Data Collections Demystified

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Data Collections Demystified. Amy McLaughlin Director of IT Support Services Oregon Department of Education. So Many Collections, So Little Time. ~ 80 Collections Start opening August 15 th and close June 30 th Validation windows Rights Access Relationships More. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Data Collections DemystifiedAmy McLaughlinDirector of IT Support ServicesOregon Department of Education

  • So Many Collections, So Little Time~ 80 CollectionsStart opening August 15th and close June 30thValidation windowsRightsAccessRelationshipsMore.

  • Turn Chaos into Calm(er)

  • What Ive Learned in 2.5 YearsData collections can make senseSort them into logical categoriesTie them together for the big pictureKnow who to contact for what

  • Collections Part of a Bigger Picture

  • The FoundationInstitutions Database Every institution has an Institution ID (except programs). The Institution ID ties the collections together. Paper Collection! For changes only. Due September 15th every year.

  • Student Level CollectionsSSID (Secure Student Identifier) is the Key to the Student Collections

  • SSIDEvery student has oneEvery student should have only oneStudent data is submitted tied to the SSID in student level collectionsSSID + Institution ID = essential for student level collections

  • Getting A Picture of the StudentKindergartenReadiness

  • Staff Level CollectionsUSID (Unique Staff Identifier) is the Key to the Staff Level Collections

  • Understanding the ClassroomStaff AssignmentStaff PositionClass RosterIUID (Instructional Unit Identifier)

  • Institution Level CollectionsInstitution ID is the Key to the Institution Level Collections and the Master Key to all collections

  • Institution Level CollectionsFinancial CollectionsBudgetActualsPE Minutes & FacilitiesAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)High Cost DisabilityPrincipal Teacher Evaluation

  • Does my institution need an ID?Who gets an IDSchools, Districts, ESDsOrganizations that need to contract with ODEHow?Directions on ODE Web Site reviewed and approved by ODE

  • Other Data Inputs into ODE Systems* Department of Human Services, NCIS, etc.** Disclaimer - Pie slices do not represent actual data proportions






    Data Inputs


    Data Inputs

    Data Collections30

    Student Assessments30

    Child Nutrition20

    Other Agencies & Sources*20

    To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.

  • What does ODE do with these data? (Or WWIFY Whats in it for you)Collection data used for ADM = School FundingEdFacts Reports to US Dept. of Education = Federal funding for schools & programsData Collections + Assessments = School Report Cards & identification of schools needing assistanceMapping & foster care managementODE policy, planning, research & more

  • Collection ScheduleConstructed and vetted with the Data Collection Committee (statewide representation)Finalized spring of each yearContains all changes to collection in the next yearCan be found at:

  • Roles & ResponsibilitiesCollection SubmitterDistrict Security AdministratorODE Data OwnerODE HelpdeskODE Chief Information Security Officer

  • Collection SubmitterSubmits data to collectionsMay be pulling data out of other school/district/ESD systems to submitValidates the data

  • Who ya gonna call?

  • District Security AdministratorNominated by the district SuperintendentOne per districtCreates users and grants rights to collections

  • ODE Data OwnerData steward is a better termAnswers questions about:The content of the dataThe business rules of the collectionWill help you troubleshoot your data

  • ODE HelpdeskSSID MergesReport technical errors with submitting your dataHelp with identifying if data has been submitted or processedValidate, report and track collection bugsTesting of collection bugs and fixesContact submitters when fixes are implemented503-947-5715

  • Data Security & PrivacyODE Chief Information Security OfficerEducation Information Security CommitteePrivacy and FERPA ComplianceComputer Security Questions

  • Questions?

  • Thank You!Amy McLaughlin 503.947.5771