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Clocked 18 USC 3057 A

by laser-haas





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Filed an 18 U.S.C. $ 3057(a) Complaint in Los Angeles, December 2007 - upon the discovery that the Delaware U.S. Attorney was keeping it secret that he was Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital counsel partner of MNAT law firm - when being asked to investigate Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs frauds
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  • @Ntd Unitbfi .S:ites.Bankr,uptcy Court for the 2$$? *[C -? Pil 3: 26 POSITION: POSITION: t) OIrP.: d./C.Z 7, 2do7 SIGNATURE oF PREP "/ 1 . PREPARER'S POSITION Basis for Notification and Possible Estate loss: a. Suspecgd violation of l8 U.S.C. Section: rs2(v1; 1s3( ); rs4( ); $5Q,{ 1s6( ); s7Q/ 1341( ) ; 1342( ) ; 1343( ) ; 1344( ) b. Other suspected criminal violation 0 c. Possible Estate Loss $ Jd) 2. Subject of Notification: ^.$#4 peAtor (principal/responsible person) L)lrusteeb. (Vf)rustee c. ( rrlPyofessic. ( rzf )otessional (Specify Title) d. ( Ufplaimholder/Equity Securitd. ( Ufplaimholder/Equity Security Holder e.(lTfPyblicofficial - n / ze. (t/, Pgblic Official f. l lfother_U
  • ?8$? *[f -? Pt{ 3: 26 Tf* c,11n,4 l t l e b. ,4 , the names of witnesses" and the offense or offenses believed to have been committed (provide as complete adescription as possible) by: (l) P)lli"tafull and complete account of the suspectehiolation. 17{/* US *fd-//g ('/^ (',,2,"//, tudJ a- Fdr{rX ,,4/,47;2o./(2) Providing the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of persons with knowledge of and information relatingp suspected offense. ,5rz / Indicating, (based on available information) whether the suspected offenie(3) relates only to a single incident in a debtor's case or whether the s offense relates to multiple transactions/baqkruptci ttuf/,7l R*,/("r/"; d%o!-ry6) fgiTo/t'z'W(4) IndicatKgwhether the sirbject of tfe notification has been the subjeJofi prior notification and, if so, relating the relevant circumstances \ surrounding the earlier notification. t /\ r t t J -f/u- /5 -/.er;/to /tJ7 ,En-K/eacl "//10/t'" A P, i y v-Sr t 7, r -,/ot-. (5) Disclosing other pertinent information. \ aiOT' z t t5 / D, u'.Vn La u47t p'"Tu',"b- Ea dJf"d fl.e/ la-a- 4-' h*t< 0",4 ,*,/r- ,^ 1.. 2z Zaa{ 7k^ ,",L^ D,y"-[o7 YV-,"9*,r^, yr4rsTTllrs/"4 t ^
  • l l c t 3ft81*re ilu#,$ilE$"y, I t ;H Ft. ; i..Atferytpx sad4ress: Telephone: d. Name of trustee: Appointment date: Trustee's address: Telephone: Uurtt e. f. 3 o 2 - 5 7 t - z z z v Petition and schedules attached for lists of claimholders, debts, assets, exempt property, and other information: z Y e s ( ) N o ( D / If chapter 7 case, Sec. 705 creditors' committee appointed: Y e s ( ) N o ( ) If yes, date of appointment: Name, address and telephone nos. of contact persons: If chaptgr 11 If yes, date of appointment: h. Name, addrpssggd telephone nop. of contact/personsl,. -\ c c t A 7 f r r! tl ",u,26,*il *, f#tu, 4Y* _ Pf: o( !{,'in),htJ;,u +Ur tr^/4irrryU rt0zz-&,4 sz{-6/od "Y-l';::"'#;: ;;;;rffi , u./ o f " ;/ o,, :."A4{7s, *,/t',) nl'r secftr/r: (rl,; is ,*kts.A) )tl^/), o ,/r*/u*'( M"/J, ,7854.//,Tr'4a'G;' /n ;" ;;;,& K) "i;*,:- "ifll 6x ia/rrr'TB ff ,,a air- tl o, eil E,l/ e/,/- t Ea il/K6 . 4. Circumstances Relating to Suspected Violation of Chapter 9 of Title 18, United States Name of subject of notification: ,r4, Subject's address: Telephone numbers: PAGE 2
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