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2. CoCreat Funded by EUs Lifelong LearningProgramme 2010-2013 Partners come fromFinland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Romania, United Kingdom and Spain 3. Where do we need CreativeCollaboration? In todays society we face new kindof complex problems everyday It is necessary to be creative totackle these problems and adaptprevious knowledge Through collaboration we canaccess to knowledge that wepersonally do not have 4. Creative Collaboration divergent thinking safe atmosphere and trust tolerance of ambiguity a degree of apprehension, or ofdisagreement or tension problem boundaries stretched or broken engagement in the task existence of common ground 5. Practical Aims The practical aim of the project is toexplore, develop and evaluatetechnologically enhanced learningenvironments (called collaborativespaces) 6. Five collaborative spacesAge Group What they do?Technologies usedApple iPod Touch, StoryKit and Create a digital story about local StoryRobeCS1Elementary School Pupilshistory Web portal for sharing the stories Study course about "Designing Second Life, Sloodle, MoodleCS2 University Studentstechnology-enhanced learning" inSecond Life 3D virtual environmentOther Social Media servicesWrite book chapter collaboratively mobile deviceCS3 University Students about current topics in the field of educational technologySocial Media services Get acquaintanced with modern Apple iPad 2social tools like Skype, and getCS4Aged People familiar with online services (ie.Banking) Skype, online servicesBy analysing, creating and peermobile device (iPad)Upper Secondary School Students commenting different types ofCS5 and Adult Learners texts, the students creative writing skills will be enhanced Social Media services 7. CS1: Trial Day in Sweden Pupils formed groups of threewith designated parts of storycreation images/live content sound/voiceover Journalist/group activity documentation Pupils stories were inspired bythe onsite activities Museum staff Sites at the Castle Videos created for the day and studies in the history class before visiting the Castle 8. CS1: Trial Day in Finland Pupils forms groups of three withdesignated parts of story creation images/live content sound/voiceover journalist/group activity documentation Pupils stories are inspired by theonsite activities Sites at the Kierikki Stone Age Center Before the trial day students visited Kierikki with a guide, on trial day they collected the pictures for their storiesPhotos: Tommi Inkil and studies in the history class before visiting the Stone Age Centre 9. Technology in CS1 iPod Touch Two off-the-self programs forstory creation are available StoryKit free StoryRobe costs 0,79 Touch display Wi-Fi No need for phonecapabilities 10. Collaborative Space 2 Second Life 3D environment University of Oulu, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Valahia University of Targoviste, Tallinn University Designing technology-enhanced learning Students work in international groups. Pedagogical idea of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) course is to enhance collaborative learning and small-groups creative activities with differently structured learning tasks (e.g. Hmlinen, 2008: Jermann, 2004). Course will start with tightly structured studying phase where sentence openers are applied. Second task is in based on the use of participatory roles (starter, summarizer, active group member, tutor, e.g. Strijbos 2004) and the course will end with loosely structured model where students decide their working timetable, methods and division of tasks. 11. Collaborative Space 2Constructing 3D environment 12. Collaborative Space 3 Writing Handbook for Educators to Wiki Students from Finland, Estonia andNorway 13. Collaborative Space 4 Aged People learns how to use social media andother applications for socializing and practicalmatters (ie. bank applications) The distances are long in the rural area Nearest friend can be 40 kilometers away The fear against technology is common inelderly people The use of iPads 14. Collaborative Space 4 Photo: Pirkko Hyvnen 15. Collaborative Space 5 Upper Secondary School Students andAdult Learners studies in CreativeWriting course 16. 17. PROJECT MANAGEMENT 18. Structure of LLP project Project application What you have promised to deliver. Progress report At the halfway of the project Final report Public part Confidential part Budget report 19. Project managementmethodologies There are many to choose fromFOR EXAMPLE... 20. Project can be seen asGantt chart(Event chain methodology)Source: Wikipedia. 21. ... Often you need flexibility(Flexible product management, Agile management)Source: Wikipedia. 22. Be prepared to react intochanges 23. ... In the end all project managementmethodologies need communication Leadership skills Communication is the key Make sure that communication works Inside your team With your partners With your client Communication between stakeholders 24. Links 25. THE END