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The ICIS China Mixed Aromatics Annual Report provides in-depth data and analysis on developments, supply and demand balances and government policies for Chinas dynamic mixed aromatics market. Providing a well-rounded view with forecasting up to 2021, this report is an essential read for industry players as it addresses all of the following questions: What are the policies affecting Chinas mixed aromatics market? How will the gasoline market influence mixed aromatics demand? What is the cost of mixed aromatics compared with alternative blendstocks? How have trade flows to China changed in 2016 and what is the outlook for 2017? What is the scale of opportunities and risks for exporters to China? Enquire about the ICIS China Mixed Aromatics Annual ReportCHINA MIXED AROMATICSANNUAL REPORTSupply Demand BalancesPrice TrendsChinese Government PolicyOpportunities & ChallengesDemand GrowthWhat is included in the package? Comprehensive market overview of the domestic Chinese mixed aromatics market Price trends and import margins Mixed aromatics, crude and gasoline Upstream, downstream and substitute industries of mixed aromatics Government policies and hot issues affecting the domestic market Supply and demand forecast up to 2021 Half-year update of the market performance against projections and supply and demand outlook|CHEM|CHIPT-2016-SGC_2016_China_mixedaromatics-annualreport-launch-pdf&sfid=701w0000001905cOVERVIEWAbout ICISWith over 30 years in the industry, ICIS is recognised domestically and internationally as a leading source of market information. Our insights into the Chinese market provided by our locally based experts in the region, combined with the expertise of our global analytical team, ensure that global market players receive unrivalled and independent insight into the emerging mixed aromatics markets.Enquire about the ICIS China Mixed Aromatics Annual ReportCHINA MIXED AROMATICSANNUAL REPORTREVIEW OF MIXED AROMATICS SUPPLY IN CHINA (2016) Supply of Imported Mixed Aromatics/Heavy Mixed Aromatics o Review of Mixed Aromatics/Heavy Mixed Aromatics Import Market o Major Importers of Mixed Aromatics o Inventories of Imported Mixed Aromatics in Coastal Regions Supply of Domestic Heavy Mixed Aromatics o Production of Domestic Heavy Mixed Aromatics o Major Producers of Heavy Mixed AromaticsREVIEW OF MIXED AROMATICS DEMAND IN CHINA (2016) Mixed Aromatics Demand from Gasoline Market Heavy Mixed Aromatics Demand from Gasoline, Gasoil Market Heavy Mixed Aromatics Demand from Chemicals MarketPRICE TREND OF MIXED AROMATICS IN CHINA (2016) Correlation between Mixed Aromatics Prices and Crude, Gasoline Prices Import Margins of Mixed Aromatics Price Trend of Imported Heavy Mixed AromaticsOUTLOOK OF CHINAS MIXED AROMATICS MARKET (2017-2021) Forecast on Chinas Import of Mixed Aromatics Forecast on Supply of Domestic Heavy Mixed Aromatics Forecast on Demand of Mixed Aromatics Forecast on Price Trend of Mixed AromaticsUPSTREAM AND DOWNSTREAM INDUSTRIES OF MIXED AROMATICS MARKET Chinas Naphtha Market Chinas Gasoline Market Chinas Gasoil MarketSUBSTITUTES FOR MIXED AROMATICS Chinas Alkylated Oil Market Chinas Toluene & Xylene Markets Chinas MTBE Market Chinas Aromatised Gasoline MarketGOVERNMENT POLICIES AFFECTING CHINAS MIXED AROMATICS MARKET AND HOT ISSUES (2016)DEFINITION AND SPECIFICATIONS OF MIXED AROMATICS Physicochemical properties SpecificationsPART VIPART IIIPART VPART IVPART IIPART IPART VIIPART VIII|CHEM|CHIPT-2016-SGC_2016_China_mixedaromatics-annualreport-launch-pdf&sfid=701w0000001905c