Community Grants for Research Projects

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RESEAoor serve the needs of local communities. An online eligi-a monthly basis and are reviewed by a committee. Itmay take eight weeks after you submit your completed 2009 by American Society of PeriAnesthesia NursesIn addition, Lowes Home Improvement and Home De-pot have limited funds available for community projects.Access to their programs are also online, with specificguidelines for eligibility listed.Medical Center, 810 Fairgrove Church Road, Hickory, NC 28610;e-mail address:$36.00/0doi:10.1016/j.jopan.2009.07.005330 Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing, Vol 24, No 5 (October), 2009: pp 330-331Address correspondence to Ms Betty Easter, PACU, Catawba Valleyapplication before you receive a response.Betty Easter, RN, CPAN, is a PACU staff nurse at Catawba ValleyMedical Center, Hickory, NC.Because I regularly frequent our local Wal-Mart, I noticed thelarge banner stating Community Grant, money that hadbeen given to local community projects. I decided to explorebility survey and grant application can be found on theGrant Making Guidelines page at Applications are retrieved onCommunity Grants fBetty Easter, RN, CPAAS PERIANESTHESIA NURSES, we use critical thinkingskills daily in assessing and providing appropriate care toour patients. Thinking outside the box becomes a normin our environment as we assess, develop, and implementa plan of care in an efficient, timely manner. During my41 years of nursing practice, I have routinely used non-pharmacological interventions such as repositioning,warm blankets, dimmed lights, soft voice, light touch,and imagery to improve patient comfort.Because of the noise level in our open, 12-bay PACU, ourShared Governance Committee requested a talk lightfrom the hospital foundation to determine the ongoinglevels of noise in our environment. This talk lightchanges from green to yellow or red depending on thenoise level. It serves as a visible reminder to keep nones-sential conversation to a minimum, thus improving theenvironment for patients recovering from anesthesia.Over the past several years, I have read with great interestseveral research studies indicating that music serves asa distraction, promotes a better sense of well-being, andimproves patient satisfaction. Being a proponent of otherforms of nonpharmacological interventions, I wanted toprovide music as a comfort modality to my patients.Even though our Magnet hospital has a Director ofResearch and Evidence-Based Practice, nursing researchon a unit-based level is encouraged and supported. Withthis in mind, our department set forth to research theimpact of music on the PACU patients perception of dis-comfort. As we developed the design and methodology ofour project, the issue arose of how to acquire the neededCD headsets and chosen genres of music.RCHr Research ProjectsN, Guest Columnistthe process required to apply for a grant. Each Wal-Mart hasa designated employee who is responsible for the commu-nity grant proposals. I obtained the necessary form at theCustomer Service Desk, completed the application withthe appropriate information, indicating the purpose of theresearch project, what the money would be used for, howit would impact residents in our community, and contact in-formation. The employee then forwarded the proposal tothe Wal-Mart Corporate Office for review, where grants areawarded quarterly. Upon completion of the review process,I was personally notified by phone that the proposal wasapproved for a $500 community grant that could be spentin-store for any items we needed for our research project.Our grant provided personal CD players, assorted CDs ofvarious genres of music, storage cases, CD sleeves, etc.This grant provided us the avenue to obtain the neededitems without any expenditure by our facility. In return,we have placed signage in the Day Surgery Lobby andeach Preoperative Nurse Educators office that acknowl-edges Wal-Mart for their donation of equipment so thatmusic is available to our postoperative patients in thePACU. In addition, they were sent a letter of thanks, aswell as our specific research findings.Target Corporation also has community grant funds avail-able for programs related to the arts, childhood develop-ment and reading, family safety, and domestic violenceissues. The online application for these grants can bedownloaded from under theCommunity listing.Office Depots Foundation provides funding for activitiesthat serve, teach, and inspire children, youth, and familiesOther resources may be available in your particular area.Local businesses will often contribute items when askedin exchange for acknowledgement or advertising.Depending on your particular topic of research, youmay be able to acquire funding from these sources.During this time of budget constraints, it is important thatwe continue to look for innovative ways to provide the bestcare possible to our patients. Research and evidence-basedpractice are the hallmarks of quality care, but nurses mustbe proactive in choosing the path to achieve this goal.ErratumIn the Continuing Education post test, Unintentional Hypothermia: Implications for PerianesthesiaNurses (Volume 24, Issue 3, Page 176, June 2009), the due date for the test answers is incorrect. Test an-swers must instead be submitted before June 30, 2011, in order to receive contact hours.RESEARCH 331Community Grants for Research Projects