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The December 2014 issue of our Chat Bout eZine. Holiday recipes, tips for an easy Christmas, exciting Group News and highlights of our brands.


03 0713CB PAN CHICKEN CHAMPIONSHIP HIGHLIGHTSCOPPERWOOD LAUNCHES DELICIOUS SPECIALITY SAUSAGESCB UWI5K: WALK GOOD, RUN GREATDECEMBER EDITION . #13T H E C B G R O U P N E W S L E T T E RTable ofCONTENTS10 bad dawg at bad apple7 copperwood pork launches deliciousspeciality sausages3 cb pan chickenchampionship lights up kingstons waterfront1 welcome13182225cb uwi5k:walk good, run greatday in the life of asahel huiecaribbean passion: ham + cheese muffinsmark your calendarwelcome 1The decision to increase our egg production capacity and focus on strengthening growth of our pork division, as the core business of broiler and feed production continued, has proved timely. We now anticipate a Christmas season with customers having an adequate supply of chicken, eggs and ham, among our full list of great products.The success of our Pan Chicken Championship across the island, along with increased participation in our annual CB Group UWI 5K continue to highlight the support for our brand in the market place. Congratulations are in order for the teams that continue to lead these innovations.As we celebrate this Christmas season, let us continue to share with those who are less fortunate and participate in building our country.As we look forward to the end of 2014, we reflect on the challenges and accomplishments that fuel our resolve for the CB Groups growth.This year, the buying power of our consumers was impacted by devaluation and, furthermore, severe drought conditions affected the farming sector during the summer months.WelcomeEaton BarrettDivisional Manager, Live Production23around the brand in 30 days cb chickenCB Chicken took over Ocean Boulevard for its highly anticipated annual CB Pan Chicken Championship Grand Final. Despite the inclement weather, patrons came out to support their favourite pan man or woman. Our hosts Pretty Boy Floyd and Miss Kitty had the crowd rolling, while Kevin Downswell ignited our spirits and gave us even more blessings after the showers. A Big congrats to our newly crowned 2014 CB Pan Chicken Grand Champion- Sitrena Gilling, who hails from First Brissett, in Hanover. With a spectacular fire work show, Sizzla Kalonji brought the house down with his slew of hits and even bigged up CB to close out a fantastic night.Check out the photo highlights:CB Pan Chicken Championship lights up Kingstons Waterfront4around the brand in 30 days cb chicken5around the brand in 30 days cb chicken6around the brand in 30 days cb chickenCopperwood, launchesdelicious Specialty Sausages7around the brand in 30 days copperwood porkGet ready for Copperwood Porks new specialty sausages. Gourmet, packed with flavour and absolutely delicious, these premium sausages will be available in three varieties: Smoked, Bacon & Jerk (Spur Tree Jerk Seasoning).They have been a long time in the making and After special tastings at the Copperwood Up In Smoke Tour and our Pan Chicken Hospitality lounge, were ready to roll them out!These great sausages will be available exclusively in Mega Mart and the Pork Store this month, but stay tuned to get more details as we launch another exciting new product.8around the brand in 30 days caribbean passionEasy Christmas with Caribbean PassionTheres really nothing like Christmas time in Jamaica. A little Christmas breeze, the rich scent of sorrel being drawn, of ham roasting in the oven and the gungo rice and peas that always taste sweeter in December, are just a few things that we love the most! Caribbean Passion has launched its Christmas campaign, reminding you to have an Easy Christmas with these fully cooked and ready to eat hams. All you have to do with a Caribbean Passion Ham is thaw, cut and serve. Of course you can always dress them in the traditional pineapples, cloves and cherries, pour on your glaze and finish them in the oven the way grandma always did. Try this special citrus glaze by award winning Chef Oji Jaja for a twist this year:Recipe:c Citrus Glaze (Yield 32 Oz.)c 8 Cups Orange Juice c 2 EA Bay Leavesc 12 EA All Spice Berriesc 4 EA Clovesc 2 Cup Granulated Sugarc 2 Tablespoon Ginger Purec 2 EA Star Anise Method Of Preparation:In a heavy sauce pan, combine all ingredients and reduce until a sauce consistency is achieved should be able to coat the back of a spoon cool and store for use. No matter how you do your ham this Christmas, its always easier with Caribbean Passion.9around the brand in 30 days nutramixOur NUTRAMIX team has been having its Pets Day at Agro Grace stores around the island. Part of NUTRAMIXs commitment to the community, these days saw Dr Gabrielle Young and the team looking after four legged and feathered friends of people from all over at no cost, offering free examination and treatment. The team will next be at Agro Grace Mandeville on December 4th.NUTRAMIX isnt just the feed you can trust, were the people you can rely on.Nutramix Pets Day10around the brand in 30 days bad dawgBad Dawg supported the play Bad Apple at a special viewing for students at the Theatre Place on Haining Road in Kingston.The cutting-edge and witty play delves into the heart of several serious issues affecting youth. Bad Apple, and its controversial lead character, Apple, were well received by the students. On their lunch break, the teenagers enjoyed the Bigga Betta Bada sausage and took some fun pics for our camera.Bad Dawg at Bad Apple11around the brand in 30 days smart eggsSmart Eggs sponsored the second staging of the Kids K at the CB Group UWI 5K. This year we had over 200 young entrants in the race which took place immediately following the 5K. Kids from ages 4-11 competed in the 1K race within the UWI Mona Bowl. Some parents decided to get in on the fun and ran the race with their little ones even though they had just completed the 5K! We also had a team of 50 entered in the adult race as the We Got The Runs & True Form Fitness Teams were proudly wearing the Eat Smart Live Smart t-shirts. After completing the race, the team was treated to breakfast from the Smart Cart, enjoying egg, cheese & avocado sandwiches to refuel after the run!Smart Eggs Kids K atthe CB Group UWI 5K12in OurCreating BondsCommunities121313our community walk good, run great 13Walk Good..Run GREAT For Education and Sports DevelopmentEducation is the key to the development of Jamaica, and thats why for the third straight year the CB Group has continued to support the UWI 5k, which offers scholarships to students in need. The race was again a huge success- we had almost 1000 more people participating and the CB Group also had the largest team on Race Day. Our Smart Eggs Kids K, the first timed childrens race in Jamaica was a massive success, with over 200 children registered. Thanks to all the CBG family and extended family who supported this worthy cause. And a special BIG up to our CB Group Speedsters Kenardo Stewart, and Kaydia Rowe our fastest runners; and Patrick Duncan and Amoree Wilson who topped the walkers. An extra special Big Up to Kenardo who was also our fastest runner in 2014 Congrats Kenardo on a race well run.1414our community walk good, run great 14Our Team Members Continue To Do BIG Things!1515our community our team members continue to do big things! 15Congratulations to our own Veron Burton-Miller, Treasury Officer at Group Office, who in November graduated from the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) e-Campus Online postgraduate diploma course. The JSE e-Campus is a web-based e-learning system that allows students to attend courses online. Congrats Veron on a job well done! On November 1st Michael Gibbs, Plant Manager, Copperwood Farms in Lucea graduated from the Mona School of Business and Management with an MBA in International Business. Managing an award winning plant and balancing the school books isnt easy, but Gibbs completed the course with Distinction via the UWI Western Campus. Not only did Michael receive a distinction, he was the highest performer in his concentration and received the CIBC First Caribbean award for Excellence in International Business. Congratulations Michael, from your team at Copperwood and the whole CB Group! In November, Caneal Saunders Sales Representative, Kingston (CB Foods) also completed his Masters of Business Administration (MBA), graduating from the Mona School of Business and Management. Caneal received his MBA in General Management. Congratulations Caneal, we look forward to your future successes.BIGUPSCB- Birthdays- Staff Movements - A Day in the Life Of16DECEMBER BIRTHDAYSJANUARY BIRTHDAYS 1. Ricardo Wilson, Patrine Parks, Nicoy McFarlane 2. Garnett White, Jasen Lawrence 3. Velton Gooden, Wilfred Lopez, Valomin Lemont-Rose 7. Aliberth Coke, Gabrielle Young-Vaughan, George Clarke 8. Michael Anderson, Shevoy Martin10. Marlon Graham, Stephan Smith, 12. Mario Ewart, Nadine Hayden, Lorenzo Davis, 13. Winsome Thompson, Thomas Williams14. Andrea Adams, Lorenzo Simms15. Sophia Johnson16. Jermaine Shaw17. Stanley Wilson, Sharon Bartlett, Keith Fendison, Kameil Scott18. Merle Henderson-Evans19. Robert Mason20. Warren Pryce, Kerry-Ann Rose21. Anthony Chin22. Magdalena Henderson-Evans 24. Andrew White, Sasha-Gay Turner25. Verna Cole, Cornelus Brooks 26. Lunford Dyer, Lawrence Cunningham, Suzan Lowe, Florence Smallwood, Robert Carr28. Marlon Scott29. Balfour Thomas30. Desmond Archer, Steve Howe31. Damion Coleman 1. Juliet Brown 2. Faye Morgan-Byrd, Christine McKoy, Peter Wiliams, Antoinette Braithwaite, Kimroy Bailey, Jamoye Neil 3. Lamara Henry 4. Delroy Byfield, Claudette McKenzie 5. Verna Holness, Desmond Sullivan 6. Dian Howell, Christopher Harriott 7. Tanisha FriginetteSTAFF ANNOUCEMENTSA very warm welcome to the newest member ofthe CB Family!cb big ups december + january birthdays + staff announcements 17Aundrez PuseyScale MonitorArnold RoadNovember 10, 2014cb big ups a day in the life of asahel huie 18A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ASAHEL HUIE19cb big ups a day in the life of asahel huieThe exceptional support and team spirit from my co-workers; we have a good rapport. Their personalities are so genuine and comical (right Shelly?). 5. What gets you through a hectic work day?My favourite CB product is Bad Dawg! I am also a huge fan of the Copperwood Picnic Ham. 6. What is your favourite CB product?It would definitely be Sales or Marketing as this would give me closer interaction with customers.7. If you could be in another section of the group for a day, where would you go and why?My most embarrassing occurred during the 2014 World Cup quarter final match between France and Germany. Convinced that France is the superior team, when I heard the first goal announced over the radio I begun calling my co-workers form the warehouse and shipping department celebrating France is going to NAIL Germany and move on to erase Brazil. Only to be corrected a few minutes later that it was France that was being nailed by Germany silence.8. What has been your most embarassing moment at work?My favourite dish is jerked pork with roasted sweet potato. lots of pepper.9. Name your favourite chicken/pork dish. The first thing I do is run a report to get an update on the status of all deliveries and address any irregularity in aid of getting feed orders out. I then check my email for special request. The core of my work day involves billing customers,; receiving and posting orders; and liaising between customers, technical sales representative, accounts and shipping departments to aid in getting deliveries out in a timely manner. Some of my other activities involve doing customer surveys, preparing quotation requests and documenting customer complaints.4. Describe a typical day for you from the moment you arrive at work till when you leave.I have been an active part of the CB family for three years and 10 months. The 11th March 2015 marks my 4th anniversary.Newport Mills Limited, home of the renowned NUTRAMIX brand (yeaaah!). I am employed in the capacity of Customer Services/Sales Agent.Definitely the kudos received from our satisfied customers. Additionally, I feel encouraged by the incentives made available by CB to staff for advancement through education and being able to offer assistance to my co-workers.1. How long have you been a member of the CB Group? 2. What section of the group are you in and what is your role?3. What is the best part about working at CB?and tid-bits20recipe corner caribbean passion ham, spinach & french bread pizza 21Caribbean Passion Ham, Spinach & French Bread PizzaLOOKING FOR A HEARTY ITALIAN DINNER? THEN CHECK OUT THIS DELICIOUS CARIBBEAN PASSION HAM AND CALLALOO PIZZA MADE WITH FRENCH BREAD.WHAT YOULL NEED loaf(1lb)Frenchbread 3tablespoonsoliveorvegetableoil 1can(8oz)pizzasauce 1cupchoppedfullycookedCaribbeanPassionham 1smallonion,chopped(1/4cup) 2tablespoonsalmonds 2cupschoppedfreshcallaloo(about2oz) 12slices(1ozeach)provolonecheese,cutinhalfPREP TIME: 20minutesTOTAL TIME: 30minutesSERVINGS: 6HOW TO MAKE IT1.Heatovento400F.Cutloafofbreadinhalfhorizontally;cuteachhalfcrosswiseintothirds.Placecutsidesuponungreasedlargecookiesheet;brushwithoil.Bake5to6minutesoruntiltopsareslightlytoasted.Removefromoven.2.Spreadpizzasauceevenlyovercutsidesofeachpieceofbread.Topevenlywithham,onion,almondsandcallaloo.Place4halfslicesofcheeseontopofeach.3.Bake7to10minutesoruntilcheeseismeltedandpizzaishot.TIPSThisrecipeisagreatwaytouseupleftoverham.Youcanswitchthealmondsforoneofyourfavouritenuts, for a personalised pizza with the same greatcrunch.Source: Passion Ham and Cheese Muffinsrecipe corner caribbean passion ham and cheese muffins 22BURSTING WITH CREAMY MELTED CHEESE AND CARIBBEAN PASSION HAM, THESE BIG HEARTY MUFFINS MAKE A GREAT STAND-ALONE BREAKFAST FOR BOXING DAY, OR SERVE THEM WITH SOUP OR SALAD FOR LUNCH.WHAT YOULL NEED 2eggs 3cupsOriginalBisquickmix 1cupmilk 3tablespoonsvegetableoil 1package(4ounces)shreddedCheddarcheese(1cup) cupchoppedfullycookedCaribbeanPassionham(1/4pound)PREP TIME:10minutesCOOK TIME:30minutesSERVINGS:12HOW TO MAKE IT1.Heatovento400F.Spraybottomsandsidesof12regular-sizemuffincupswithcookingspray.(Spraywillworkbetterthangreasingorusingpapermuffinliners.)2.2Beateggsslightlyinmediumbowlwithfork.StirinBisquickmix,milkandoiljustuntilmoistened.Stirin3/4cupofthecheeseandtheham.Dividebatterevenlyamongmuffincups.Sprinkleremaining1/4cupcheeseevenlyovertopsofmuffins.3.3Bake18to20minutesoruntillightgoldenbrown.Immediatelyremovefrompan.Servewarm.Wrapandrefrigerateanyremainingmuffins.TIPSToreheatamuffin,microwaveuncoveredonhighabout30secondsoruntilhot.Wanttopumpuptheflavour?UsesharpCheddarcheese.Source: you know? christmas meal traditions 23Christmas meal traditions vary around the world. Here are a few holiday favourites from other countries.1. Pasteles (Green Banana and Pork Tamales)These flavourful tamales are sold from street stands during the holidays in Puerto Rico.2. Tlttt kposzta (Hungarian stuffed cabbage)A thick cornmeal and smoked ham filling is rolled in blanched cabbage leaves and braised in a paprika-spiked tomato sauce in a comforting dish from Hungarian home cook Edit Szab Gzn. With its bright red, paprika-charged color, it looks beautiful as part of a Hungarian Christmas spread. 3. Doro Wat (Ethiopian stewed chicken and boiled eggs) In Ethiopia, no holiday meal is complete without Doro Wat, a long-stewed dish of chicken flavored with chile, garlic, berbere, cardamom, and ginger, served with boiled eggs. tips for an easy christmas 241. We all get tempted to buy everyone we consider close a gift. But trust us, you dont need to buy your sisters auntys nephews cousin a Christmas gift. There are more ways to show someone you care than breaking the piggy bank. Limit your gifts to immediate family, and when it comes to your friends or coworkers, try a pixie group to save everyone a little money without cutting the holiday cheer. If you really must give a gift and are in a pinch, think home-made from the heart is best.TIPS FOR AN EASY2. Try to get some of your shopping done now. Youd be surprised how many stores start Christmas sales early. Trust us; come December 23rd of 24th youll still end up with a few gifts to buy.3. Now is the best time to stock up on your spices, sorrel and other items that can be frozen or stored before prices skyrocket due to increased demand.4. Pick a date to cut off work and house projects and just unplug. Take time the time to unwind with those you love, and enjoy what matters this holiday season.252525mark your calendar 25CB Groups Christmas Party is here and its time to get together and let loose. CB Group will be hosting its annual Christmas Party, and this year we mean PARTY. Bring your dancing shoes and get ready for good company, great music and even better food!Music by DJ NicoDecember, 13th Sunday, 20148 p.m. 02:00 a.m.Sabina ParkChik-V may have slowed us down, but it hasnt stopped our commitment to the Give Love, Give Blood drive. CB Group has rescheduled the drive for February after we have all recovered and rested during the Holidays. Stay tuned for the new date and spread the word to family and friendsa single donation could save three lives!Next February at the Girl Guide HQ. SAVETHEDATEFEBRUARY, 2015