Department of Conferences and Meetings Management November 30, 2010/AGC Report on Language Services and Measures to Achieve Savings in the Provision of.

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Department of Conferences and Meetings Management November 30, 2010/AGC Report on Language Services and Measures to Achieve Savings in the Provision of Conference Services for OAS Meetings Slide 2 AG/RES. 1 (XL-E/10) III.A.12.a 12. Conference and meeting services a) To reiterate to the General Secretariat the need to expand its review of the Organizations interpretation and translation services to include the whole area of conferences and meetings services, and to present for consideration of the CAAP, progress reports on the current services and needs of the Department of Conferences and Meetings Management, including information on the most efficient and cost-effective means of delivering these services, at headquarters and away from headquarters, taking into consideration member states requirements and overall needs and limitations of the Organization in fulfilling its mandates. Mandate Slide 3 Language Services Section DCMM Provides in-house translations of 45% of the documents requested by all the areas of the GS/OAS, giving priority to the PC and GA Coordinates outside translations of the remaining 55% Identifies the best translator for each document, based on his or her experience and specialty Reviews translations and/or original documents at the request of the areas Exercises quality control of all translations Tests translators before adding them to the roster of freelance translators Advises the delegations of the member states at Style Committee meetings Compiles and updates glossaries and style manuals in order to unify and preserve OAS vocabulary and style Slide 4 Language Services Section DCMM Coordinates interpretation services for all GS/OAS meetings at and away from Headquarters Advices the areas on the most appropriate and efficient ways of hiring interpreters Identifies interpreters certified by professional associations in the member states Provides in-house interpretation services for: Meetings of the Chair of the PC and regional coordinators Meetings of a highly confidential nature Missions of ministers and/or ambassadors Ambassadors private and negotiation meetings Private meetings of the SG and ASG Slide 5 TRANSLATION Slide 6 Translation flow chart Slide 7 Translation statistics January October 2010 *Equivalent to 25,320 source pages requested. The number of words delivered was higher (10,884,499) because the same source document is sometimes translated into more than one target language. MONTH SPANISHENGLISHFRENCHPORTUGUESE IN-HOUSEFREELANCERSIN-HOUSEFREELANCERSIN-HOUSEFREELANCERSIN-HOUSEFREELANCERS JANUARY20,77434,53295,422212,46062,84958,19437,86182,335 FEBRUARY36,07753,717158,284142,16486,276104,62020,863174,253 MARCH52,233160,153133,535528,616154,134131,519112,334169,270 APRIL60,81751,561186,962192,689259,864151,556157,756258,585 MAY97,28951,923579,901369,600832,795150,457473,984510,934 JUNE33,4954,561133,371366,861123,24911,04588,53544,698 JULY12,75517,10129,56085,48527,75317,84826,49812,125 AUGUST39,62356,28167,980311,30059,34398,60965,51498,925 SEPTEMBER44,08272,78792,814276,735110,51519,029100,14329,072 OCTOBER44,56663,07783,831645,13774,65354,83358,52873,034 TOTAL441,711565,6931,561,6603,131,0471,791,431797,7101,142,0161,453,231 Slide 8 Requests for translation MONTHREQUESTS JANUARY194 FEBRUARY230 MARCH416 APRIL423 MAY694 JUNE184 JULY133 AUGUST196 SEPTEMBER231 OCTOBER280 TOTAL2,981 Slide 9 In-house vs. freelancers translations TRANSLATIONSPANISH%SENGLISH%EFRENCH%FPORTUGUESE%P IN-HOUSE 441,71144%1,561,66033%1,791,43169%1,142,01644% FREELANCERS 565,69356%3,131,04767%797,71031%1,453,23156% 1,007,404 4,692,707 2,589,141 2,595,247 Slide 10 In-house translators by language English: 1 translator/reviewerSpanish: 1 translator/reviewer 1 translator Portuguese: 1 in-house translator/reviewerFrench: 3 translator/reviewers 1 translator/reviewer (CPR) Slide 11 Translation requests by language Slide 12 Translation requests by GS/OAS area Slide 13 In-house translations = Savings for the area Total savings $879,293.72 Slide 14 INTERPRETATION Slide 15 Interpretation flow chart Slide 16 Meetings with interpretation (month) MONTHMEETINGS JANUARY25 FEBRUARY36 MARCH79 APRIL65 MAY78 JUNE16 JULY21 AUGUST11 SEPTEMBER60 OCTOBER45 TOTAL436 Slide 17 Meetings with interpretation (area) Slide 18 Types of service used in CP/CEPCIDI Slide 19 Types of interpretation services Languages spoken at the meeting (SOURCE) Number of interpreters TARGET languages English, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Full team) 8English, Spanish, French, Portuguese 4English, Spanish English, Spanish, French, Portuguese6English, Spanish, French/ Portuguese English, Spanish (Two-way) 2English, Spanish (Two-way) 3English, Spanish Slide 20 Regional Program to Expand the Number of Interpreters and Translators Objective: To identify qualified translators and interpreters in the member states in order to reduce the cost of providing translation and interpretation services at meetings away from headquarters and to comply with requests by governments to hire local professionals. Slide 21 Regional Program to Expand the Number of Interpreters and Translators Results: Peru PeruInterpreters, June 2009: 10 Brazil BrazilInterpreters, December 2009: 12 Colombia ColombiaInterpreters, July 2010: 7 Colombia ColombiaTranslators CITEL, November 2010: 5 Mexico MexicoTranslators and interpreters, November 2010: currently being evaluated Ecuador Ecuador Translators and interpreters, February 2011: currently being organized Slide 22 Conference Services Slide 23 Slide 24 Slide 25 Slide 26


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