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Get involved and make the most out of your university experience.


BOOKTRADITIONS NEVER GRADUATEDixie State University2015 - 2016Dear Dixie State University Aficionado,Welcome to the D Book, where traditions never graduate! With so many things to do at Dixie State University and around the St. George area, we decided to make it easy and made a bucket list for you! As the Student Alumni Association, we hope you will take advantage of all the helpful information the D Book provides. This book was created with you in mind to help you successfully make lasting connections with the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Dixie State University.As you complete the traditions in the D Book, you will become a Dixie Tradition Keeper. As a Tradition Keeper, you will better understand the fundamentals and values of the Dixie Spirit. Take advantage of the opportunity to engage in the diverse and enriching opportunities DSU and St. George have to offer.Whats the purpose, you may askOne, the Student Alumni Association wants to help you have the best college experience possible. Dixie has many need to knows, and the D Book can be your guide. The beginning sections will provide you with important information that will help you succeed and become involved in the campus community. As you read through these sections, pay attention to all the necessary information that will help you grow as you transition from an incoming freshman to a graduating senior.Two, just remember traditions never graduate! Use this book to learn all the unique and wonderful traditions here at Dixie State University. The traditions section lists more than 40 traditions and events in which you can become involved. Students even have the opportunity to create their own traditions. Make sure to take a picture of everything you do as you complete each tradition. You will place these pictures in your book or upload them through Canvas (See page 25) to document your amazing experiences at Dixie. Look at page 25 for more information about the different levels you can achieve and the prizes you can receive. Just imagine yourself walking across the stage at commencement in your cap and gown and wearing your Dixie Traditions Keeper medallion.We will see you soon as you work on becoming a Dixie Tradition Keeper. Go and make the best of your college years!DSU Student Alumni AssociationIntroductionLetters to you pg. 5 DSU Timeline pg. 8 Campus Map pg. 10Student GuideAthleticsTraditionsThank YouSocial Media to Know pg. 12 School Song pg. 13 Resources and Services pg. 14Calendar of Events pg. 19How Does the Book Work? pg. 24 Traditions Check- off List pg. 26 Fall Traditions pg. 27 Spring Traditions pg. 39 Year-Round Traditions pg. 45 Stay Connected pg. 74 What is SAA? pg. 76Special Thanks pg. 77 Notes pg. 80IntroductIon5Welcome to the Dixie family!All of us here at Dixie State University are thrilled you are continuing your educational journey at our institution. We are confident the diverse learning opportunities, dedicated professors, and unique experiences that accompany a Dixie degree will serve you well. DSU has many proud traditions, and I invite you to participate in as many as possible. You will experience great things while attending Dixie and develop a love for the university and its campus.Getting involved in the campus community is key to having a successful college experience. As you complete each tradition outlined in this book, you will not only become a Dixie Tradition Keeper, but you will also gain an understanding and appreciation for this institutions rich heritage. Many of these traditions have been around for decades, and with your involvement, they will be around for decades more. They contribute special significance to students life experiences. I encourage you to participate in Dixies traditions, pass on these experiences and memories to others, and reminisce about them for years to come.I also invite you to get involved and discover the many opportunities that DSU provides. Attend music, drama, and sporting events. Join a club, participate in intramurals, and volunteer to expand your breadth of experiences and embed yourself into the fabric of this great university and community. These lasting experiences will stay with you throughout the rest of your life.I look forward to meeting you and providing you with opportunities to make your experience here at DSU memorable in many ways. I commend you for your desire to be involved and look forward to seeing you wear your Dixie Tradition Keeper medallion at commencement.We are Dixie!Dr. Richard B. Williams President7From Dixie, we say welcome!You are now part of one of the most spirited universities in the state of Utah. We welcome you with our D on the hillside so bold.As you become integrated in the Spirit of Dixie, you will find it everywhere. Your professors will have it, the staff will have it, the community will have it, and other students will reflect it back as well. Look for it. You cant miss it. Have it. Be it. Live it.Record your time here at Dixie in the D Book. The book will guide you to some really awesome moments here at Dixie. As alumni, yes you are alumni now that you have started your university path, you will be prompted by the Dixie State University Student Alumni Association to carry on some great traditions. Using this book will help you to become some of the best Tradition Keepers that Dixie has ever had.Being at Dixie will help you become who you were set forth to be. While here, you will build friendships and memories that you will have for a lifetime. Cherish them and never forget them. When you move on from Dixie to your next great experience, always know that you are always welcome here. Come back often and feel the Dixie Spirit with us. Remember to give back to our dear ol Dixie, which has given you so much. Hal Hiatt, 93DSU Alumni Association PresidentLetter From The Alumni PresidentDSU Timeline1911 - The building on Town Square is finished and St. George Stake Academy opens. High school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are taught here.1913 - The institutions name changes to Dixie Academy.1916 - Two years of college courses are added and the schools name becomes Dixie Normal College.1923 - Dixie Normal College undergoes a name change and becomes known as Dixie Junior College.1933 - Delicate negotiations with the state legislature make it possible to transfer ownership of the college from the LDS Church to the state. Local residents pay the costs of keeping the college alive until 1935.1935 - The State Board of Education takes over financing the college and high school.1957 - The gymnasium the first building on the new campus, which is located off of 700 East is finished.1963 - Ties with Dixie High School are severed. The college moves from Main Street to the new campus. At first, there are no sidewalks and the campus is so dusty that girls wear tennis shoes to get through the mud until they are inside the buildings. Then they change into their dress shoes. Enrollment is 365.1966 - The popular hangout is Dairy Queen on the boulevard.1967 - Program Bureau begins with Roene Mrs. D Difiore at the helm, teaching the songs of Dixie.1968 - President Losee puts an emphasis on enrollment, which swells to 1,000 students.1969 - Many of Dixies finest students leave to fight in the Vietnam War.8DSU Timeline1970 - The institutions name is changed to Dixie College.1975 - The mosaic on the Fine Arts building is dedicated and the Tanner Fountain is added to campus.1983 - Students are allowed to wear shorts on campus with the approval of a new dress code. 1985 - Dixie wins its first national championship in basketball.1987 - When state funds dry up, Dixie College, the City of St. George, and volunteers unite to complete work on the new Dixie Center on campus.1990 - Paul Anderson organizes the Pioneer Courthouse players, which precedes St. George Musical Theatre and Tuacahn Center for the Arts.1998 - The Encampment Mall is dedicated by President Hinckley on the site of the first pioneer camp in the St. George area.1999 - Despite strong opposition, citizen committees, students, and legislators work tirelessly to change Dixie to a four- year school. A cause for celebration!2000 - Dixie College becomes Dixie State College of Utah.2006 - Athletic teams become NCAA Division II affiliated and no longer compete on the junior college level.2009 - Athletic teams have their name changed to Red Storm.2011 - Dixie celebrates its centennial year. Enrollment grows to more than 9,000 students. More than 20 bachelors degrees are offered.2013 - Dixie State College becomes Dixie State University!9Campus Map10I-15200 South700 East800 East800 East400 South300 South100 South1000 East100 South300 South500 South600 South900 East900 EastTabernacleC/5H/2C/1G/6H/4E/2,3K/3D/4E/2E/5J,K/3J/7K/6I/2F/4G/4G/3,4H/2G/3D/2G/6C/2F/5F/3,4ABBYADMINALUMNIAUTOBROWNBURNSCHANCECOOPERCOXD CIRCDIXAPTDSSDXATCECCLESEMEMMGARDNRGRAFFGYM/SACHABHANGARHANSENHAZYHCCAbby ApartmentsAtkin AdministrationWade Alumni HouseAutomotive Mechanics BuildingBrowning Learning Resource CenterBurns ArenaChancellor ApartmentsCooper FieldsAvenna Center / Cox AuditoriumD CircuitDixie View ApartmentsCollege Store at 100 SouthDixie Applied Technology CollegeEccles Fine ArtsEncampment MallEncampment Mall MonumentKenneth N. Gardner Student CenterGra Fine Arts BuildingGymnasium / Student Activities CenterHabibian Athletic BuildingHangar (Bld. Maint., Cust, Locks)Hansen StadiumUdvar-Hazy School of BusinessJeery R. Holland Centennial CommonsI/5I/6B,C/4H/1G/5E/6F/3,4I/3H/5J/4K/5,6I/3F/4,5E/3,4D/3I/4F/3H/5H,I/5,6D/2(Inset)G/5I/6J,K/8HEATHOUSEHURSTICLJENLDSIBLIBSNOWMCDONNIBNPLAZAPABPAVPFROTCSCISECURSERVICSHILOHSMITHTAYLORTECHTOWERUPLAZHeating PlantHousing OceHurst Baseball ComplexInstitute for Continued LearningJennings Communications BuildingLDS Institute BuildingLibrarySnow Science and Math CenterMcDonald Cntr. for Humanities and Social SciencesNorth Instructional BuildingNorth PlazaPerforming Arts BuildingPavilionPlay Fields (Scheduled use only)ROTCScience BuildingCampus SecurityCampus ServicesShiloh HallSmith Computer CenterTaylor Health Science CenterTechnology BuildingNisson TowersUniversity PlazaHANSENHABALUMNISMITHFITBURNSROTCSECURCOXMORGANABBYCOOPERHURSTHCCGARDNRGYM SACADMIND CIRCHAZYJENMCDONTECHAUTOCSHEATTOWERHOUSESHILOHNPLAZANIBSCISNOWPABECCLESDIXAPTCHANCEDSSABDCUPLAZBROWNGRAFFLIBICLTESTING CENTERACADEMIC & COMMUNITYOUTREACHBCADLDSIBPAVHANGARLot QLot RLot SLot ULot TLot OLot NLot PLot KLot JLot ILot HLot ZLot GLot XLot YLot WLot DLot ELot FLot CLot BLot AALot ALot MLot VTaylor Health Science Center1526 Medical Ctr. Dr. College Inn123 E. 100 S.1100 E1200 E700 SMedical Ctr. Dr.1470 E170 S100 S400 S River Rd.700 E 500 E700 S300 S100 S300 E100 E200 SMedical Ctr. Dr.NN123456789123456789A123456789BCDEFGHIJKLHurricane Center112 S. 700 W.Hurricane, UT0100200400 FeetCartography by: Andrew GilbertLarkin Square 600 E.Health & Wellness Center 34 N.Institutional Research 20 N.Information Technology 50 N.CAMPUS MAP225 S. 700 E. St. George, UTStudentGuIdeSocial Media to Know@dixiestate@dixiestatealumni @dixiedcrew @dixiesaa@dixieathletics@thedixielife @dixiesunnewsDixie State University DSU Alumni AssociationDixie D -Crew DSU Student Alumni Association Dixie State Athletics DSU Student Association Dixie Sun News12We love you dear Dixie SchoolWith your colors so bright and true,For you ever stand for the right,As we cheer for the red, white and blue.Whenever were put to the test,Well remember our spirits grand Instructing, persuading and guidingThroughout our Dixie Land.(Chorus)Hail! All hail to thee!Oh, Dixie College Dear ol school,We know your worth the best on earth,Well cheer for you and stand by every rule,Rah! Rah!Oh, may we never doAught that would bringdishonor to thy name,But may we be, eer true to thee,Adding honor and glory to thy fame.FIGHT!Though far away we may be,Well remember our Dixie School,The spirit of our pioneers,For theyre men of the great Golden RuleOur D on the hillside so bold,Cherished emblem to them all,Remembring and never forgetting,Well answer to thy call.(Chorus)School Song13Resources and ServicesAcademic Advisement Center - Assists you in various aspects of your college life starting with orientation, continuing with career/major exploration, and culminating in graduation. dixie.edu/advisementArmy ROTC - Designed to produce highly qualified commissioned officers for the U.S. Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard. dixie.edu/rotcDSU Campus Store - Located on the second floor of the Gardner Center. Students, alumni, and the public are welcome. They have Dixie State, memorabilia, gifts, apparel, new technology, and teacher -approved textbooks. dixie.edu/bookstoreDSU Public Safety - Offers a variety of services to Dixie State University students and employees. dixie.edu/publicsafetyCareer Center - Helps you determine your skills, abilities, and aptitudes and match them to a variety of career opportunities. They can also help you find an internship. dixie.edu/careerDean of Students - Provides support, advocates on your behalf, assists with the resolution of problems, and provides information about campus resources and programs. dixie.edu/deanofstudentsDisability Resource Center - Ensures equal access to DSU programs and services to students who have documented disabilities. dixie.edu/drcenterDSU Student Association (DSUSA) - Engages you in co curricular and extracurricular activities that enhance your overall experience at DSU. They provide you with meaningful involvement. dixiestudentlife.comFinancial Aid & Scholarships - Assists you in financing your education. This office offers a comprehensive and varied lineup of financial aid options. dixie.edu/financial14Resources and ServicesHealth & Wellness Center - Promotes a climate where students, faculty, and staff can become more engaged in healthy lifestyle behaviors. dixie.edu/wellnessLibrary - The online library provides students with 24 -hour access to the librarys catalog, electronic databases, etc. The physical library provides a comfortable, inviting space that supports your academic needs. library.dixie.eduMulticultural/Diversity Center - Committed to adding diversity to DSU and the surrounding community by promoting an atmosphere of acceptance, awareness, and inclusiveness. dixie.edu/diversityRegistrars Office - Responsible for maintaining and keeping your student resources secure. dixie.edu/registrationStudent Alumni Association (SAA) - Helps keep Dixie traditions alive. Members help you make connections with past alumni and become an alumnus yourself. dixie.edu/saaTesting Center - Comprised of three separate testing operations: the Classroom Testing Center, the Prometric Center, and the Professional Testing Center. dixie.edu/testingTutoring Center - Tutors are available to assist you with math, science, psychology, statistics, and accounting courses as needed. For a detailed schedule, stop by the Tutoring Center (Holland 4th floor, Room 431) or visit the Tutoring Center website. dixie.edu/tutoringWriting Center - Helps you become a better writer by approaching your assignments as a process of invention, writing, and revision. The staff is made of experienced tutors who offer suggestions to help you improve your writing. dixiewritingcenter.com15AthletIcSDixie Athletics18Dixie State University Athletics are sure to keep you cheering out of your seat! We have so many opportunities to cheer on our fellow students and help them succeed. Root for our Dixie State football team during the fall semester at the Hansen Stadium. You are not going to want to miss the opportunity to watch our team play.During the winter months, be sure to check out the basketball teams in the Burns Arena. Our mens basketball team were the Pacific West Conference Champions from 2009 to 2013. As of 2014, Dixie State is among the nations leaders in Division II mens basketball attendance; lets keep this up.We cant forget about our softball team. They have won the West Regional Championship the last two years. They have also taken the championship title in the Pacific West Conference the last three years. Make sure to check them out on the Karl Brooks Field, located on the south end of campus.DSU has so many other top-notch sports teams, so make sure to check out each one of them! Keep up to date on statistics, news, and schedules at dixieathletics.com.Calendar of Events - AthleticsColorado Mesa Central Washington Azusa Pacific Western Oregon Humboldt StateAlumni GameNotre Dame De NamurHoly NamesConcordiaAzusa PacificChaminadeHawaii PacificAcademy of Art California Baptist Point LomaWestminster CollegeFresno PacificSat 9/5Thur 9/10Sat 9/26Fri 10/2Sat 11/76 p.m.6 p.m.6 p.m.6 p.m.6 p.m.Sat 8/29Wed 9/23Sat 9/26Tue 9/26Sat 10/3Wed 10/7Sat 10/10Sat 10/17Wed 11/4Sat 11/18Wed 11/18Sat 11/2112 p.m.6 p.m.12 p.m.6 p.m.12 p.m.6 p.m.12 p.m.12 p.m.6 p.m.12 p.m.6 p.m.12 p.m.Football - Hansen StadiumWomens Volleyball - Student Activities Center19*Dates and times subject to changeOnly home games listedTailgates are held at 3:45 p.m. at the Alumni House before every home game.Calendar of Events - AthleticsWestminster CollegeAzusa PacificChaminadeNotre Dame de NamurPoint LomaHawaii PacificCalifornia Baptist Academy of Art Fresno PacificHoly NamesConcordia7 p.m.TBATBATBATBATBATBATBATBATBATBAThur 11/24Sat 12/19Tue 1/5Thur 1/14Mon 1/18Sat 1/30Sat 2/6Thur 2/11Sat 2/13Mon 2/15Sat 2/27Womens Basketball - Burns ArenaConcordiaSeattle Pacific Azusa PacificChaminade Notre Dame De NamurPoint LomaHawaii Pacific California Baptist Academy of Art Fresno Pacific Holy Names ConcordiaFri 11/13Sat 11/14Sat 12/19Tue 1/5Thur 1/14Mon 1/18Sat 1/30Sat 2/6Thur 2/11Sat 2/13Mon 2/15Sat 2/277:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.Mens Basketball - Burns Arena20*Dates and times subject to changeOnly home games listedCalendar of Events - AthleticsLaramie County CC (Scrimmage)Metropolitan StateCal State San MarcosBristol Azusa PacificPoint LomaBYU Hawaii Hawaii HiloHawaii PacificChaminadeHeat 99Salt Lake CCSouthern UtahBristol UniversityAzusa PacificPoint LomaBYU Hawaii Hawaii HiloHawaii PacificChaminade7 p.m.8 p.m.8 p.m.7 p.m.7 p.m.7 p.m.7 p.m.7 p.m.7 p.m.12:30 p.m.6 p.m.7 p.m.6 p.m.7 p.m.4:30 p.m.10 p.m.4:30 p.m.4:30 p.m.4:30 p.m.10 p.m.Sat 8/22Fri 9/4Sun 9/6Sat 9/19Thur 9/24Sat 9/26Thur 10/8Sat 10/10Thur 10/29Sat 10/31Fri 8/21Sat 8/29Thur 9/3Sat 9/19Thur 9/24Sat 9/26Thur 10/8Sat 10/10Thur 10/29Sat 10/31Mens Soccer - Hansen StadiumWomens Soccer - Hansen StadiumFor more information, check out dixieathletics.com21*Dates and times subject to changeOnly home games listedtrAdItIonSHow Does the Book Work?24Requirements and Instructions:In this book, you will find a collection of 45 Dixie traditions. By participating, you will become a Dixie Tradition Keeper, value the institutions rich history and take pride in being a future alumni. Becoming a Dixie Tradition Keeper is simple. To fulfill the traditions, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the caption of each tradition and snap a photo as you participate in the events or visit the places listed. Everyone loves making lasting memories and taking pictures, so becoming a Dixie Tradition Keeper will be a blast! These traditions have made Dixie State University the school it is today, and they keep the Dixie Spirit alive and well. With the help of the pictures you take and the memories you make, we hope you will always keep Dixie close to your heart.What is a Tradition Keeper?A Dixie Tradition Keeper is a student who is fully involved in his or her university experience and wants to make the most out of everything. You will be fully immersed in Dixie and will be proud to say, I went to Dixie. As soon as you fulfill your first D Book tradition, you become a Tradition Keeper. As you complete more traditions, you reach certain levels of the Dixie Traditions Keepers. Each level is accompanied by an award. Once you reach the Dixie Elite level, you will receive a Dixie Tradition Keeper Medallion that you will proudly wear as you walk across the stage at commencement.How Does the Book Work?25The various levels: The Woodward: 25 Traditions - Recieve free pair of DSU sunglasses (The first original campus off Main St.) The 700 Club: 35 Traditions - Recieve free DSU earbuds (The current Dixie campus off 700 E.) The Dixie Elite: 45 Traditions - Recieve free DSU water bottle, decal sticker, and Dixie Tradition Keeper MedallionHow do I complete a tradition?There are two ways:OnlineVisit dixie.edu/dbook and click on the Enroll Now button. This will bring up a window for you to sign in to Canvas. Use your DixieID, which consists of your student ID. (Example: D00112233) Once you have enrolled, you will see modules that consist of Fall, Spring, and Year-Round Traditions. We will notify you of upcoming traditions, so you wont miss your chance to complete them. After you have completed each tradition, simply use the Upload link under the tradition submission tab to upload your photo. This class has no affect on your grades and will not appear on your transcripts.Paper bookWatch for a Student Alumni Association booth on campus in which you can bring your book and your photos proving your completion of each tradition. Show an SAA member the proof you attended an event, and they will stamp that tradition. 26YEAR -ROUNDAttend a DSU DanceBecome a True RebelVisit the DSU Campus StoreRead the Dixie SunStudy at the Holland LibraryWrite a Memory in the CloudsVisit the Legacy PaversVisit the Clock TowerStudy in a Memory GardenReceive help from the Tutoring Center or Writing CenterApply for a ScholarshipVisit the Career CenterWorkout at the Fitness Center or Aquatic CenterUse the Outdoor Fitness Center or Presidential LoopParticipate on an Intramural TeamAttend an Art Show in the Eccles BuildingAttend a DSU Concert or PlayTour St. GeorgeHike Dixie RockHike the Visit Surrounding Areas of DixieVisit a MuseumAttend a local St. George Cultural EventAttend Grad Fair to Prep for CommencementStart a New TraditionFALLAttend Freshman OrientationJoin us at the SandblastJoin a ClubJoin The D- CrewAttend a Fall DSUSA ActivityAttend a Fall Athletic EventAttend a TailgateJoin us at Rock the MallRun in the Midnight Rebel 5KWatch the Homecoming ParadeAttend a DOCUTAH Film ScreeningCheck out the Whiteout GameSPRINGAttend a Spring Athletic EventAttend a Spring DSUSA activityAttend Dixies Got TalentHelp Set a World RecordRun the Great RaceWhite Wash theYEAR -ROUNDMeet the President of DSUWear Dixie Red on FridaysAttend a DSU PageantAttend a DSU CarnivalTraditions Check-off ListPlace YourMemory HereAttend Freshman OrientationKick off your freshman year right by attending Freshman Orientation, an event designed just for you. This is a great place to receive a glimpse of what the next several years of your life will entail. Sign up for clubs as you walk around and discover endless opportunities to get involved in your life at Dixie.FALL27Place YourMemory HereJoin us at the SandblastAttend the ultimate DSU student opening social during WOW Week (Week of Welcome). You can enjoy sand volleyball, a slip n slide, a skim board park, and of course free food. Bring your friends and meet new ones. It doesnt get much better than hanging out in the beautiful Dixie sun to start your school year off right. This is a tradition you dont want to miss!FALL28Place YourMemory HereJoin a ClubJoin one, two, or as many clubs as you want at Club Rush. This event is held at the beginning of each semester on The Diagonal, the slanted sidewalk in the middle of campus. Each and every club is ready for you to sign up and join. Being part of a club is an excellent way to become involved at DSU, build networking opportunities, and have some fun with like-minded students. If you dont see a club you want to join, get some friends together and start your own.FALL29Place YourMemory HereJoin the D-CrewLooking for a place to channel your school spirit? Join The D-Crew and put your Dixie pride to use today! Being a member entitles you access to parties and gives you amazing discounts around St. George. Fellow members will be at every home game, saving a seat for you. Become more involved and have the ultimate college experience by applying for a D-Crew Board position. Visit dixie.edu/dcrew for more info.FALL30Place YourMemory HereAttend a Fall DSUSA ActivityThe Dixie State University Student Association (DSUSA) holds weekly events to keep you involved in the campus community and give you a break from studying. They are held every Wednesday night and some weekends. Just watch for their posts online and for posters around campus. Check out some of the fall activities such as the Cardboard Campout, the Powederpuff Game, or the famous Casino Night. Keep up to date at thedixielife.com.FALL31Place YourMemory HereAttend a Fall Athletic EventEveryone knows the fall weather in St. George is amazing, so enjoy it by attending action-packed DSU games. Head to Hansen Stadium to watch DSUs women play soccer or stop by the Student Activities Center and root for the womens volleyball team. Clear your Saturday* schedule and cheer on the football team. Check out the full athletic schedule at dixieathletics.com. *Dates subject to change. See Page 19 for more details.FALL32Place YourMemory HereAttend a TailgateNothing says football like cheeseburgers and pick-up trucks! Bring your trucks and cars to tailgate with the D-Crew at the Alumni House, across from the Hansen Stadium, before every home football game between 3:45 and 5:45 p.m. Cheer on the team as they walk through the party and get some free food. Rain or shine, the D-Crew will be waiting to see you. Dont forget to deck out your ride to win the Spirit Prize Pack at each tailgate party. FALL33Place YourMemory HereJoin us at Rock the Mall Have you ever tried to put lyrics from one song to another? Whether you have or not, Rock the Mall is the place to be! During each Homecoming week, the student body gathers to watch DSUs clubs and organizations put on this fun show. Students create their own masterpieces of song and dance by singing the lyrics of the school song to the tune of alternate songs. Cheer on the performing students and see who will win. Better yet, perform yourself! FALL34Place YourMemory HereRun in the Midnight Rebel 5KOne of Dixies most popular Homecoming events is the Rebel 5K. The best part? It starts at midnight. Who else can say they ran a 5K at midnight? Although we cant promise that running is any easier at midnight, we can guarantee great prizes, a good time, and a memory you wont ever forget! Register online at dixie.edu/rebel5k. FALL35Place YourMemory HereWatch the Homecoming ParadeJoin alumni, the community, and the university community at the annual Homecoming Parade on Tabernacle Street. This is one of the oldest traditions alive. Watch as the floats, performers, and groups make their way down Tabernacle Street. Gather your club, friends, or fellow classmates and get yourself in the parade. FALL36Place YourMemory HereAttend a DOCUTAH Film ScreeningDOCUTAH is an international film festival presented by Dixie State University. Students, community members, and filmmakers submit films. Attend a seminar or a film screening itself. People from all over the world submit films and attend the festival to watch both shorts and feature films. Learn more at docutah.com. FALL37Place YourMemory HereCheck Out the Whiteout GameJoin The D-Crew and cheer on DSUs basketball team at the Whiteout Game. This is one of the most exciting games of the entire season because The D-Crew is there handing out free white T-shirts to everyone. Be sure to get there early because the shirts go fast. Make sure to sit in the student section, so you can be part of the loudest, most intimidating crowd Dixie has seen.FALL38Place YourMemory HereAttend a Spring Athletic EventEnjoy the beautiful St. George weather each spring by watching Dixie State baseball, softball, and soccer teams. Check out the mens and womens basket-ball teams in Burns Arena at night or see the record-breaking softball team play at Karl Brooks Field. And hey, bring some sunscreen as you may even get a tan. Check out the schedule at dixieathletics.com. SPRING39Place YourMemory HereAttend a Spring DSUSA ActivitySPRING40In addition to their fall happenings, the Dixie State University Student Association (DSUSA) also holds weekly events during the spring semester. Events are still held each Wednesday night and on some weekends. Look for posters and more information about Dixie Idol, Mr. Dixie, and Dixie Fest. There are so many more activities you will want to participate in. Make sure to stay up to date at thedixielife.com. Place YourMemory HereAttend Dixies Got TalentSee the ultimate talent showcase right here in Southern Utah. This premier event sells out each year. The one-night show allows students and community members to perform for a chance to win cash prizes. To audition or get more information, including ticket information, check out Dixies Got Talent on Facebook.SPRING41Place YourMemory HereHelp set a World RecordIts not every day you have the opportunity to break a world record. Dont miss this traditional event on the Thursday night of D-Week. Help us break a record so your name can go down in the record books forever. Join us for the fun and maybe win some prizes. Have any cool ideas? Let us know at saa@dixie.edu.SPRING42Place YourMemory HereRun the Great RaceParticipate in the Great Race, one of the craziest traditions here at DSU during D-Week. This relay race includes 10 different obstacles. From the starting-line run and bike ride through campus to the dreaded mud pit and the sprint toward the finish line, there is no way youll not have a great time. Join a team or put your own together and compete against us if you dare! SPRING43Place YourMemory HereWhite Wash the This is one of the most sacred traditions at Dixie State University. Join the Dixie community for a free breakfast from your Alumni Association then head up the hill as we white wash the block D on the hillside. This event takes place the Saturday morning of every D-Week. Later that night, the X-Club outlines the D with fire, so make sure to look up toward our cherished emblem that evening. SPRING44Place YourMemory HereMeet the President of DSUYou dont get the chance to meet the president at every institution, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity while you can. President Richard Biff Williams is often out and about on campus, so make sure to stop, say hi, and get a picture with him. If you have any ideas that will help make Dixie the place to be, let him know at dixie.edu/president. Place YourMemory HereROUND45YEARPlace YourMemory HereWear Dixie Red on FridaysCasual Fridays are good, but Dixie Red Fridays are even better! Sport your schools colors every Friday and prove that the Dixie Spirit is alive and well. If you are lucky, the prize patrol will catch you and youll receive one of their many prizes for showing your school pride. Lets support our school! ROUND46YEARPlace YourMemory HereAttend a DSU PageantCheer on and support our Dixie State women as they compete for the title of Miss Dixie State (Homecoming) and Miss D-Queen (D-Week). These contestants have put in a lot of practice and hard work, so you dont want to miss the competition. If you want to sign up to be in the pageant, head over to the student gov offices. The winner of Miss Dixie State goes on to compete in Miss Utah.ROUND47YEARPlace YourMemory HereAttend a DSU Carnival Who doesnt love a good carnival? Especially when everything is free! Free food, free games, free bounce houses, free everything! There are two carnivals held throughout the year: the first one is during WOW week and the second is right after the Great Race during D-Week.ROUND48YEARPlace YourMemory HereAttend a DSU Dance Dance the night away at one of three dances held by DSUSA. The Foam Dance is during WOW Week, the Homecoming Dance follows the big football game, and the D-Day Dance is held during D-Week. Go with a date or a group of friends no matter who you go with youll have a blast. Make sure to get some awesome pictures! ROUND49YEARPlace YourMemory HereBecome a True RebelEver heard of True Rebel? Well, you can become one yourself. All you need to do is head over to the fountain after the Homecoming or D-Day Dance and kiss someone at midnight while standing in the water of the O.C. Tanner Fountain. ROUND50YEARPlace YourMemory HereVisit the DSU Campus StoreThe DSU Campus Store is the hub for all your educational supplies. They have it all, from pencils and scantrons to sweatpants, textbooks, and even the latest Apple products. The DSU Campus Store is located on the top floor of the Gardner Center. There, youll be able to find any Dixie apparel you can think of. Make sure to watch out for the textbook buyback that happens at the end of each semester to earn some extra cash for your used textbooks. Check them out at campusstore.dixie.edu. ROUND51YEARPlace YourMemory HereRead the Dixie Sun Stay up to date with Dixie State University and the latest news in St. George by reading The Dixie Sun newspaper. The Dixie Sun is written by our own DSU students. Watch for paper copies (yes, they still exist!) throughout campus or check it out online at www.dixiesunnews.com or on Facebook at DixieSunNews. ROUND52YEARPlace YourMemory HereStudy at the Holland LibraryNeed a place away from home to study? Want to have a place to get together for a group study session? If so, the Holland building is the place for you. It is one of the newest buildings on campus. With study spaces on three different floors and multiple study rooms, you can conquer your homework here. Grab a snack at Stacks and head on in. Be sure to check out the moving bookshelves on the third floor.ROUND53YEARPlace YourMemory HereWrite a Memory in the CloudsHere at Dixie State, you can write in the clouds. You cant miss the cloud wall mural made completely out of books when you walk into the main floor of the Holland Centennial Commons. Ask a front desk attendant if you can leave your mark in one of the books, and she will happily help you out. Theres no better way to leave your legacy here than with a personal note about your experience at Dixie State University.ROUND54YEARPlace YourMemory HereVisit the Legacy PaversVisit the inspirational legacy pavers at the University Tower and Holland Plaza. Many alumni and community members have contributed to these pavers, giving words of inspiration and leaving their mark. See what this is all about and find your favorite quote. dixie.edu/paversROUND55YEARPlace YourMemory HereVisit the Clock TowerDixie State University is becoming a destination point for people all over the state as well as the world. With a beam of light shooting hundreds of feet into the sky, this tower is proof that Dixie is the place to be. Paved with statements of inspiration, this new landmark is sure to lift any down spirit. ROUND56YEARPlace YourMemory HereStudy in a Memory GardenSt. George is known for its nice weather, so take advantage of it and study in one of the eight Memory Gardens located around campus. These Memory Gardens were made possible by donations from Dixie alumni and friends who wanted todays students to enjoy campus just a bit more! Each is equipped with WiFi access. Enjoy the weather outside as you study for your tests, do homework, or just browse the Internet. ROUND57YEARPlace YourMemory HereReceive help from the Tutoring Center or the Writing Center Need help with homework and dont know who to ask? Have a major paper that needs to be revised to perfection? Take advantage of Dixies Tutoring and Writing centers. These places are meant to help you succeed in school, and Dixies own students are there to help you. Best part about these centers? The services are free to students! Check them out at dixiewritingcenter.com and dixie.edu/tutoring.ROUND58YEARPlace YourMemory HereApply for a ScholarshipWhat better way to pay for school than with a scholarship? People value your education so much that they are willing to help put you through school. Anyone can apply for a scholarship. We dare you to see what happens. You may be eligible for one without even knowing you are. You wont know unless you apply! Visit dixie.edu/scholarships for a complete list of available scholarships. ROUND59YEARPlace YourMemory HereVisit the Career CenterIf you are seeking employment or even an internship, the DSU Career Center is the best source for information and assistance. Stop in and visit with these career professionals as you work toward graduating. The Career Center is your connection to corporations, local businesses, and other companies. Check out dixie.edu/career for more information. ROUND60YEARPlace YourMemory HereWorkout at the Fitness Center or Aquatic Center Check out the Fitness Center located right on campus. Sign up for a fitness class or buy a semester gym membership. With plenty of space for everyone, youre bound to fit right in. The staff is friendly and willing to help you get into the best shape of your life. That freshman 15 has nothing on you! For more information, go to dixie.edu/fitness. ROUND61YEARPlace YourMemory HereUse the Outdoor Fitness Center or Presidential LoopBlow off some steam or get away from studying by using our Outdoor Fitness Center or Presidential Loop. Either are great ways to get into shape without leaving Dixies campus. Best perk about them? They are free to use and available whenever you want to work out. ROUND62YEARPlace YourMemory HereParticipate on an Intramural TeamFrom flag football, soccer, and volleyball to pickle ball, spike ball, and ping pong, intramurals has it and you can play it. Form or join a team today. Let the quest for the coveted intramural champion T-shirt begin! Learn more at dixie.edu/intramurals. ROUND63YEARPlace YourMemory HereAttend an Art Show in The Eccles BuildingCheck out the Sears Art Museum Gallery in the Eccles Fine Arts Building. There are many impressive art pieces from students and local art professionals on display. Soak in the culture and beauty that art captures at this remarkable gallery. More information can be found at dixieculturalarts.com. ROUND64YEARPlace YourMemory HereAttend a DSU Concert or Play Dixie is home to some of the most talented individuals from across the country. Consequently, you need to make attending a concert and/or play a priority. These performances are usually in the Fine Arts building, the Eccles, or the Cox Auditorium. For ticket information, go to dixieculturalarts.com. ROUND65YEARPlace YourMemory HereTour St. GeorgeSt. George has a rich history and background. Tour the Brigham Young House and learn about how this town began. Dont forget to visit Main Street and check out all the local eateries, statues, and small-town appeal. While youre there, check out Town Square, which features a carousel, fountain, the Old Tabernacle, and the original Dixie College building.ROUND66YEARPhoto by Nathan WotkynsPlace YourMemory HereHike Dixie RockIf you havent been to Dixie Rock, also known as the Sugarloaf, you are missing out. The gorgeous views from this iconic point of St. George will help you relax. You can even hike around in the red rocks. Take a couple minutes and enjoy the weather from one of the most well-known landmarks in St. George. When youre there, make sure to climb through the Dixie Narrows if you dare, but be careful not to get stuck! ROUND67YEARPlace YourMemory HereHike the Youve seen it from the ground; now it is time to see it up close! Our bold D on the hillside has remained firm for more than 100 years and will surely be there for 100 more. You can always take advantage of a beautiful day by hiking up to the D or help whitewash it during D-Week in the spring. Either way a hike up to the is a must! ROUND68YEARPlace YourMemory HereVisit the Area Surrounding DixieDixie has many amazing features in its surrounding area, with the most well-known being Zion National Park. You cant forget about everything else, though. There is Snow Canyon State Park with the magnificent white hills, Sand Hollow with the rolling red sand dunes, and Pine Valley with the luscious green forest. With hikes upon hikes available, get out there and enjoy the scenery and, of course, the weather.ROUND69YEARPlace YourMemory HereVisit a MuseumWho would have thought that good ol St. George has museums? Well, it does, and they are pretty awesome. Visit the ancient ground that dinosaurs once walked on at the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site, then head over to the Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum for a glimpse at what came next. After that, visit the St. George Art Museum, and then take some kiddos (or just the kid within yourself) to the St. George Childrens Museum and see what adventures you can come up with there. Go out and see all that St. George has to offer! ROUND70YEARPlace YourMemory HereAttend a St. George Cultural Event Want to see a play, musical, comedian, or orchestra? Check out the local St. George theaters. With world-class performers coming to the outdoor amphitheater at Tuacahn Center for the Arts, you are bound to be in awe. Take a peek at St. Georges history by attending a performance at St. George Musical Theater or Brighams Playhouse. Get some friends together or take a date. No matter what you see, you will leave wanting to go back again and again. ROUND71YEARPlace YourMemory HereAttend Grad Fair to Prepare for CommencementGrad fair is the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before commencement and is where you pick up your cap and gown, pick up your honor cords, receive a free gift from the Alumni Association, get free food, and better understand how you will be connected to Dixie after crossing the graduation stage. Graduation day is the day you have been waiting for, and we want you to feel special. Dont let this moment pass without the perfect picture in the D. Congratulations on this great accomplishment! dixie.edu/commencementROUND72YEARPlace YourMemory HereStart a New Tradition ROUND73YEARIf you were not able to complete a tradition, dont worry, you can create your own! Websters Dictionary states that a tradition is a way of thinking, behaving, or doing something that has been used by the people in a particular group, family, society, etc., for a long time. Go out, see what other traditions you can find, and create your own. StAy connectedDSU Alumni AssociationThe Dixie State University Alumni Association is your primary link to DSU after graduation. Sometimes it can be difficult to continue on your lifelong journey and leave behind so many fond memories. The Alumni Association provides you many opportunities to get involved now and after graduation, keeping you connected no matter where you live.We also host tailgate parties with the D- Crew before every home football game in front of the Alumni House. Alumni, students, and the community gather together to enjoy free food as we get excited for the football game.You can always join us at your local chapter event where you can enjoy a meal on us, visit and network with fellow graduates, and reminisce your glory days at DSU. For updates, connect with us on your favorite social media site @DixieStateAlumni or visit our website at www.dixie.edu/alumni.75What is SAA?Each year, the Alumni Association selects 14 to 16 students who work to help you be a successful and connected alumni after graduating. The Student Alumni Association (SAA) provides unique leadership opportunities and experiences in building professional relationships between students and successful alumni. This is often accomplished through alumni-sponsored events and activities. This includes the Rebel 5K, Breaking a World Record, and much more.Want to be involved with this great organization? The Alumni Association is constantly accepting applications from individuals looking to gain leadership skills, networking opportunities, and more from their university experience. Visit www.dixie.edu/saa to get an application or learn more.76Special Thanks to the following:Dixie State University Alumni AssociationKalynn Larson - Alumni DirectorHal Hiatt - Alumni PresidentChet Norman - Alumni Marketing & Public Relations CoordinatorAlumni Board MembersDSU Student Alumni AssociationCourtney Jensen - VP of Student RelationsKaden McDonald - VP of Community AffairsTanner Laub - Director of Student RelationsCamie Nelson - Director of Student RelationsDSU Marketing & CommunicationsJared Madsen - Marketing CoordinatorScott Garrett - Creative Services DesignerCody Brown - Traditions CIT DeveloperDSU FYE DepartmentSarah Black - FYE DirectorFYE FacultyAdditional ContributorsDr. Richard Biff Williams - President of DSUDSU Board of TrusteesDSU University CouncilPhoto Credit page 66: Nathan WotkynsTHANK YOU!77Notes80Place YourMemory HerecoverDbook_Finalcover


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