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The January 2015 issue of our Chat Bout eZine. Tips for the New Year, recipes and cooking tips from the greats. Celebrate the new year, share in Group News and highlights of our brands.


03 0912PAN CHICKEN WINNERS RECEIVE CASH PRIZESSTART 2015 THE SMART WAYBUDDING CHEF MAKES THE PRESST H E C B G R O U P N E W S L E T T E RH a p p y N e w Ye a r . E a t . L i v e . B e H a p p y.JANUARY 2015 EDITION . #14Table ofCONTENTS9 start 2015 the smart way5 cb team taste tests jamaicanised pulled pork at wendys!3 pan chicken winners receive their cash prizes1 welcome12182224budding chef and cb family member jessica whyte makes the pressa day in the life of karen richardschippenham baked egg & rundown tartsimple tips from top chefswelcome 1The proverbial wisdom that comes with old age has not been delivered to me yet, so I will forward and paraphrase a New Years wish that was sent to me a few years ago. It goes like this:I hope that in this year to come, you make some mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are doing new things, making new things, learning, living, pushing and changing yourself, changing your world. Youre doing things youve never done before, and more importantly, youre Doing Something.So thats my wish for you and all of us; my wish for myself. Make some mistakes. Mistakes nobodys ever made before. Dont freeze, dont stop, dont worry that it isnt good enough, or that it isnt perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or family or life.Whatever it is youre scared of doing, Do it.Make some mistakes, next year and forever. (Neil Gaiman).Have a magnificent 2015!Hans Muller Divisional Manager, Feed | Newport MillsIf all has worked out as planned, you are reading this ChatBout #14 in the first days of a brand new year. What a great opportunity to look over our shoulders and feel proud about all the things we achieved in the Old Year; and what a fine moment to look forward to new challenges and opportunities for our Group, our families, our friends and ourselves.23around the brand in 30 days cb chickenIn December, CB Chicken handed over cheques to winners of the CB Chicken Pan Chicken Championship, Grand Final, in Downtown Kingston. 1st Place winner and new Pan Chicken Grand Champion, Sitrena Gilling, who hails from Hanover, received $300,000, 2nd Place winner, Natalie Sill received $150,000 and 3rd place winner Carlton Jobson received $75,000. Both Natalie and Carlton are from the parish of Clarendon. The trio was also awarded cash prizes by Jamaica National Building Society for business development grants and product from Grace Tomato Ketchup. Winners of the CB Pan Chicken Championship Celebrity Cook off were also awarded their prizes for charities of their choice. Cook off winner Kaci Fennell, Miss Universe Jamaica 2014 received $150,000 dollars for her charity Style For Change (S4C), which does outreach and feeding programmes for the less fortunate. While Talia Soares, Co-Host of TVJs Intense received $75,000 towards refurbishments and feeding programmes at Mico Practicing Primary and Junior High School. receive their cash prizes.PANCHICKENWINNERS4around the brand in 30 days cb chickenKaci Fennell, Miss Universe Jamaica 2014 and Alicia Bogues,Brand Manager, CB Chicken.Natalie Sill, Carlton Jobson, and Grand Champion Sitrena Gilling smile with their CB Pan Chicken Championship 2014 awards.Geraldine Allen, Principal, Mico Practicing Primary & Junior High, Intenses Talia Soares and CB Chicken Brand Manager, Alicia Bogues.5Our team recently stopped by Wendys Liguanea to taste test Copperwoods new BBQ Jerk Pulled Pork Offerings.Pulled pork is one of the hottest food items on the international culinary scene. Now, thanks to efforts made by Copperwood, Wendys and Belcour Preserves, pulled pork has not only been brought to our shores, but Jamaicanized with BBQ Jerk sauce for a trio of new items on the Wendys menu.They say good things come in threes and the BBQ Jerk Pulled Pork is no different. It comes as a stand-alone sandwich, as an extra topping on a juicy cheeseburger or as a special loaded cheese fries option.Group Photo (L-R): Dominic Pearson, Project Manager, Opal Wellington, Purchasing Agent, Yanique Simpson, Customer Care Specialist, Andrew Raymore, Communications Coordinator, Tina Hamilton, Brand Manager, Copperwood and Bob Mason, Sales Manager.CB Team taste tests Jamaicanised Pulled Pork at Wendys!around the brand in 30 days copperwood porkHAM SEASON A SUCCESS!6around the brand in 30 days caribbean passionCaribbean Passion set ambitious targets for Ham Season and were happy to report that our team did a great job. A special thank you to our hard working Sales, Customer Care and Merchandising teams you hit the ground running and made sure our hams were found at the heart of thousands of Jamaican Christmas dinners.Heres a look at just a few of the things weve been up to this Holiday Season!* Street Promotion We hit the streets and handed out thousands of ham sandwiches, spreading the holiday cheer and great flavor of our fully cooked hams.* Win a Ham for Christmas For four weeks, ever Sunday leading up to Christmas, a lucky Facebook user went home with one of our delicious fully cooked hams!* Nestle & Caribbean Passion We partnered with our friends at Nestle to give 6 lucky winners a fully cooked Caribbean Passion Ham for the holidays as part of their Holiday Giveaway on Facebook!7around the brand in 30 days nutramixThank You TEAM NUTRAMIX!NUTRAMIX has been busy throughout the holiday season. Our team has sponsored customer appreciation days over the last couple of weeks. NUTRAMIX products and branded items were given to a number of our customers, who in turn were able to treat their own customers. Gifts were given to these persons in the form of Baby Chicks, Feed, Caps, T Shirts, Pens and NUTRAMIX calendars. Some of our valuable customers that benefitted are; Golden Grain Farm & Garden, Papine M & M, Farm Plus, Eastport Farm & Garden, Happy Garden, Browns Town Farm Store, Highgate Chemical, Phils Feed, Agriculture Hub, Wilson Farm Store and Agro Grace. We look forward to a bigger and better 2015, working even more closely with our loyal customers. Thank you team Nutramix for all your hard work.8around the brand in 30 days bad dawgTek Di Badniss Home!Not just from the cart anymorefrom Kingston to Mandeville, to Mobay, you can get Bigga Betta, Badda at home and indulge in tender, juicy sausages made with 100% meat; never stuffed with fill nor paste. Bad Dawg retail packs are currently available at:1) The Pork Store Slipe Road, Kingston2) Loshusan Supermarket Barbican, Kingston3) Lees Supermarket, Red Hills Road4) Family Pride Supermarket5) Progressive Supermarket Select Groceries7) Mega Mart Retail packs are also coming soon at the below stores:1) Empire Supermarket, Liguanea2) General Foods Market, Liguanea3) Lees Supermarket, Boulevard Supercentre4) Hi Lo Supermarkets5) Brooklyn Supermarkets9around the brand in 30 days smart eggs1) Commit to starting the year off healthy2) Make sure to write down your goals (call them goals and not resolutions, so you know they are something to work towards, not a high bar you cant reach, or rule you will break). This will help you increase the chances of achieving them3) Find a gym buddy so you are always accountable to someone4) Plan your meals so that it leaves little room for you to cheat5) Include Smart Eggs in your diet. Eggs are an excellent source of nutrition and a real power foodand of course Omega3 rich Smart Eggs are great for heart and brain health.10in OurCreating BondsCommunities101111our community cb group celebrates the true spirit of christmas 11CB Group celebrates the true spirit of ChristmasThe CB Group Christmas Party wasnt just about dancing up a storm. We also collected new and gently used toys at the event from our generous staff members. These gifts were presented to SOS Village in Stony Hill and Dare to care in Spanish Town, which falls under the Mustardseed Umbrella of homes. For the last three years, office personnel at Arnold Road have been making donations to Matthew 25:40, a home for boys and young men living with HIV (from ages 8 18 years). This Christmas the team showed their support again, donating much needed household and basic items, food stuffs and contributed toward the food for the days treat. Thanks to everyone who gave back this Holiday Season. Continue to Eat. Live. Be Happy. In 2015!1212our community budding chef and cb family member jessica whyte makes the press 12Budding Chef and CB family member Jessica Whyte makes the PressJessica Whyte, daughter of our own Customer Care Manager Karen Weir was recently featured in the Gleaners Hospitality Jamaica, at the award winning Round Hill Hotel where she is a food and beverage intern.In the press, Jessica received stellar reviews by her colleagues including Hilary Stewart, Round Hills director of food and beverage and we are proud of this CB Family member.Serious about her love of cooking, in 2013, Jessica enrolled at the HEART College of Hospitality Services in Runaway Bay, St Ann, to pursue an associate degree in food preparation and is now on the final leg of her studies. Cooking wasnt always guaranteed to be in the cards for Jessica; she first studied International relations at the University of the West Indies, but returned to her first love after graduating.As far back as I can remember, I have always loved being in the kitchen, a trait which I can definitely say I inherited from my mother and my grandmother ... reading cookbooks was a must, of course, as also experimenting in the kitchen where I developed a special penchant for baking, says Jessica.At CB Group, we know food is the language that binds us, and we are proud of this budding chef. We look forward to hearing more about her successes and congratulate Jessica and her proud mum Karen.1313our community cb member named part of the super team 13CB membernamed part ofthe Super TeamA BIG CB Group Congrats To Asahel Huie, who along with his team was recognised at the Annual Accolades and Awards Ceremony of the Project Management Global Institute. The team was awarded Super Team status for the Duhaney Substation Reliability Improvement Project.Pictured below, from left Raymond Logan of JPSCo, Claudette Anglin of USAID, Kimberley Anderson of CMEX, Caryn Spencer of Grace Kennedy, Asahel Huie of Newport Mills and Jannett Gibson, one of the lecturers at the Project Management Global Institute.1414CB Group Christmas party closes the year in style.On December 13th, we celebrated the holidays the only way the CBG family couldgood music, good company and great food, which were enjoyed by all. Check out the pics to relive the fun and memories.our community cb group christmas party closes the year in style 141515our community cb group christmas party closes the year in style 15BIGUPSCB- Birthdays- Staff Movements - A Day in the Life Of16JANUARY BIRTHDAYSFEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS 7. Fabian Dothlyn10. Carlton Harris 12. David Colquhoun 13. Duvoughn Thomas15. Orville Clarke, Garfield Williams, Camille Spaulding, Nakane Gray16. Vernice Downer17. Lorriane Tulloch, Elaine Brown, Ifari Mattis, Sherrol Brooks18. Fay Malcolm20. Javanni Roper21. Gray Wee-Ellis22. Tanneithia Findley 24. Uton Black, Andraw Carter25. Melvin Brown 26. Natalee Reid, Tavar Hendricks28. Lori-Ann Lyn29. Clifford Reynolds, Janet Sawyers30. Stephan Harris, Charlene Salmon 1. Tina Hamilton 3. Andrea Mayne, Alicia Mitchell 4. Edward Lambert, Maureen Simms, Shelly-Ann Cargill 5. Carlos Lewis, Norris Fisher 6. Patricia Miller, Francois Ayres, Kemar BennettSTAFF ANNOUCEMENTSA very warm welcome to thenewest members of the CB Family!ORane GrayIT managerGroup OfficeJanuary 5, 2015Ralphstone WrightSenior Maintenance TechnicianCopperwood Farms, LuceaJanuary 5, 2015Patrick CodnerMaintenance Technician Arnold RoadJanuary 5, 201517cb big ups january & february birthdays + staff announcementsA DayIn TheLife OfKarenRichards(Merchandiser)cb big ups a day in the life of 1819cb big ups a day in the life of The thought of knowing that Im responsible for providing a service for a well established company that provides for my son and I.5. What gets you through a hectic work day?Im a chicken lover so I love all the CB Chicken products, but especially the fresh, chilled chicken, because its so easy for me to cook it at home, I dont have to thaw it or anything before making a meal.6. What is your favourite CB product?Customer Care because I like to interact and talk with people and this area would help me with my personal growth.7. If you could be in another section of the group for a day, where would you go and why?I havent had a really embarrassing moment as yet. And I hope I dont!8. What has been your most embarassing moment at work?CB Curried Chicken and white rice I do it myself, I buy my CB Chicken and cook it all the time, and my son loves it as well but, baked chicken is really his favourite.9. Name your favourite chicken/pork dish.I usually start my day at Mega Mart, Mandeville because though they open at 9 am, merchandisers can begin at as early 8 am. I receive the orders in store, working together with the meat room supervisor and ensure the CB Groups products are attractively displayed and available for purchase. From Mega Mart, I move onto the other stores in my area of Manchester and St. Elizabeth.4. Describe a typical day for you from the moment you arrive at work till when you leave.Just a little under 2 years. I was a beauty technician, and when that business closed, I was put onto the group by my Sales Rep, Admarian Davis-Myers. Admarians merchandiser was migrating, and she told me so, I applied and the rest is history.Merchandising, and my role is ensuring that CB products are displayed properly and up to date.For me, it is being able to showcase some of Jamaicas best products to the public.1. How long have you been a member of the CB Group? 2. What section of the group are you in and what is your role?3. What is the best part about working at CB?and tid-bits20CB Chicken & Smart Egg Salad SandwichWHAT YOULL NEED 3SmartEggs 1LargeCBchickenBreast 1/3cupmayonnaise 2teaspoonsmustard 1teaspoonkoshersalt 1/2SeededCucumbers,diced 1/2teaspoonfreshlygroundblackpepper 8SlicesHoneyWheatBread,ToastedHOW TO MAKE ITFillasaucepanhalfwaytothetopwithwater,addsaltandoliveoil thenbring to a boil. Place chicken inpan, reduceheat and letsimmerforeighttotenminutes.Removechickenfrompot,andletcoolunderatowel.Whilechickeniscookingbringeggstoboilinasmallpot, lowertheheat,andsimmerfor5minutes.Turnoff theheatandleteggssitinwaterforanother5minutes.Drain,andthenfillthepotwithcoldwater.Fortheperfectpeel,tapeachendonaboard,thenrolltheeggbetweenyourhandandtheboardtocrackletheshell.Peelunderrunningtapwaterandallowtheeggstocooltoroomtemperature.Placechickeninthebowlofafoodprocessorfittedwithasteelblade.Pulsetheprocessor10to12timestobreakup,butnotpuree.Placethe eggs in the bowl of the food processorwith chopped chicken.Pulse the processor 10 to 12 times to break up, but not puree.Transferchoppedchickenandeggsmixturetoabowlandaddthemayonnaise,mustard,seededcucumber,salt,andpepper.Combinelightlywithafork.Toastorgrillthebread.Spreadonthechickenandeggsalad,andgarnishwithtomatoandlettuce.courtesy of: Chef Christian Sweeney21recipe corner cb chicken & smart egg salad sandwichWHAT YOULL NEED 4LargeChippenhamEggs 2lbsSaltMackerelorSaltFish 2CupCoconutMilkor1CanCoconutMilk 1CupWater 1LargeOnion,choppedfine 2Garliccloves,crushed 2StalksScallion,choppedfine 2LargeTomatoes,choppedfine 4SprigsThyme 1ScotchBonnetPepper,choppedfine(optional) Salt BlackPepperHOW TO MAKE IT1.Toremovesomeofthesaltfromthemackerel/saltfish,soakinwaterovernightorboilinhotwaterfor30minutes.(Acombinationofthiscanbedoneifthemackerelisstillsalty.)2.Drainwaterofthefishandcutintosmallpieces.3.Combinemilkandwaterinafryingpan,boiluntilitlooksoily.4.Addthefishandcoverthepot.Cookfor10-12minutesonmediumheat.5.Addandstirtheonion,garlic,eskellion,tomatoes,scotchbonnetpepperandthyme.AddSaltandPeppertotaste.6.Lowertheheatandsimmerfor10minutes.7.Removefromheatandletcooltoroomtemperature.8.SpoonRundownhalfwayfullintoramekinsorsmallteacups.9.Breakeggsgentlyontopofrundownmixturewithoutbreakingyolks,thenpourasmallamountofcoconutmilknexttotheyolks.10.Seasongentlywithsaltandblackpepperandbakeat350for1015minutesdependingondesiredyolk.Serve with Fried Breadfruit.courtesy of: Chef Christian SweeneyChippenham Baked Egg and Rundown Tart22recipe corner chippenham baked egg & rundown tartdid you know? foods for good luck 23Sweet CoinsIn Bolivia coins are baked into sweets and whoever finds the coins has good luck for the next year.Long NoodlesIn China, Japan and other Asian countries, its customary to eat long noodles, signifying longevity, on New Years Day. Since the noodles are never to be broken or shortened during the cooking process, the typical preparation for Long-Life Noodles is a stir-fry. PorkPigs are a lucky because they symbolize progress. The animal pushes forward, rooting itself in the ground before moving. Roast suckling pig is served for New Years in Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, and Austria. Traditionally, in the American South, pork, beans, and greens are combined in a dish called Hoppin John for New Years Eve.Cooked GreensCooked greens, including cabbage, collards, callaloo, kale, and chard, are consumed at New Years in different countries for a simple reason their green leaves look like folded money, and are thus symbolic of economic fortune. The Danish eat stewed kale sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, the Germans consume sauerkraut (cabbage) while in the southern United States, collards are the green of choice. Its widely believed that the more greens one eats the larger ones fortune next year.New Years Traditions Around The World24tid bits simple tips from top chefs 241.Ifyourecookingforsomeoneimportantwhetheritsyourbossoradatenevertryanewrecipeandanewingredientatthesametime.Marcus Samuelsson2.Remember,yall,itsallabouttheprep.Takeawaythestressbydoingtheprepthenightordaybefore.Youlllooklikeastar.Paula Deen3.Storespicesinacool,darkplace,notaboveyourstove.Humidity,lightandheatwillcauseherbsandspicestolosetheirflavor.Rick Tramonto4.Cookpasta1minutelessthanthepackageinstructionsandcookittherestofthewayinthepanwithsauce.Mario Batali5.Usegoodoilwhencooking.Smellandtasteit:Ifitdoesnttastegoodalone,itwonttastegoodinyourfood.Michelle BernsteinMarcus Paula Rick Mario MichelleWe cant all be master chefs, but we can all learn a thing or two from the greats, and its the little things that make the difference. Here are some awesome, simple cooking tips from some of the worlds top Chefs.Simple Tips from Top ChefsGiveGiveChik-V may have slowed us down, but it hasnt stopped our commitment to the Give Love, Give Blood Drive. CB Group has rescheduled the drive for 2015, after we have all recovered and rested during the holidays. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates and spread the word to family and friendsa single donation could save three lives!252525mark your calendar 25A single donation could save 3 lives!Coming SoonTell Us What You Think!Were always looking for fresh ideas for the ChatBout. Send your thoughts and feedback to and help us make the ChatBout better than ever in 2015.