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  • Las Vegas Speaker Event 2016!

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    LV Real Estate Professionals:

    I'm reaching out to you from The Simply Do ItReal Estate Network& Bzhive FinancialEducation. I am the new RegionalCommunity Leader and Meetup Organizer forthe Las Vegas area. We're arranging liveworkshops and webinars in your area and weare looking for speakers to come present to ourlocal investors and homebuyers. I'm prettyexcited about this!

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    Our live seminars will cater to an audience ofapproximately 25-30 students. We are alsoopen to the option of co-hosting any event ourspeakers might suggest. It's all about thenetwork! We take care of the marketing in fullthrough our sites, which alreadyhave an extensive local following.

    Pricing guidelines include a $150.00 speaker'sfee to cover our marketing and venue costs but, we are open to any speaker who wants toprovide their own venue and cut the fee costoutaltogether.

    For our launch event in January, we are looking

  • for three speakers only. We wish we could haveyou all speak, but that would be a semester-long course, and not a two-hour seminar!Everyone who responds will be considered forour future monthly meetups throughout 2016!

    All the Best & Here's to your Success!-Ken Bradley

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