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  • 1. Ekaterina Kononova
    Mobile phone: +7 903 722 2452
    Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Strategy, Customer Base Management / Customer Relationship Management Director, Management Consultant
    Currently looking for a senior management role within a multinational or Russian company where highly developed management skills, experience and talent can make solid contribution to business efficiency and profitability.
    Fields of professional interest are management, marketing management, product management preferably in telecommunications, IT, finance, management consulting and other relevant industries.
    Result oriented, outside-the-box thinking manager with proven to be work ideas on revenue generation in tough deadline and budget limitations.
    Proven cross-functional leader with P&L responsibility, strong entrepreneurial spirit and the demonstrated ability to thrive in a fast-based and uncertain business environment. Exceptional market-focused and customer-centric business judgment, strategic vision andcreativity matched with hands-on tactical approach, theability tothink provocatively andwork collaboratively.
    Superior communication andpresentation skills.Solid all-around people management skills with focus onperformance results andstaff development.
    Capable of propelling marketing&sales excellence in established international and Russian companies or newly created ventures.
    Chief Marketing Officer, Stolichny Branch (Moscow Regional Business Unit), OJSC MegaFon, Moscow, Russia
    Telecommunications Industry
    HighligtsManaged B2C and B2B marketing operations in Moscow Region to achieve ~$2B Revenue targetRevenue MS increased from 12,5% (Q405) to 27,4% (Q410) Drove enterprise market expansion in Moscow Region: quadrupled Revenue MS on B2B market in 3 years (Q407 vs Q410)Very successful in penetrating mass market segments where MegaFon underrepresented Blue collars and Seasonal workers especiallyDeveloped and implemented $30M+ marketing budget.StrategyManaged the development andimplementation ofCompanys marketing strategy in Moscow Region, driven by customer-centric approach and clear understanding of target segments.Collaborated with HQ regarding thedevelopment andimplementation ofmarketing strategies, initiatives and programs within theCompany. Representedtheregion onstrategic meetings toinsure abalanced approach serving theneeds ofall-Russia aswell asregional needs andCompany goals. Translated HQ strategies into regional actions and resultsConceptualized and presented a highly effective marketing strategy, positioning and product portfolio for enterprise market with concentration on SME and SOHO market segments that drove non-organic growth on enterprise market in Moscow Region, where MegaFon was underrepresented. The strategy, product portfolio and communications concept were adopted by HQ as for the entire MegaFon. Maintained regular communication with MegaFons Sales and Marketing resources in other regions and served as a hub of information and best practices on enterprise market.AlignedMarketing, Sales and Customer Service along marketing strategy and principles toinsure abalanced approach. Market research and analysisProvided leadership, direction andmanagement to themarket and customer research and competitor analysis.Established a process to systematically explore and find new growth opportunities across markets and segments.Established and managed in-house research group.Business analysis, planning, budgeting, reportingPerformed long and short term business analysis, forecasting, planningand budgeting, reporting and reviewsDeveloped theCompanys short- andlong-range business objectivesOrchestrated cascaded communication of plans and individual objectives set and managed effectively through the marketing and sales team. Replaced existing sales performance tracking and structure of reward matrixDirected the planning, development and tracking of marketing budgets and expenditures to ensure maximum efficienciesSet-up aninstrumental system-wide automated marketing reporting function that cantrack, measure andanalyze performance to ensure theachievement ofshort- andlong-range revenue goals and profitability targets formarketing and sales. Developed reporting system for sales channels performance appraisalCreated and presented business case scenarios to support marketing initiatives Ensured effective control ofmarketing results andinitiated corrective action toensure that marketing objectives areachieved within designated budgets.Product management and pricingDeveloped product portfolio and roadmap for Consumer and Enterprise segments, includingvoice, messaging, internet access and roaming services ( tariffs, bolt-ons and enablers)Managed the marketing components, pricing and bundling strategies, competitive initiatives & associated P&L of the Consumer andEnterprise markets. Directed introduction of new tariffs and products to the local market. More than 50% of initiatives were adopted by HQ as for the entire MefaFonLed value proposition creation and pricing for all national enterprise key accounts of MegaFon.Customer Base ManagementEstablishedBI, advanced customer analytics and quantitative research & modeling practice to maintain effective customer base managementInitiated, led and implemented DWH, Analytical CRM system, data mining toolsIntroduced comprehensive value, needs-based and lifestyle segmentation of market and existed customer baseLaunched Customer Lifecycle Management system, developed customer adoption program and loyalty program.Developed prospective revenue source - targeted marketing (cross/up selling, ARPU boosting, churn retention, win-back etc). Managed functional requirements for direct sales (targeted marketing) and retention processes in integrated Campaign Management system implementation project. Created holistic approach, models and library of campaigns are rolling-out in entire MegaFon. Project managementInitiated, led, managed functional requirements and implemented BSS (Billing system, Selfcare, Operational CRM) for enterprise market for mobile operator in Russia (45M +subscribers). Provided input andsupport totheCompanys leadership inthedevelopment ofsales network andpartnership arrangements. Providedtools to pull sales.Branding and marketing communicationsManaged the Company Brand consistently aiming atthepromotion anddevelopment ofawareness-, loyalty andreputation-levelin Moscow Region Directed $30M+ marketing and advertising budget. Ensured allmarketing communications werecoordinated, supported marketing plan objectives andwereaneffective expenditure ofresources.Prepared andcarried outcommunication andmedia strategy, advertising campaigns andmedia plans to drive for consumer & enterprise markets: ATL/BTL, digital marketing, trade marketing. Developed new communications channels and implemented pioneering tools for mobile and targeted marketing (sms, mms, USSD-messaging, interactive cell broadcast messaging, proximity and LBS-marketing, telemarketing, e-mail, menu-based information services, desktop alert messaging, in-game marketing, etc.) Managed thedevelopment oftheall-Russian MegaFon digital (on-line) communications strategy and creation of digital tools (including corporate web-site)People managementProvided marketing skills andexpertise totheCompany bybuilding, developing andmanaging amarketing team(65+people) capable ofcarrying outthenecessary marketing strategies andtactics.
    Marketing Director, OJSC Multiregional Transit Telecom (MTT), HQ, Moscow, Russia
    Telecommunications Industry
    02.2005 03.2006
    Strategy and Business DevelopmentDeveloped, convinced board to adopt and executed marketing strategy and go-to-market plans, both short- andlong-range, focused on expansion to a new market long-distance and international telephone communication services for end-users (consumer and enterprise segment), including market analysis and segmentation, target markets determination, product definition and positioning, pricing, business modeling, brand strategy and communication strategy.Provided input andsupport totheCompanys development ofsales network andnew partnership arrangements. Business analysis, planning, budgeting, reportingCarried out business planning and budgeting for 2006 and 2006-2009Product management and pricingBuilt up the new service offering product range for end-users marketPresented tactical roadmap for new products developmentBoosted monthly new products revenue by 100% by developing and launching new products for operators and enterprise customers: IN services FreePhone, Televoting, Premium Rate; Internetwork MMS Exchange and virtual MMSC services; WLAN-roaming (roaming in WI-FI networks); content aggregation and access to the service platforms of content providersConceptualized and developed business model of Mobile Number PortabilityBranding and marketing communicationsConceptualized Companys rebranding, managed all necessary materials and plans developmentEstablished strategic direction forcommunications (including PR) with the goal of generating awareness, defending reputation, promoting the company and services, reaching positive press coverage and generating new business requests.People managementOrganized and managed Marketing Division (3 departments), improved operational activities and business processes toensure theCompanys revenue and gross profit growth on competitive transit services market (services for operators) and expansion to a new market long-distance and international telephone communication services for end-users
    03.2003 01.2005 Marketing Director
    11.2001 03.2003 Head of Corporate Marketing department
    UNI Corporation, Moscow, Russia
    Top-30 Russian system integrator and distributor of IT&telecommunication solutions
    Strategy and Business DevelopmentCompletely redesignedmarketing system of the company toinspire transition from distributor of IT&telecommunication solutions to system integrator Identified a strategic approach and new initiatives toscale theuse ofservices teams: Consulting and System Integration Team, Tech Support, Training centre and extended partner community.Channel marketing and sales supportDeveloped business relations with dealers by introducing new business models, partner loyalty programs and short-term tactical campaigns. Increased customer loyalty andsatisfaction byleveraging pre-sales andpost-sales services. Provided information support for direct sales, including local markets analysis, database marketing, customer and market feedback analysis, development of sales support materials. Product management and pricingManaged the Companys entire product portfolio.Coordinated vendor relations and activities ofproduct managers during product lifecycle.Influenced theadoption ofvendors programs andinitiatives fordeveloping Companys offerings torelevant segments. Branding and marketing communications Oversaw marketing, promotional and advertising activities, industry influencing and channel marketing programs to create demand for Companys products and services and drive them into the marketplace.Project ManagementManaged a successful internal project of introducing an ISO 9001-2001 standard quality management systemEstablished clear procedures and oversaw day-to-day activities of 4 marketing departments: Product management, Channel management, Project marketingand Marketing communications departmentLead and supported cross function teaming between Sales units and Marketing team to maximize the results on sales and marketing initiatives
    Head of Marketing group, OJSC Central Telegraph, Moscow, Russia
    1998 2001
    Telecommunications Industry
    Deputy Manager, Price Waterhouse Business Solutions, Moscow, Russia
    Marketing Manager, Hama GmbH, Moscow, Russia
    Moscow StateUniversity, Post-graduate student, Management,2005
    Russian State University of Trade and Economics, MS Marketing (Honors), 1998
    Computer Center, USSR Academy of Sciences, Programmer (Honors), 1992
    Standout strengths include: Competitive Strategy and Strategic Marketing Management Business to Business (B2B) Business to Consumer (B2C) Pricing Strategy & Tactics Branding & Communication Management Product Management & Strategy Sales Development New Business Development Market ResearchQuantitative Research & Modeling Advanced Customer AnalyticsCustomer Experience CRM Targeted Marketing Bonus and Loyalty programs Marketing & Sales Planning and Reporting Process Reengineering Change Management

    .: +7 903 722-2452
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    Highlights : (B2C) - (B2B) ~$2 . 2006-2010 . 12,5% 27,4% 2008-2010 . - (B2B) : 4 $30. - HQ , , ; , , , - , , . ( , , , , ) , ( ) - ( ) (FMCG, , ) - ( ) (Customer Satisfaction Appraisal) , , in-house , . , , , -, . -, -, () (-), (, , , ..) , , , (B2C) - (B2B). ~50% Business Intelligence- , , . . , , , : cross/up selling, ARPU boosting, churn retention, win-back . , , . , CRM, data mining , , (100+ .) , , (BSS) -, , , CRM ( 30 . ./) , , . , : ATL/BTL ambient, , digital marketing, trade marketing (sms, mms, USSD, ICB, LBS-, ,e-mail, SIM , desktop alert messaging, in-game ) - , - , web-site (70 .),

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    - ( -), , , , , -, - ( )- - () - 2006 , 2006-2009 . () 2 FreePhone, Televoting, PremiumRate : Wi-Fi; MMS MMSC, , ; relaunch GPRS-, , WAP- - Mobile Number Portability ( ) , ( ) ( PR) , (ATL/BTL, trade marketing, digital marketing, direct marketing) (3 ) - ,
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