Detailed Lesson Plan in English 3 2

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Detailed Lesson Plan in English 3 I – Objectives The pupils will be able to: 1. Use the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives 2. Arrange properly the degrees of modifications. 3. Appreciate the meaning of teamwork during group games. II – Subject Matter A. Degrees of modification B. Making comparisons 1. Materials – Visual Aids 2. Reference – Reading 3 Textbook, pp 150-155 3. Values Integration – The value of teamwork. III – Procedure 1. Preparation a. b. c. d. e. Prayer Greetings Checking of attendance Passing of assignments Spelling Drill A big egg pie. Mother, what do you have for us? Go to the kitchen. I’m bigger. I’m going to divide it. TEACHER ACTIVITY 2. Motivation Class please stand up. Who among you is the tallest? That’s right. How about the shortest? Very good! Who among you is bigger than me? Why? Very good! - Yes sir! - Cagas sir! - Victor sir! - Nobody sir. - Because you’re the biggest sir. PUPILS ACTIVITY 3. Presentation Our lesson for today class is about the degrees of modification. 4. Unlocking of Difficulties Before we proceed to our discussion class, let’s talk about these several words for us to understand the lesson better. - Yes sir pie centipede snail vehicle ambulance 5. Discussion Please read this dialogue class The Egg Pie Noli: Eric: Noli: Mother: Noli: Eric: Noli: Mother: I hope Mother comes soon. She will bring home something for us. I know what it will be – a big egg pie. Here comes, Mother. Mother, what do you have for us? A big egg pie. Here, go to the kitchen and divide it between the two of you. I’m bigger. I should be the one to divide it. But you always get the larger piece. I’m older than you. I need a larger piece. Give me the pie. I’m going to divide it. - An egg pie sir. - Noli sir. - He wants a larger piece of pie sir. - Noli sir What did Mother bring home to the boys? Right Who wanted to divide the pie? Why did Noli want to divide the pie? Who is older? Noli or Eric? Very good Read these sentences found in the dialogue Noli is older than Eric. Noli is bigger than Eric. - What are the adjectives used to compare Noli and Eric? That’s right! Class please read the following statements. - Older and bigger sir We add -er to the adjectives when we compare two persons or things. We add -est to the adjectives when we compare three or more persons or things. What are we going to add to the adjectives in comparing two things? Very good! How about three or more? Right! Now let’s try an exercise. Read the sentences and look at the picture. - -er sir - -est sir. - Yes sir The turtle is slow. The centipede is slower than the turtle. The snail is the slowest of the three. - What animals are being compared? - The turtle, centipede and snail sir. - Right What is the adjective used in making comparison? Very good! How many animals are compared in sentence 2? How many animals are compared in sentence 3? Alright Here’s another one class - Slow sir - Two sir! - Three sir A car is big. An ambulance is bigger than a car. The bus is the biggest of them all. - What things are being compared? That’s right What adjectives being used? Right What’s the biggest of them all? Very good! - Vehicles sir! - Big sir - Bus sir 6. Generalization What are we going to add to the adjective in comparing two things? Good! In comparing three or more? Very good! - -er sir. - -est sir. 7. Exercises I want you to group into three teams class. Assign a leader in your group class. Please read the story class and discuss in your group on what will be the appropriate answers of the following questions. Every member is enjoined to contribute ideas for the perfect answer of the group. Just fill in the blanks. - Yes sir! - Yes sir! Old 1. Pat is six years old. Dick is ten years old. Dick is _________ than Pat. Cheap 2. The red ball costs fifty pesos. The green ball costs forty-eight pesos. The green ball is __________ than the red ball. Young 3. Ana is ten years old. Mara is eight years old. Irma is five years old. Irma is the __________ of the three girls. Heavy 4. Danny weighs eighty kilos. Tom weighs seventy kilos. Rico weighs sixty-two kilos. Danny is the _________ of the three boys. 8. Application Class I want you stay with your group and express your answer by coloring the figure that satisfies the question. Everybody must participate. - Yes sir - IV - Evaluation On a sheet of paper, please fill the blanks with the proper adjectives. V- Assignment For your assignment class, please do the following…