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Disclaimer: Forward Looking StatementsThis presentation/announcement may contain forward looking statements with projections regarding, among other things, the Groups strategy, revenues, earnings, trading profit, trading margin, finance costs, tax rate, capital expenditure, dividends, cash flow, net debt or other financial measures, the impact of foreign exchange fluctuations, the impact of raw material fluctuationsand other competitive pressures. These and other forward looking statements reflect management expectations based on currently available data. However, actual results will be influenced by, among other things, macro-economic conditions, food industry supply and demand issues, foreign exchange fluctuations, raw material and commodity fluctuations, the successful acquisition and integration of new businesses, the successful execution of business transformation programmes and other, as of today, unknown factors. Therefore actual results may differ materially from these projections.These forward looking statements speak only as of the date they were made and the Group undertakes no obligation to publicly update any forward looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.2Kerry Group at a Glance6.1bn Revenue79% | 21%750m Trading Profit86% | 14%Taste & NutritionConsumer FoodsTaste & NutritionWorld leader in Taste & Nutrition serving the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries15bnENTERPRISE VALUE*130PRODUCTION LOCATIONSConsumer FoodsIndustry-leading manufacturer and marketer of added-value branded and customer branded chilled food products to Irish, UK and selected international marketsTaste & NutritionConsumer Foods23kEMPLOYEES3Note: * as at 7-8-2017Key Milestones41972 1986 1988 1993 1998 2000 2004 2009 2010 20151982 1994 2001 2005 2009 2015Kerry FormedListed on Irish Stock ExchangeAcquisition of Beatremein USEnter Latin AmericaEnter Asia-PacificEvolving Technology PlatformsAcquisition of QuestKerry Opens Innovation & Technical Centre in Beloit1 Kerry ProgrammeAcquisition of DennyAcquisition of Mattessons WallsAcquisition of Golden ValeAcquisition of Noon FoodsAcquisition of Breeo FoodsRepositioned Kerry Foods PortfolioSAVOURY & DAIRY INGREDIENTS & FLAVOURS TASTE & NUTRITIONSavoury & Dairy | Sweet | Beverage | FI&A | PharmaGlobal Technology & Innovation CentresCompleteRecord year for acquisitionsHistory Financial Performance5Revenue 1986-2016 (m) Trading Profit 1986-2016 (m)Adjusted EPS* 1986-2016 (cent) Dividend 1986-2016 (cent)+17%CAGR+14%CAGR+13%CAGR+10%CAGR3376,1310.4856.07.6323.414750Note: * before brand related intangible asset amortisation and non-trading items (net of related tax). From 2011, with 2004 to 2010 re-presented, computer software is treated as a cost in calculating adjusted EPSHistory Strategic Platform Development62000Savoury & Dairy(DAIRY HERITAGE)SAVOURY & DAIRYFUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS & ACTIVESEmulsifiers, Hydrocolloids, Yeast, Proteins, Enzymes, Cultures, Fermented IngredientsCEREAL & SWEET34 AcquisitionsDeveloping Markets11 New CountriesFLAVOURS62 AcquisitionsBEVERAGEBeverage Flavour & Bases, Syrups & Sauces, Brewing IngredientsPHARMACell Nutrition, ExcipientsTaste & NutritionSustainable Business Model7Market LeadershipTaste & Nutrition Consumer FoodsHolistic Partnerships Sustainability1 KerryTasteNutrition & General WellnessDevelopingMarketsConsumerChannelCustomerGeography#1 #1Group Long Term Targets (5 Years 20132017)8GrowthAdjusted EPS Growth +10% p.a. by:Volume Growth Margin ExpansionTaste & Nutrition 4% to 6% p.a. Taste & Nutrition 50 bps p.a.Consumer Foods 2% to 3% p.a. Consumer Foods 20 bps p.a.Group 3% to 5% p.a.** Group 30 bps p.a.(**assumes market growth rate of 2% to 3% p.a.) (plus an additional 100 bps from the Kerryconnect project)ReturnROACE 12%+CFROI 12%+ ROAE 15%+16%ASIA-PACIFIC30%EMEATaste & Nutrition at a Glance9INGREDIENTS & FLAVOURSMARKET POSITIONSDEVELOPING MARKETS (1.2BN)#125% Beverage17% Meats9% Dairy8% Bakery7% Soups, Sauces & Dressings5% Cereal & Bars5% Ice-cream & Desserts5% Prepared Meals & Sides5% Savoury Snacks5% Pharma5% Confectionery2% Appetisers2% OthersRevenue by End Use MarketRevenue by Technology2016 Year On Year Volume Growth+3.5% Savoury & Dairy+8.4% Beverage+9.3% Pharma/Functional Ingredients(3.6%) Cereal & SweetRegional Ingredients40% Savoury & Dairy24% Beverage16% Pharma/Functional Ingredients15% Cereal & Sweet5% Regional Ingredients54%AMERICAS74%DEVELOPED26%DEVELOPING#1 #1Dairy proteinHydrolysed proteinStabilising systemsFibre systemsFlavour systemsFlavour modulationNutritional lipidsHigh proteinHeat stable processingSmooth textureDigestive comfortFruit flavour profileProtein flavourHigh in essential fatty acidsIndustry Supply Chain How Kerry Adds Value10RETAIL BRANDSSTORE BRANDSFOODSERVICEFUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS & FLAVOURSEmulsifiersEnzymesCulturesHydrocolloidsColoursProteinsFlavoursPharmaIntegrated SolutionsCOMMODITIESDairyFlourFruitsOilsSoyaSpicesStarchSugare.g. RTD nutritional beverageSCIENCE & TECHNOLOGYFUNCTIONALITY/VALUE DELIVEREDNote: where Kerry playsDiversified Product Portfolio11Product Groups Product Sub-groups Market Position Competitors Savoury & Dairy Flavour Solutions Dairy Ingredients Culinary Sauces Culinary Ingredients Snack Seasonings Meat Coating Systems Functional Meat Systems Enzymes Fermented Ingredients Protein Fractions Prebiotics, Probiotics, & Metabolites Nutritional Beverages Nutrition Solutions Emulsifiers & Texturants Sweet Flavours Confections & Coated Sweets Sweet Particulates Chocolate & Compounds Cereal Shapes & Agglomerates Baked & Dough Sweet Products Wet Sweet Systems Beverage Flavour Solutions Sauces & Syrups Tea & Coffee Concentrates Beverage Ingredients & Extracts Creamers & Whips Pharma Excipients Cell Nutrition Proteins Media IngredientsSavoury & Dairy # 1 in America # 1 in Europe # 1 in Rest of World # 1 in specialty proteins globally # 2 in emulsifiers globally # 1 in America # 1 in Europe # 1 globally We are in 5 of the top ten blockbuster drugsCereal & SweetBeverageFunctional Ingredients & NutritionPharmaConsumer Foods at a Glance12TechnologyMeat ProductsMeal SolutionsDairy ProductsRegionGBIrelandRest of EuropeCustomersBrandPrivate LabelDiversified Product Portfolio13Segment Key Product Market Position Largest branded dairy supplier in Ireland #1 spreads brand in Ireland #1 cheese brand in Ireland #1 kids cheese snack in GB #1 customer brand dairy spreads and RTE cheese in GB #1&2 sausage brands in GB #2 (fastest growing) meat snacking brand in GB #1&2 breakfast product brands in Ireland #1 cooked meat brand in Ireland #1 GB customer brand supplier of chilled ready meals frozen ready meals ready to cook5.5bnMEAT PRODUCTS4.3bnMEAL SOLUTIONS4.5bnDAIRY PRODUCTSGrowth Platforms14ConsumerWe will use consumer-led insight and innovative technology to develop compelling propositions that delight shoppers in our core categories meat, dairy and mealsChannelWe will ensure our products are readily available to all our consumers, across all channels, when ever and wherever they shopCustomerWe will work collaboratively with our customers to ensure we create products they, and their consumers, love to buyGeographyWere committed to expanding our footprint beyond the UK and Ireland into new markets, to reach new customersSecuring Sustainable GrowthEmbedding Sustainability in Our BusinessKerrys sustainability plan represents a journey of continuous improvement an ongoing process and strategy to secure sustainable growthIt offers Kerry Group a framework through which to ensure the long-term development of the organisation by building competitiveness, while at the same time enhancing the quality of life and protecting our natural resources Integrated in 1 Kerry strategies and operational activities Directed and governed by our Kerry Sustainability Council Groupwide time-bound, quantified targets established to measure progressENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITYMARKETPLACE SUSTAINABILITYWORKPLACE SUSTAINABILITYCOMMUNITY SUSTAINABILITY15SECURING SUSTAINABLE GROWTHKerrys Towards 2020 Programme A comprehensive programme for sustainable growth Four critical areas of focus which reflect global concerns and issues of material importance to our shareholders, employees and suppliers, translated into actions that help direct our day-to-day activities Directed by Senior Leadership through the Kerry Sustainability Council, with functional responsibility for implementation that embeds sustainability within the businessEnvironmentClimate ChangeResource EfficiencyWaste ReductionMarketplaceNutrition and HealthResponsible SourcingProduct QualityWorkplaceOur PeopleBusiness EthicsHealth and WellbeingCommunitySocial ImpactEconomic DevelopmentShared Purpose16Groupwide time-bound, quantified targets established to measure progress1 Kerry Sustainability Programme Towards 2020172017 GoalsFive Year Strategic PlanAspirationsClimate Efficiency Waste Continue to improve our environmental stewardship Drive efficiency in resource use (energy & water) Exceed in efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling Deliver on our brand sustainability strategy plan Achieve 100% ISO 14001 approval (Kerry manufacturing sites) Achieve an overall 13% reduction in GHG emissions intensity by 2020 compared to baseline year 2013, reflecting an overall 25% reduction compared to baseline year 2009 Reduce water intensity by 7% by 2020 compared to baseline year 2013, reflecting an overall reduction of 11% by 2020 compared to baseline year 2011 Reduce waste intensity by 12% by 2020 compared to baseline year 2013, reflecting an overall 32% reduction compared to baseline year 2011 Achieve zero waste to landfill where technically feasible in each jurisdiction Achieve Group ISO 14001 approval targets for 2017 Implement Kerry Carbon Reduction Projects for 2017 in line with our 2020 targets Implement Kerry Water Reduction Projects for 2017 in line with our 2020 targets Implement Kerry Waste Reduction Projects for 2017 in line with our 2020 targets Continue to advance our Origin Green Programme in IrelandQuality Sourcing Nutrition Through our focus on science and technology development, we will generate innovative products that contribute to improving health and wellbeing across all life-stages, creating better lifestyles for people today and future generations Through our leading innovation and product development expertise, we will continue to enhance the nutritional value of our ingredients and continue to assist our valued customers Make quality a distinguishing capability Ensure responsible sourcing practices Leverage Kerrys Taste & Nutrition technology platforms and applications expertise to improve nutritional values of food and beverage products in partnership with our customers Deliver on our Kerry Foods Better For You Programme Partner with our customers in sustainable sourcing of strategic ingredients. Achieve Kerry sustainable sourcing targets across our raw material categories Ensure our Supplier Code of Conduct is communicated to all direct suppliers Ensure 100% of high risk supply partners are formalised as members of SEDEX Maintain Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification of all Kerry manufacturing sites Implement Kerry Global Quality Management System (GQMS) and Kerry Foods Manufacturing Standard (KFMS). Certify all plants against an accredited Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standard Maintain SEDEX membership across all Group manufacturing sites Maintain SMETA or equivalent certification across all Kerry Developing Market manufacturing plants Support and partner with International Nutrition Research programmes Achieve Kerry Foods Better For You Programmes' annual goals Progress Kerry sustainable raw material sourcing objectives Promote Health, Nutrition & General Wellness through Kerrys Nutrition Centre of Excellence and the Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute Continue to advance our Origin Green Programme in IrelandPeople Ethics Continue to conduct our business in a responsible and ethical manner and be an employer of choice Through our Code of Conduct we will continue to provide a safe and healthy environment in which to work Continue to embrace diversity and promote inclusion across the Group Drive ethical business practices and compliance to Kerry Code of Conduct Ensure wages are competitive and all labour standards are fair, equitable and meet or exceed local guidelines Embrace diversity across our workforce, our customer base and the communities we serve Continue to improve Health & Safety metrics across all Group sites Promote training and learning opportunities to ensure ongoing development Drive day to day business decisions through our defined Kerry Values Achieve annual target for all Kerry employees to have completed the Kerry Code of Conduct Training through the Learning Academy Ensure compliance with Global Health & Safety Management Systems Achieve a 5% reduction in recognised Global Health & Safety metrics across all sites Promote diversity by building a workplace that is free of prejudice and actively fosters the appreciation of diversity throughout the organisation Continue to advance our Origin Green Programme in IrelandSocial Economic Be a responsible neighbour by driving and supporting outreach initiatives in our local communities Continue to partner with international programmes to alleviate world hunger in developing regions Promote Kerry Community Lead Projects in each region Assist and actively engage people in development programmes in our communities to improve: health and nutrition; entrepreneurship; community development; education, arts and sport; sustainable agriculture Assist NGO Partners with selected projects in the developing world Develop Kerry Community Lead Projects in each region Assist community development programmes in association with Kerry Vanilla Project in Madagascar Formalise community engagement programmes in all our communities through Kerry Community Relations Committees and Community Relations Ambassadors Share Community support best practices through Kerry Community Relations site Formalise support for employee philanthropy programmes Continue to advance our Origin Green Programme in Ireland18Kerry Group Worldwide19Manufacturing FootprintAustraliaBelarusBrazilCanadaChinaCosta RicaDenmarkFranceGermanyGuatemalaIndiaIndonesiaIrelandItalyMalaysiaMexicoNetherlandsNew ZealandPanamaPhilippinesPolandSouth AfricaSouth KoreaSpainThailandTurkeyUKUSAServing our customers needs everyday800+ R&D ScientistsWith expertise across all key disciplines in food science and engineeringBeloitCampinasSan Juan del RioShanghaiSingaporeNaasGlobal and Regional Technology & Innovation CentresManufacturing PlantsSales OfficesNote: as at 31-12-2016Shareholder Analysis20North America 20%UK 16%Europe (excluding UK and Ireland) 15%Rest of World 5%Ireland 3%Institutional AnalysisRetail 27%Kerry Co-operative 14%Institutions 59%Shares in issue at 30 June 2017: 176,114,006


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