Detailed Lesson Plan in English kinder

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Detailed Lesson Plan in English – Kinder I. OBJECTIVES During the discussion, pupils are expected to: a. b. c. d. produce the sound of the letter Ee; write the letter E and e correctly; determine the letter Ee among the other letters; and show cooperation and participation in doing the activities. II. SUBJECT MATTER: The Initial Vowel Sounds SUB-TOPIC : The Letter Ee REFERENCE : Learning to Read the Easy Way by: Wilma Perez-Baile Sounds and Symbols by: Elsie Maria Romano INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS: pictures, word cards, letter cards, computer, LCD projector III. PROCEDURE A. Daily Routine 1. Prayer 2. Greetings 3. Checking of attendance 4. Checking of classroom situation TEACHER’S ACTIVITY B. MOTIVATION I have here pictures on the board. Let us identify each. Are you ready? PUPIL’S ACTIVITY * the pupils will identify the pictures on the board as: envelope, egg, elbow, eraser* Very good children! C. PRESENTATION Let us discover what the initial sound of the pictures is. Let us identify again the pictures on the board. Are you ready? Very good children! Now, do you know what the initial sound of the pictures is? Yes MJ. Very good! Then, what is the letter that sounds /e/? Yes RC. Very good! Let us sing a short song. “the Ee says /e/, the Ee says /e/… every letter has a sound the Ee says /e/”(repeat) Yes we are! *as the teacher points on the picture, the children will say what is in the picture* The initial sound of the pictures is /e/. The letter that sounds /e/ is the letter Ee. *the children will sing the song* D. COMPARISON AND ABSTRACTION *the teacher will post the word card of the pictures* Let us look on the board. We will read the words then repeat after me. Are you ready? envelope elbow eggplant egg elephant eraser Yes Teacher! *the children will repeat what the teacher reads* I have here letters scattered on the board. If I point it on the letter Ee, you will produce its sound but when I point on the other letter just shake your hands up. Understood? Are you ready? Yes Teacher! Yes we are! e r a i e c m b e s *the children will perform the activity* e m I have here letter cards. If I show you the letter e, you will clap your hands 3 times, but if it is not letter e, say no. are you ready? *the teacher will show the letter cards* E. GENERALIZATION *video presentation* What is the letter that sounds /e/? Yes KC? Very good! What is the sound of the letter Ee again? Yes LJ? Very good! What are the objects that have an initial sound /e/? Yes RJ? Very Good! F. APPLICATION Let us answer this worksheet. Write Ee if the object starts with Ee and put an X if it does not begin with letter Ee. Understood? ___ _____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Yes teacher! *the children will do the activity* The letter that sounds /e/ is Ee. Letter Ee sounds /e/. Elephant, egg, eggplant, eraser Yes teacher!