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Interactive Business Review

Iron Mountain Protects and Preserves Data through its complete Lifecycle


~$11 Billion in Damages312 twisters, 7 states, 226 occurred within a 24-hour periodTornado Outbreak - April 25, 2011

#National Weather Service tracked in that 3-day period tornadoes across 7 states including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, New York and Canada.2

Hurricane Sandy - October 29, 2012

$20 Billion Affected 24 statesEstimated insured lossesSecond only to Hurricane KatrinaWall Street Journal, Nov. 2, 2012

#Hurricane Sandy

For One/Fourth of the United States --- Hurricane Sandy Was Not a Dress Rehearsal

Almost a week prior, the National Weather Service was projecting major flooding along the eastern seaboardFederal, state and local officials readied their emergency preparedness plansBusinesses and Residents in low-lying flood areas were advised to evacuate

And still no one truly EXPECTED the amount of damage that was left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

According to the Wall Street Journal (3days ago) The estimates Hurricane Sandy may cost the insurance industry up to $20 billion, a tally that would put last week's devastating storm second only to 2005's Katrina for insured losses, according to a new damage estimate.


Data RecoveryAre you Prepared?



Are You Prepared for the Worse Case?






COMPLIANCEBackup windowsRecovery timesReliabilityOffsite redundancyResource burdensDowntime protectionBut is your backup working hard enough for you?


Businesses Demand Sub 24-Hour RecoverySource: Gartner GroupBackup wont get you sub-24 hour recovery!

#Gartner survey resultsToday more than ever faster recovery times are required to keep businesses profitable and compliant with industry regulations.The results of a survey conducted by Gartner uncovered the following results:Roughly 60% of all companies responded that they require 24 hours of less recovery times for their key systems, applications and dataThese increasingly aggressive recovery time requirements are the catalyst behind the evolution in data protection and disaster recovery technology


Upgrading DR is Key Priority for CIOs

#7Forrester Research Group Forrsights Budgets

The evolution of Backup storage



Reliable and inexpensive Large data setsLong term retentionOff lineStringent RTO and RPOBusiness continuityHigh Availability

ConvenientCentralized Fully managed options

Tape StrategiesDisk StrategiesCloud StrategiesWith Iron Mountain, you have secure data protection and preservation solutions to meet your specific needsIRM is completely technology agnostic



Tape Lifecycle Management


MonitorConsultingTest/RecoverDisaster Recovery SupportDestroySecure Media Destruction

Manage OnsiteManaged CareRotate OffsiteOffsite Tape VaultingBackup CareMediaCareDedicated Transport

RelocateLibrary MovesAuditTape Identification Library AuditMigrateMedia MigrationRestoreArchive Tape MgmtData Restoration

SecureSyncWeb Portal


Tape lifecycle management requires a range of strategies, from design to data destruction. Iron Mountain simplifies the process by bringing expertise and considerable experience to the task.

We help you manage the system you've put in place by providing onsite rotation of tapes, offsite tape vaulting, dedicated transportation, and system monitoring. Also, if you need to relocate your library, Iron Mountain helps you move securely and confidently.

When you need to access your data, our disaster recovery support, tape identification, library audit, media migration, data restoration abilities, and SecureSyncour web portal access make the process streamlined and simple. The last stage of the tape lifecycle, secure media destruction, is a vital one that we help you build into your overall tape management.

By creating a reliable, effective lifecycle management system, you can harness the power of tape management, with cost-effectiveness and clarity.

The IRM Lifecycle ApproachIRON MOUNTAIN SECURE DATA PROTECTION AND PRESERVATION SERIVCESBuild a low cost storage and protection strategy for inactive data

Know what you have, and protect what mattersCreate a centralized, scalable and secure backup and recovery strategy for critical dataSecurely destroy your assets the right way, reduce risk and meet your compliance needs

#Host your equipment in a cost effective, highly secure Iron Mountain Data CenterIntegrate your existing backup system into the Iron Mountain Cloud Backup Archive (Cloud backup Integration, IaaS) (future)

Replace or Supplement your existing backup system with a proven Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS)Eliminate management of your backup system with a fully managed turn key Backup as a Service (BaaS) (future)You have options, HIRE Iron Mountain

You can:

IRM Approach



Backup Redesign ProjectYou have OPTIONS Integrate or Build a new DP strategy

Iron Mountain Data Center

Customer Data CenterPrimary Disk


Customer Remote Facility

Tape or network

Data Center Services/ Cloud DR as a Service

Iron Mountain Tape Vaulting and Restoration Services

Managed BackupCloud Backup IntegrationServers

Media ServerBackup DiskBackup Disk Tape System

Backup ManagementBackup Server

Cloud SaaSIRM Approach



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