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Dena Hurst, Co-coordinator FCEP Program Dena Hurst, Ph.D., has worked for the Florida Institute of Government for the past 23 years. Dena writes, consults and lectures in the areas of leadership, governance, process improvement, performance management, and change. With Dr. Ray Jorgensen, she co-authored Oracle of the Obvious: Secrets of Common Sense Leadership. She also teaches applied philosophy courses, including philosophy of technology, political philosophy, ethics, and critical thinking. She has contributed to several philosophy and pop culture books including, Philosophy and Psych, Philosophy and Supernatural, Philosophy and Jim Henson, and The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy. Anne Schroeder, Co-coordinator FCEP Program Anne Schroeder opened her consulting and training practice in 1984 and continues to enjoy being a part of many professional development programs throughout the country, including the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. She has a passion for creative problem solving and Adventure Learning, and believes that staying active maintains excellent brain health. She has worked with organizations such as NASA, Coca Cola, Ryder Systems, the American Lung Association and numerous other private and public organizations. In addition to her formal education, Anne holds a Certificate Degree in Advanced Carpentry, and along with her husband Ed, built their first home in Fort Myers in 1979.


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