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Embrescia Wealth Management Group 3750 Park East Dr. #200A Beachwood, OH 44122 (440) 363-4002 The Embrescia Wealth Management Group is a family owned and operated investment advisory firm specializing in helping families pursue their desired futures. Comprised of tenured and highly trained financial professionals, we actively assist our client families, develop, implement, and help them work towards their lifetime dreams, financial goals, and objectives.


Are Financial Advisors in Beachwood OH With CFP Reliable? One of the prime objectives of most people isto save as much as possible for the future either out of their direct income or from fixed resources they might have, like any form of property that generates income. A person can often lose out on crucial earning if not organized well. A lot of people either do not have the ability to organize finances in the best possible way or lack the time to do so, thereby leaving their wallet lighter. It is here that financial planners or advisors who are experts in this field come into play. Need for financial planning The most traditional way of managing money matters is to look carefully at your current earnings along with the possibility of channelizing your assets to generate more earnings. The professional Financial Advisor in Beachwood OH is the person that will step in here and help you in making the right investment plan for the various needs of the future. One of the prime areas that most young people take the advice of professional advisers is regarding saving for childrens education. With the rising cost of education and soaring rates of inflation, there is likely to be cash crunch later if you do not save early enough. The planning advantage The entire process can be full of emotional stress as there are taxes to pay and balances to retain. You may lose out on crucial benefits that only professional Financial Advisor in Beachwood OH can advise you on. Starting to save early will leave you more organized instead of having to scurry from pillar to post in search of the right loan at the last moment. This often leaves people with a certain disadvantage, causing serious effect on their lifestyle due to having to cut costs. The qualified advisor It is good to start to save early in the day and make the right retirement plans to help you ease through the last years of your life without any problems. Apart from your judicious sense, it is good to look for Financial Advisor in Beachwood OH that has the recognized degree of Certified Financial Planner. In such cases, you are likely to be sure of the persons proficiency and the knowledge about the world of financial planning. Looking for the right marks It is good to learn about the code of conduct that professional Financial Advisor in Beachwood OH follows. This is so as there are many modes in which they act. Among them, the fee-only is considered to be the most reliable. The professional financial planners are not stockbrokers that sell proprietary products but solely advise you on how best you can earn more. These planners or advisors do not act as accountants that chalk out ways to save on your tax bills but solely deal with the best possible ways to increase your earnings. Will Trusted Cleveland OH Financial Planner Help Augment Your Resources Securely? Financial planning is a crucial aspect of life. You will find plenty of signs across the state that spell out the names of such planners. You will never face a dearth of financial planners, but the challenge before you will be to pick the right financial planner that will be able to help you with sound advice against professional fee. In most cases, the professionals charge fee on hourly basis, while in others they may earn commission on the selling or buying of a particular stock or bond. It is good to be careful about such advisors as their advice may be biased. Choosing good planner The first step to choosing your Cleveland OH financial planner is to look for the CFP or Certified Financial Planner degree alongside the name. Such a planner will be licensed and will have updates regarding latest investment trends and the taxes and policies that are prevalent. These are the independent planners that do not earn anything as percentage cut from any private or public investment house. Apart from the hourly fee mode, they may ask for flat fee on advice. They may charge one percent over your asset value or even annual fee. Avoiding the big names Another good, important advantage of opting to choose Cleveland OH financial planner is that they will cater to your modest asset and property. The planner is someone who will not refuse you for not having minimum of several hundred thousand to invest. There are some big names in the world of financial planning that will only cater to the rich and the famous who can afford to pay them the hefty fee. With the objective of growing your available assets, it is best to look for someone that will accommodate your needs and not go after the big names. The planner advantage The most pertinent question that people ask if they use the services of personal financial planners all about the calculation of earnings and saving amounts after the necessary expenditures. The presence of a good Cleveland OH financial planner in your life can largely discipline you when it comes to savings. When you have fixed assets there is the perennial problem of the value, its depreciation, and the changing market scenario. Allied to these are the costs of maintenance and the taxes that have to be paid. Helps in making right choices The services of Cleveland OH financial planner come in handy when you have secured costs projected before you and the probable earnings against them. As a landlord or someone that has received property as gift, you will have to deal with the costs of repair and maintenance before contacting the local MSL agency and renting it out. A good financial planner will help you calculate immediate costs or investment that you have to make and the probable returns. He or she may advise you to sell the property and invest in other secure funds that are likely to fetch you more returns with less trouble. This is what good financial planning is all about. Can An Investment Advisor of Beachwood OH Help With Plans And Charge Differently? Everyone understands the importance of good financial planning that serves as safeguard for the future when there could be different financial requirements. The average middleclass will want to have enough savings and avail the maximum tax benefits that are available to them. Those that have property as asset can channelize it for rent or in other appropriate ways so that there is good return on it. There are different tax benefits from your real estate investments that you may not be aware of. Planning for different needs In all, it a world of financial gains and benefits that you may not be aware of; and this is where a good Investment Advisor of Beachwood OH can help you by earning the best returns. One of the first concerns that the advisor is going to inquire about is the objective of your finance planning. If you have young children, the concern for their education is surely an area for which you will have to plan your finance. There is the planning of cash flow that will help you deal with your current expenses as well as generate resources for the future. Educated planning Another crucial area that your trusted Investment Advisor of Beachwood OH can help you with is that of retirement planning of your finances. This is an area where inflation has to be taken into account along with financial investments that will integrate tax planning so as to obtain maximum benefits from the areas possible. Distribution of your retirement plan can have significant impact on your tax bills and social security benefits that are reserved for people of the age group. The process consists of well-informed financial advice that will help you live financially independent life post retirement. Picking the best advisor One of the most crucial decisions concerning financial planning is that of the choice of personal Investment Advisor of Beachwood OH that you can trust. There is no dearth of such professionals in the state, but you will have to pick one prudently. There are different modes in which these financial advisors operate. You have the option of picking one that charges on hourly basis, the fee-based ones that will charge one percent of your annual assets, or those that earn commissions from financial asset buying and selling that they do. Different advisor fee structures It is good to be aware of the terms Fiduciary standard and the Suitability standard when looking for Investment Advisor of Beachwood OH that will provide you the required help. The Fiduciary Standard advisor is one that is bound legally to give you advice that will fit your needs to a T. These are the ones that are referred to as fee-only advisors. The Suitability Standardadvisors, on the other hand, are those that receive commission on transactions. This is not to say that fee-only advisors are perfect. At times, they may not want liquidation of your assets though it may be the best thing to do because of the shrink on the one percent amount. An hourly fee advisor is then more beneficial. Some Must Haves In Estate Planning Beachwood OH Majority of people believe that creating real estate plans mean simply drafting a trust or will. Well, this is not the end of story. There is so much more that you have to incorporate in the same will. The main aim of these additions is to make sure that your assets are seamlessly transferred to your chosen heirs after your death. A proper and successful Estate Planning in Beachwood OH further comprises of provisions, which will ensure that your family members have the liberty to control or access assets in case you become disabled for any reason. It is vital to procure help from experts while creating estate planning. Lists to be incorporated Before you proceed further to make your Estate Planning in Beachwood OH, you must incorporate some points in your plan. It is vital to jot down those points on a piece of paper to ensure that you do not miss out on any point. Estate planning must comprise of will or trust. It must further have durable power given to the attorney by the owner of this will. Similarly, the estate planning program must have intent letter along with guardianship designations. Moreover, it must possess healthcare power given to the attorney handling your case on your behalf. Talking about wills and trusts A trust or will is one of the major aspects of significant real estate plans even if you are devoid of substantial assets. This piece of documentation helps in ensuring that the property is passed on per the wishes of the individual. Additionally, the given trust must help in limiting estate taxes or rising legal challenges; however, having a simple will or trust is not quite enough. Just like the will, the wording of the document is important too. These are some of the major points as incorporated in Estate Planning in Beachwood OH. Durable power given to attorney It is always important to draft a proficient POA or power of attorney while working on your Estate Planning in Beachwood OH. It helps the agent that you have assigned to work on your behalf in case you land up with disability. In case you do not have proficient POA, then it will be the turn of the court to decide on what is to be done with your assets. It may not always be possible that what the court has decided is what you are looking for! This document will help your agent to transact and enter into any kind of financial transaction. They could even come across some legal decisions. For the beneficiary designations It is a known fact that various numbers of possessions can be passed on to heirs without being dictated in the will. Therefore, it is always mandatory to have a beneficiary to be added in your account. On the other hand, all your insurance plans and retirement accounts should comprise of beneficiary and contingency beneficiary. In case, you do not have one or your beneficiary has deceased or is unable to handle your case, then the court will be left to decide on the fate of your assets.