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Strategic Initiatives UpdateDesigning the Future - Making It HappenFacilities ServicesJanuary 2011OVERVIEW: FACILITIES SERVICES STRATEGIC PLAN Throughout 2010, members of the Facilities Services staff were actively engaged in a strategic planning process that led to the development of a Strategic Plan for FY2011-2015. Through this new strategic plan, the Facilities Services Division will maximize our support of Saint Louis Universitys vision of becoming the finest Catholic University in the country. We are proactively involved and committed to contributing to the Universitys strategic initiatives. Specifically, this plan includes a revised Facilities Services mission statement, newly adopted core values, an ambitious vision statement and focused strategic initiatives. While the plan itself is extremely important, it is the result of an equally important process that included considerable discussions, activities and input from every department in the division as well as the university community. The process included a values audit, stakeholder analysis, SWOT analysis, identification of strategic initiatives and development of five-year action plans as well as Year 1 action plans. Team leaders were identified to lead the action plans and Year 1 strategies. Orientation to the process and plan was conducted with all supervisory personnel and action team leaders prior to initiating the year one strategies. This plan is giving our division a clear and common direction that can be communicated and shared with all of our employees. Our activities for FY11 include Year 1 action plans that are currently underway and summarized in this document. Through our action plans, we are being challenged to enhance and optimize services for the University community, improve communications and awareness, strengthen and forge new partnerships, further develop our employees and increase our focus on conservation of our environment. It is our intention that the proactive involvement in these activities will help reposition Facilities Services as a resource so that we can also assist and contribute to the success of other SLU Divisions strategic efforts. Our division is committed to moving forward and is concentrating on 1) building and strengthening the capability in our staff to execute the plan; 2) facilitating the implementation of our action plans with metrics, presentations and integration; and 3) beginning the review and revise process in preparation for the development of the Year 2 action plans. The process and discussion that we have had throughout this past year has helped us move beyond the operational aspects of our work. Were focused on integrating strategic thinking on a more consistent basis and recognizing the partnerships, connection and impact that our Division can have as it plays a more expanded role in the success of the Universitys strategic initiatives. We are excited about where our strategic plan will lead us!! Why Facilities Services should do strategic planning . . . Contribute to the Universitys mission and vision Unify the division behind a shared purpose and direction Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services Major benefits of strategic planning for Facilities Services Proactive work culture leading to greater resourcefulness, dependability and innovativeness Customer-focus guided by common, unified goals Development of service delivery expertise at all levels For more information about Facilities Services strategic plan, please contact Chris Regan at or 314-977-3428. Goals Description LeaderMedical Center EnhancementsFacilities Services will contribute to the Medical Center's strategic goals of enhancing the physical environment by taking a proactive role in the planning efforts and implementation of building and grounds-related enhancements that will culminate in achieving recognition as one of the most attractive health sciences campuses in the nation.Kathleen BradyEnrollment and RetentionContribute to Enrollment Management's strategic goals of student recruitment and retention by developing and implementing ongoing enhancements that atract and retain students. Keith LabitskaBest PracticesIn an effort to move from being operationally good to being the best, every Facilities Services department will have a process to identify Best Practices, evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness, identify contributions to our division goals, outline adaptation and implementation strategies, and make recommendations for adoption.Fay EllatifGoals Description LeaderAwareness CampaignDevelop an awareness campaign that promotes our new strategic direction and communicates our accomplishments to our employees and to the university community.Julie Mudd, Melissa EzellAreas for RecognitionIdentify areas to target for outward recognition and determine applicability and processes required for achievement of recognition, ie., Best Practices, Environmental Scorecard improvements, etc.Barth BrenemanSustainability InitiativesReceive national recognition for our sustainability initiatives and activities.Keith McCuneFACILITIES SERVICES STRATEGIC INITIATIVESYear 1STRATEGIC AND OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Identify and establish proactive roles with key University units for the purpose of collaborating towards value-added and enhanced services that assist these units in achieving their defined mission and goals. Deliver operationally excellent facilities services on a day-to-day basis that are consistent with the best practices of the profession.STAKEHOLDER RECOGNITION Gain University and national recognition for our strategic and operational contributions to SLU's goal to be the finest Catholic university in the United States. Accomplish this initiative by being operationally excellent at facilities management and by aligning with other University units to contribute to their mission and goals.Goals Description LeaderStrategic Leadership DevelopmentDevelop its leaders so they can successfully formulate and implement strategy while continually striving for operational excellence.Chris ReganSupervisory DevelopmentDevelop and empower their supervisory staff with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to accept greater responsibility for achieving operational excellence from their departments.Ty DennisonDiversity and Social JusticeDevelop ways to support and benefit from the diverse range of demographic characteristics, knowledge, skills and abilities of our employees.Tom WestGoals Description LeaderEducational OpportunitiesEducate our faculty, staff and students regarding sustainability opportunities for their personal use and identify sustainable initiatives for implementation that are visible to our students.Charles JohnsonPractical ApplicationsEstablish collaborative relationships with academic units whereby our division supports faculty involvement in the review and research of our own university's sustainable efforts.Dave FlorekStudent InterestsIdentify the factors that sustain an environment as well as those factors that are of interest to our students in maintaining a sustainable environment. Provide our students with a promotional and/or educational product to draw their attention to the factors we have in place.Jeff MackoKey IndicatorsIdentify and demonstrate progress on a number of key indicators in targeted areas that increase environmental resource optimization.Brandon VerhoffGoals Description LeaderExisting PartnershipsIdentify our existing partnerships and ways to leverage or utilize their available resources to further our strategic initiatives.Dan GoodmanNew PartnershipsIdentify and establish new partnerships with internal and external to others to provide the knowledge and resources to accomplish our strategic initiatives.Ann Gioia Identify and become actively involved with internal individuals/units and external professional organizations to acquire and exchange knowledge, tools and resources that will advance our efforts to be operationally excellent and contribute to the success of other University units.EXCELLENCE IN PEOPLE Educate and redefine the customer service role of our Facilities Services staff so that each employee understands the connection of their work with our vision and strategic plan and is able to demonstrate it through their contributions to the university's strategic activities and the resulting outcomes that take place inside and outside of their daily routine. To assure operational excellence, develop a valued, well-trained, motivated and diverse workforce that is known for its technical competence and professionalism.ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION Maintain and conserve natural resources, protect our environment and do so in a sustainable manner through actions that will enhance environmental quality.PARTNERINGFACILITIES SERVICES ACTION PLANNING TEAMS STRATEGIC AND OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Goals Activities/Accomplishments Next Steps Medical Center Enhancements Met and gathered input from the VP-Medical Center and the Medical Center Deans regarding critical needs for space for growing programs. Worked with VP-Medical Center and President on refinement of plans for Medical Center campus. Major projects underway, Grand Streetscape, Education Union, Stadium and Grand Bridge have required collaborative efforts and will greatly enhance Medical Center environment. Work on obtaining space data for Medical Center. Identify benchmarks for use. Research academic medical centers identified by the Deans as models. Enrollment and Retention Met with Enrollment Management team to discuss how we can partner with them and help them achieve success with their mission. Reviewed suggestions and collaborated with FS departments to determine feasibility of implementing ideas. Team members have taken campus tour to observe what parents and prospective students are seeing. Identify actions for implementation along with timeframe. Update Enrollment Management team at March meeting. Best Practices Developed a draft of a standardized checklist for use in identifying opportunities or new ideas for operational excellence. Presented an overview of best practices to FS supervisors/managers/directors at the December Facilities Planning Session. Validate the accuracy of the checklist by indentifying one or two Best Practices, using the checklist. Develop the Best Practices awareness program for FS division team and coordinate training through the Leadership/Supervisory Development team. STAKEHOLDER RECOGNITION Goals Activities/Accomplishments Next Steps Awareness Campaign Identified several marketing ideas for use in introducing our mission, core values, vision and strategic plan to FS employees. Developing a programmatic approach, with a designated timeframe, for review by the oversight team. Place the framed copies of Facilities Services mission statement and core values in designated FS office locations, and eventually at time clock locations. Coordinating with the Supervisory Development team to provide training for all FS supervisors and employees regarding the introduction and discussion of our FS mission, core values and vision. Implement the approved awareness program with ongoing activities for continued visibility. Areas for Recognition Team members reviewed activities of all other action planning teams to understand their needs. Contacting regional and national organizations to collect information that will assist us with recognition opportunities appropriate to our designated activities. Identify 2-3 opportunities for participation by FS action planning teams Assist with identifying information from external judging organizations to assure that our participation is compatible with the judging criteria. Sustainability Initiatives Received recognition plaques from Ameren and Murphy Co. for energy initiative achievements. Developed logo for use in recognition promotions. Collaborated with Parks College to develop a solar golf cart project. Partnered with Res Life and Ameren Missouri to Implement the Village electric energy competition. Host a travelling light revolution truck on SLU premises. Conduct a Chaifetz Arena test pilot program with Blue Skies Recycling to recycle food waste, partnering with Global Spectrum and Sodexho. Partner with Athletics to sponsor community-wide electronics drive and advertise at basketball games. EXCELLENCE IN PEOPLE Goals Activities/Accomplishments Next Steps Strategic Leadership Development Coordinated training sessions for action planning team leaders facilitated by Dave Munz. Observed action planning team meetings and provided feedback to the leader regarding meeting management and progress of activities. Identify needs of action planning team leaders for next years strategic training sessions. Provide schedule of strategic planning activities to FS division team. Coordinate June/December Facilities Planning Sessions Supervisory Development Introduced a training session for supervisors and managers regarding their role in our FS strategic plan. Coordinating with the Awareness team to provide training for all FS supervisors and employees regarding the introduction and discussion of our FS mission, core values and vision. Provide periodic training sessions regarding various components of the strategic plan. Coordinate with Best Practices to identify the training needs regarding the implementation of their Best Practices awareness program. Diversity and Social Justice Adopted a diversity vision statement that connects diversity to FS vision statement. Identified that most organizations have not tried to use Diversity & Social Justice as a strategic advantage. Analyze the current state of FS diversity with respect to the diversity vision. Identify strategic objectives to guide the action plan. Identify action plan, process for tracking/accountability ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION Goals Activities/Accomplishments Next Steps Educational Opportunities Identified various means of communicating opportunities to reduce our environmental impact upon our University and gain operational efficiencies. Participated in a webinar regarding the functions of green teams at other universities Coordinating efforts with Ken Perdue, Environmental Initiatives Specialist for Central-South region of Staples. Identifying the role that green teams can play in disseminating environmental solutions information throughout the university. Revise the name of green teams to sustainability initiatives teams and identify team leaders. Identify information to disseminate to the university community. Practical Applications Research environmental goals from other SLU departments. Develop directory of departmental contacts and internal library on environmental resource standards. Review environmental guideline resource standards. Research practical applications at other universities. Student Interests Identified questions for use on a survey to obtain feedback regarding interests of SLU students. Distributed survey to students with a mid-March final submittal. Met with other ERO action planning teams to coordinate activities and efforts. Review and compile survey results Identify priorities and issues of students Organize into manageable silos (short-term vs. long-term, worth exploring, feasible/not feasible, etc.) Key Indicators Reviewing and addressing questions on AASHEs STARS and the Green Report Card. Identifying key indicators that Facilities collects and is involved in that may impact responses to survey. Coordinating with Sustainability Center so that they know FS will serve as a resource and collaborator. Select key indicators to focus and improve upon. Update team regarding meeting with Sustainability Center and further collaborative efforts. Continue coordination with Sustainability Center. PARTNERING Goals Activities/Accomplishments Next Steps Existing Partnerships Identified the existing FS partnerships, contacts, description of services, available resources, etc. Coordinating with action planning teams to identify their needs and link them to existing partnerships. Identify ways to leverage or utilize available resources Discuss combining this team with New Partnerships. New Partnerships Developed a database to track current and new partners and include web site links. Coordinating with action planning teams to identify their needs and assist in identifying new partnerships. Document procedures for use and make it accessible to all FS employees. Discuss combining this team with Existing Partnerships 1Cover2OVERVIEW3Strategic4ACTIVITIES