Coloring and Activity Sheets Module 1. Everyone can go to college. Coloring page.

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  • Coloring and Activity SheetsModule 1

  • Everyone can go to college. Coloring page

  • Draw the person you want to be when you grow up. Activity pageWhat does this person do?Why do you think that this job would be fun?Do you think that you need to go to college to get this job?What do you think is the most important thing you should know how to do to do this job?

  • My College Activity pageDraw a picture of the college that you would like to attend. How would it look? Would it have a library and a gym? What would be the mascot? A lion? A fish? A bird?

  • College is in my future. Connect the Dots1213141516171819212223242526202728293031323334 13456789101123536373839

  • Education. Go Get It.collegefortexans.com1-888-311-8881College is in my future.La educacin. Saber es Poder.collegefortexans.com1-888-311-8881La universidadest en mi futuro.Bookmark Bookmark

  • Our Family College Compact Compact pageYou can do anything you set out to do, including get a college education. Complete this compact by adding your name on the top line and asking an adult or two to sign on the bottom lines. I believe in you,

    and promise to guide and support your efforts to achieve your full academic potential and career dreams.

    Believer Believer

  • Logos to Go!

  • Logos to Go!


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