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CCAW published this document detailing a few reasons why Michael Wojcik is the wrong candidate for Rochester, Minnesota's City Council in Ward 2. Wojcik is being backed by a subversive PAC from Washington D.C., who is trying to spike local non-partisan positions such as City Council with their brand of politics. Incumbent Marcia Marcoux is hard-working, effective, and most of all, non-partisan. Vote Marcia Marcoux for Rochester City Council in Ward 2! (Ward 2 includes parts of SW & NW Rochester plus Country Club Manor and Kutzky Park.)


Concerned Citizens Against Wojcik Many people think that Mike Wojcik would make a lousy City Council member in any ward!

Rochester Ward 2 Voters!Say NO to outside organizations trying to usurp control of our local government! No way, not in our neighborhood! Lets look at the facts:

Partisan. Mike Wojcik is being supported by a Washington D.C. political advocacy group. Wojcik has been provided with extensive training in how to game the political system. When he gets into office, where do you think his loyalties will lie?Mike Wojcik has received an endorsement and in-kind support froma political action committee based in Washington D.C. Theyve helped me a lot. (Post-Bulletin, Oct. 10, 2008)

Questionable. Mike Wojcik claims he will pursue a code of ethics to protect our [city] councilfrom potential conflicts of interest. Isnt receiving backing from a subversive, out-of-state, partisan group to run for a local, non-partisan office a conflict of interest, regardless of disclosure? City Council members should serve their neighbors, not be suspect of pandering to insidious partisan groups.Quote from

Commie? Mike Wojcik refers to himself on his Facebook page as a Dirty Stinking Commie: Is that the kind of person or politician you would really want representing you on the City Council?, search for Michael Wojcik (checked 10/18; e-mail CCAW for a PDF if this has been changed since then)

Inflated. Mike Wojcik misrepresented his position at St. Marys University in his profile. He claimed to be adjunct faculty, implying a tenure-track position. He is actually an adjunct program instructor, a non-full-time position. He has no other employment. That explains why has the time to spend knocking on doors all day long!Hes between jobs (Post-Bulletin, July 10, 2008), search the Directory for Wojcik

Inconsistent. Mike Wojcik talks about reforming building codes. Is that because he didnt obtain any of the required permitsbuilding, mechanical, electrical, or plumbing for finishing the basement at his prior residence at 1819 3rd Ave SW?Confirmed via public records at Rochester Building Safety, Oct. 10, 2008.

Regardless of how you feel about Marcia Marcoux, Mike Wojcik is the wrong candidate. Vote Marcia Marcoux for City Council Ward 2 on November 4th!Ward 2 includes portions of SW & NW Rochester, plus Country Club Manor and Kutzky Park.A map of Ward 2 can be found at: prepared and paid for. Marcia Marcoux has not seen or approved of this message, nor does she endorse CCAW. Contact CCAW at: E-mail copies of this flyer for distribution are available upon request.