Collaborative learning in a virtual company

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Collaborative learning in a virtual company. Darco Jansen. Professional Training. Becoming a psychologist (regular university) first year at the university: everything but psychology! 4 years study period 6 month practical work: the real thing! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Collaborative learning in a virtual companyDarco Jansen Professional TrainingBecoming a psychologist (regular university)first year at the university: everything but psychology!4 years study period6 month practical work: the real thing!When did learning and growth of expertise have its peaks?Learning and workingyou learn while you perform work should feel like learning and learning should feel like workingChanges in pedagogical conceptsOpen University of the Netherlands experimenting towards constructivist, competency-based learninglearning while doing: authenticityno learning without error: quality controljust-in-time resources: coaching and knowledge-managementCharacteristics Virtual CompanyStudents have roles as starting professionalsthey work in (distributed) project teamsfor real customersperform duties / are responsible for development of the virtual companyassesment according to professional practice and its performance standardsa supporting infrastructure of ICT, allowing distributed teamworkVisiting a Virtual CompanyTour around the company (VC has no buildings!) Organizational structurePeopleProductsWorking- (and learning-) processesAnnual reportAuditsElectronic working and learning environmentGateVirtual work roomCompany webVirtual work roomDynamicproject databasesconcept documents for knowledge baseproject archivesshort term communication: newsletter, announcementsmailboxesdiscussionindividual portfolio..Company webStatic formalcompany rulesresources for trainingintake formsassessment forms information on personnel assessment results..Typical key elementsCommunicate &cordinateCorporate knowl.identity / rulesJust-in-time learning& coachingCompetenceanalysis,monitoring &assessmentCo-work tools& objectsLearning aspectsCollaborativelearning Assessment driven learningKnowledge based learningTour around a Virtual Company1997: Gipphouse (KUN)1998: Virtual Environmental Consultancy Agency (OUNL, UM, Fontys, UT) in Studienet and eRoom1999: Centrumveld (Pink) in Lotus environment2001: OTO (OUNL) in Studienet (intra- en extranet) and eRoom2002: IT4Society (Rotterdam) in N@tschool2003: ViaFina (Holding HO-niveau) in web + groupware2003: BASICVB (Fontys) in N@tschool and web2004: VC Accountancy (HvU) in Quickplace and webOrganizational structurestudent teamsVMAB (intra- en extranet)BelgiumGermanyDen HaagPeopleVMAB, OTOProducts of a Virtual CompanyKnowledge (-based) engineering Making advisory rapportsfinancial (VBA), economic (ViaFina), Lawenvironmental (VMAB), physics (BASIC)ICT (OTO, IT4S, Centrumveld)Key processesanalyse pollution dataVirtual Company: working processes (project)feedback+evaluationVMABVC-processes (personal development)VMABVC-processes (company-performance)NeedsResults (company performance)ActivitiesBusiness planFeedbackSpecificationof stakeholdersRoles / dutiesAuditfutureEvaluationimprovementDarco JansenThank you


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