Community sharing platform for mobile devices

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Class presentation for: Community sharing platform for mobile devices


Communitysharingplatform for mobile devices joaosantacruz.comBackground & Motivation joaosantacruz.comO.S. mobile market shareSize of mobile market shareGartner 2011World population = 7 billionBackground & Motivation (cont...)joaosantacruz.comHow fast is mobile internet growing?How much time do people use their mobile phones?Gartner 2011Research question joaosantacruz.comIs it possible to create a sustainable community sharing platform for mobile devices, that allows people to interact around common interests? How can it be sustainable? (3 dimensions) operational - value(+) / usability / design technological - interoperability + dev. cost economic - business modelMethodological phases joaosantacruz.com1. Literature review 2. Conceptual Model 3. Software development 4. Propose business model 5. Release the platform to market 6. Validate software & business modelLiterature review State of the art Communities of Practice Mobile Applications Cross-platform development for Mobile Applications Free based Business Models#1 Conceptual Approach #2 PLATFORMjoaosantacruz.com162345Conceptual Approach #2 CONTENTjoaosantacruz.com162345APRODUCERConceptual Approach #2 CONTENTjoaosantacruz.com162345APRODUCERPRODUCERSConceptual Approach #2 CONTENTjoaosantacruz.com162345APRODUCERSPRODUCER & READERConceptual Approach #2 CONTENTjoaosantacruz.com162345APRODUCERSPRODUCER & READERREADER & TAGGERConceptual Approach #2 CONTENTjoaosantacruz.com162345APRODUCERSPRODUCER & READERREADER & TAGGERCommunity AConceptual Approach #2 PRODUCERREADER & TAGGERCONTENTSWNACGjoaosantacruz.com162Community AREADERREADERCommunity S3PRODUCER & READER 46Conceptual Approach #2 PRODUCERREADER & TAGGERCONTENTSWNACGjoaosantacruz.com162Community AREADERREADERCommunity S3PRODUCERPRODUCER & READERprivate content46HTML + JS + CSS3System INFRASTRUCTURESERVER DatabaseMySQLSQLJSONPHPCLIENTSAdditional languages for native encapsulation (Ex: Java for Android)Main system classesSystem System System System Developmentjoaosantacruz.comSystem Developmentjoaosantacruz.comDesktop/Tablet version, using css queries#3 Business Model joaosantacruz.comAd model Freemium model#4 Free based Business ModelsBusiness Model Freemium model using osterwalder canvasPlatform releasejoaosantacruz.comWall-it Browser App About wall-it Download 21, 2012TO DO listjoaosantacruz.comEvaluation & results analysis #6 Operational Technological Economics Conclusions Future work