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Diferencia entre Masonera y Illuminati

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Proyecot Escolar de las principales diferencias de la Masonera y los Iluminados de Bavaria.


Alejandro lvarezA deep look into differences between Freemasonery and Illuminati of Bavaria.FREEMASONRYILLUMINATI OF BAVARIAStarted in Europe, unknown since when, but officially established in the 16th Century. Lots of history through years and speculations of wrong ideals.Started in Germany, at the 17th Century.History is mostly accurate to their practices.New Global Order Requirementsto become: Depending on the nation, at age 18 or 21 you canbe a candidate. Have a religious belief or knowledge of a superior being( Catholicism, Jewish, Islamits, etc) Have a respectable and honorable job. Over30 Rites Initiating Esoteric Traditional2types of Secrets Adaptationfrom Masonic symbolism Not many changes Asmon