Detailed Lesson Plan in Math

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DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN MATH I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students are expected to: · Define the Harmonic Mean · Apply the formula of harmonic mean in finding the middle term or average between two terms of a harmonic sequence. II. Subject Matter: a. Topic: âHarmonic Meanâ b. Reference: Intermediate Algebra by Soledad - Jose c. Materials: Visual Aids. III. Procedure: âTeacherâs Activityâ âStudentâs Activityâ âLet us all stand up for the opening prayerâ. âYou may now take your seatâ. (Students will sit down) Checking of attendance⦠âPlease raise hand (Students raise their hand and say As I call your nameâ. present as their teacher calls their name) âFor this afternoon, our topic will be about Harmonic Meanâ. âIs there anyone from the class knows about the topic this (Students will raise their hands) Afternoon?â. âBefore we proceed to our discussion, let us do a little recap about our previous lessonâ. (The teacher will check will check the assignment of the and explanation will follow that will serve as a review of the previous lesson). B. Motivation âThe Mystery Soundâ The teacher will play a sound and the students will try to guess what instrument produces that sound. They are to do so by matching a picture and mount it on the manila paper. Answer: 1. Bongo 6. Steel drum 11. Trumpets 2. Congo 7. cuatro 3. Maracas 8. Tiple 4. Claves 9. Charango 5. Cabasa 10 . Panpipes âTeacherâs Activityâ âStudentâs Activityâ C. Lesson Proper: Activity The teacher will give examples of finding rithmetic mean. Find the arithmetic mean between. 1) 2 and 8 = 2, 5, 8 We simply add the two terms and then divide by 2. In symbols, We have m=a+b/2 Answer: 2+8/2 =10/2 = 5 2) -2 and 8 =-2, 3, 8 M= -2+8/2 = 6/2 = 3 3) -5 and -13 M= -5+(-13)/2 = 18/2 =-9 Analysis: The teacher will ask the students about th ff. questions: 1. What is harmonic mean? 2. What is the formula for finding the harmonic mean Between two terms? Abstraction: The teacher will discuss about harmonic mean. 1. Harmonic mean of two numbers. 2. To get the harmonic mean of two terms, we follow The formula, H=2ab/a+b Application The teacher together with the students will answer The following: 1) 1/6 and 1/12 H=2(1/6)(1/2) = 2/6(1/12) =2/72 =2/72 * 12/3 = 2/18 = 1/9 16+1/12 2+1/12 3/12 2) ½ and -1/20 H = 2(1/2) (-1/20) = -1/20 =-1/20 * 20/9 =-1/9 ½+(-1/20) 10-1/20 3) -2 and -2/3 H= 2(-2)(-2/3) = 8/3 =8/3*3/-8 =-1 -2 + (-2/3) -6+(2)/3 1. Bongo Drum is a pair of drums struck by hands. The first piece is larger than the other and are connected by a piece of wood. 2. The congo drum is a single extra tall bongo, struck with the playerâs hands. 3. The maracas is apair of dried gourds with wooden handles. It is played by shaking. Each piece of this may be filled with beads, beans or pebbles. 4. Claves are pair of round, hard wood sticks that are tapped together. 5. The cabasa looks like a wooden spool with metal beads wound around it and has a wooden handle. It is played by twisting the beads in the palm. 6. Steel drums are tuned metal barrels. It is played by hammering the surface. 7. Cuatro is a small four-stringed instrument that resembles ukulele 8. Tiple has four double or triple sets of strings that are used to accompany certain music. 9. The charango is a lute-shped instrument with five pairs of strings. 10. Panpipes/Ocarinas are known as antaras or zamponas, a type of woodwind from the Andes mountain. 11. Trumpets are wind instruments that are made from conch shells, tree bark and bamboo. âSo who did got the highest possible answer?â (The group with the highest number of possible Answer will raise their hands) âAny other questions and clarifications?â (Students will raise their hand if there are any Questions) âI hope you enjoyed a lot and learn from our lesson.â Evaluation: The teacher will give four exercises to the students: Answer the following: 1. Find the harmonic men between: a. 1/5 and 1/16 =2/21 b. -1/8 and 1/21 =2/13 c. -1/5 and -1/3 =-1/4 d. 2 and ½ =4/5 Assignment: Find the harmonic mean between 1.) 2 and -1/4 =-4/7 2.) -1/9 and 1/14 =2/7 3.) ½ and 4 =8/9 âAny questions class?â âNone Sirâ âSo there are no any questions, Melissa please, lead the prayer.â âGoodbye classâ¦See you on Mondayâ âGoodbye and thank you Mr. Lorestoâ Prepared by: Hubert P. Loresto BSED-MAPEH MSEUF-Lucena City