Diverse cohorts and barriers to Learning

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Diverse cohorts and barriers to Learning . FSTL14 Johnny Collett. Introduction . There has been a radical diversification of students in higher education in recent decades (Northedge, et al 2003). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Teaching diverse cohorts in terms of experience

Diverse cohorts and barriers to Learning FSTL14 Johnny Collett

Introduction There has been a radical diversification of students in higher education in recent decades (Northedge, et al 2003).

This may present challenges for the teacher to create the conditions needed to motivate all students to engage in learning

Examplep16504 An MSc research methods for:

Applied human nutrition (AHN)

Applied sport and exercise nutrition (ASEN)

P16504Students cohort:

~ 50% split AHN/ASEN

~ 25% international, 75% home/EU

~10% mature students returning to formal education

Content Cultural differences have been shown to impact on student interaction (Beekes, 2006).

However, perhaps the biggest challenge is to engage students with a very different knowledge and experience of a topic:


P16504 Content Statistics:Essential to moduleEssential to whole course!Probably valuable for future careers

Experience of statistics in cohortMedian = Some knowledge of fundamental concepts and testsRange = No understanding - Good understanding

How to engage the entire cohort?

Meeting the challengeBrookfield 4 lenses (Brookfield, 1995)

Autobiographical: Reflection of previous sessions

Students: Module evaluation and individual comments

Colleagues' experiences: Discussion with communities of practice

Theoretical literature: Mapping feedback against conditions that motivate learning Condition (Cornell University, 2012)Implemented after Critically ReflectionStudents see value in course material, learning outcomes, and activities that they can relate to their own lives.

Impress on student the importance of stats to course and the value of understanding to future careers

The course objectives or learning outcomes align with students' interests and goals (academic, career, and social).

Consistently link theory to examples/ situations both AHN & ASEN Learning activities provide opportunities to attain learning outcomes.

A practical session that provides practice of using stats test and a good bases for rest of course. In class activities where student provide appropriate scenarios to apply statistics Assessments are fair and assess what they intend to.

Practical session covers everything that might be required in assessment. Although opportunity given to excel in approach to course work. Insure good feedback

Students are given choices.

Explain to students that some of the session may cover old ground. But advise that there is benefit in going back to basics Students experience the learning environment as supportive

Buddy students with less experience with those with more experience in statsStudents experience success in course activities and assignments

Stats covered at start of module allowing student apply knowledge to later topics and assignments Students know what to expect and what is expected of them.

Poll students on experiences of stats. Show understanding that some have little experience. References Beekes, W . (2006) The 'Millionaire' method for encouraging participation. Active Learning in Higher Education. Vol 7 (25): 25-36

Brookfield, S. (1995) Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher. San-Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Cornell University Centre of Teaching Excellence (2013) Increasing Student Participation. Available at: http://www.cte.cornell.edu/teaching-ideas/engaging-students/increasing-student-participation.html [Accessed: 20. Feb 2014]

Northedge, A. (2003) Rethinking teaching in the context of Diversity. Teaching in Higher Education. Vol 8 (1): 17-32



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