence in Latin America Causes Enlightenment Wealthy Creoles resentment Napoleon Spanish South America Jose San Martin Simon Bolivar Help from natives and free blacks Disunited, politically weak, unstable, economically poor.
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  • Mexico Incredible hardship for natives Miguel Hidalgo Jose Morelos Incredible unstable, violent, and chaotic Colonel (Emperor) Iturbide 1823- Republic Brazil King John Pedro Very unpopular -Why Pedro II 1889- Republic
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  • Problems With New Societies Constitutional Experiments Successful in US not in Latin America Canada received a great deal of freedom Dominion of Canada Latin America Didnt want to submit army to civilian government What to do with the Catholic Church Personalist Leaders Popular military leaders Lead to dictatorship Andrew Jackson & Jos Antonio Pez
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  • Regionalism Local elites Latin America fell US Civil War Foreign Interventions 1800-1900 Foreigners tried to dominate Americas Benito Juarez French Wars between the Americas Mexican American War Latin American conflicts
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  • Problems Cont. Native Peoples and the Nation-State Leaders of the new countries fought the NA What to do with them? Push- Push- Reservation Slavery Many Americans countries were based on ideals- Freedom Plantation economies were based on slave labor Abolition By 1888 Slavery was gone
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  • Immigration Increased dramatically They look so differentEww you really eat that? What is a citizen? Diversity or Assimilation Womens Rights What is a woman? Suffrage Racism Stereotypes- Post-slavery problems
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  • Industrialization US- Richer Everyone else Poorer Exported raw products Increased mining, agriculture, and foresting Funded by wealthy US and European corporations Environmental Impact Wealth growth became synonymous with environmental degradation
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  • What were the underlying reasons for the struggles for independence in Latin America in the early nineteenth century? Discussion Question What impact does industrialization have on the Western Hemisphere? Discussion Question Compare and contrast two of the revolutionary movements in Venezuela, Mexico, and Brazil. Comparision
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  • Problems associated with regionalism were important in shaping Latin American nations as well as the United States. Compare and contrast the significance of regionalism throughout the Americas. Comparison Compare the effect of independence and the end of colonialism on Amerindians? Consider former British, Spanish, and Portuguese colonies. Comparison


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