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Content First f r Better UXKavitha KrishnanUX Camp - Apr 30, 2016Why content first?19961980s1970sPhotographers MarketBut, Why content before design?, Why content before design?Design may be impressive but content is the reason users are thereDesign may be impressive but content is the reason users are thereContent decides interactionDesign may be impressive but content is the reason users are thereContent decides interactionContent determines the designDesign may be impressive but content is the reason users are thereContent decides interactionContent determines the designContent first is mobile first approachContent Choreography, why?DesignContentDesignContentRound 1A well-designed space immediately says that you care about the details and that you want to contribute something fun and meaningful to your customers' lives.Design is a word thats come to mean so much thatwe don't really talk about design, we talk about developing ideas and making products.Round 2The use of high quality, education-based content has become an essential ingredient in creating awareness, building trust, converting leads, serving customers and generating referrals.Todays web is an endless 24/7 cycle fed by content and social actions.Round 3You can write for your idea-spreaders AND you can write for your buyers.Design is the fundamental soul of a man made creation.What is content first strategy? You can create good experiences without knowing the content. What you cant do is create good experiences without knowing your content structure. What is your content made from, not what your content is. - Mark BoultonWhat do you do when there is no content?F*&% Lorem Ipsum Start with Five WsWho are your users? What is the main message you want to get across?Where does the action take place?When is it relevant?Why is it important?The Core ModelContent Inventory Navigation TitlePage TitleFiles Last UpdatedOwnerContent (optional)0.0HomeWine Tasmania3/5/2016PK1.0Wine Tasmani3/5/2016KK1.1 HistoryHistory1.2 TouringTouring1.3 InvestmentsInvestments1.4 PartnersPartners1.5 Industry statisticsIndustry Statistics2.0Latest NewsLatest News3/5/2016KK3.0Events PK3.1 OverviewEvents3.2 BookingEvent Booking3.3 PolicyBooking Policy4.0MembersMembers3/5/2016JH5.0ResourcesResources3/5/2016JH6.0Contact UsContact Us3/5/2016JHPage TableUse real text in early sketchingUse Proto ContentCurrent ContentCompetitor ContentWrite your own contentThis wont hold upbradfrostweb.comEra of Digital Omnivore90% move between 4 core devices to accomplish a goal1.75 Billion smartphone users worldwide in 201424 Billion wireless connected devices in 2022225 B app downloads worldwide in 20166 connected devices owned on average by tabled owners86% use mobile devices while watching TV and other mediaDesigning Multi-Device Experiences, Michal Levin, OReilly, 2014 Multi-Device EcosystemDesigning Multi-Device Experiences, Michal Levin, OReilly, 2014 Design/content thats unfixed from the desktop Design/content ready for new devicesDesign/content portable to future platforms/devicesCOPE: Create Once, Publish EverywhereGO FROM PAGES TO PARTSBrad Frosts Atomic DesignWere not designing pages, were designing system of components - Stephen HayBrad Frosts Atomic DesignAtomsMoleculesOrganismTemplatesPagesWhy Brad Frosts Atomic Designs?Brad Frosts Atomic DesignObject Oriented DesignObject Oriented DesignObject Oriented Programming is a programming language model organized around objects rather than actions and data rather than logic.Object Oriented design is the art of identifying real world objects and map objects so that they work together to create a digital system that is efficient and meets user goals.Brad Frosts Atomic DesignObject Oriented DesignInteractive Game Design ApproachInteractive Game Design ApproachWe cant manually managehow each bit of design looks.But, when we have structure,we can make rules.Better content knowledgeMore StructureRules that best reflect human choicesQuestions ?Thank You!