DNA Replication What is it? How does it happen? Why does it happen?

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DNA ReplicationWhat is it?How does it happen?Why does it happen?What are the major functions of DNA?Controls our cellular activitiesDetermines our traits Protein SynthesisDNA Structure ReviewDouble HelixBase PairsDNA ReplicationDefine Replication:A copy or reproductionHow does the structure of DNA allow for replication to occur?Each strand of DNA has all the information needed to reconstruct the other halfStrands are called ComplementaryDNA Replication:The Process1. Special enzymes move along the DNA strands unwinding and unzipping the DNA 2. Other enzymes add new nucleotides to create the two new strands from each original strand of DNA3. The two DNA molecules wind up How do these new nucleotides line up?Where do the free floating nucleotides come from?Our digestive and circulatory systems!Nucleic Acids are digested into individual nucleotides and transported to body cells(Vegetables and Dairy)The Final ProductTwo identical DNA strands each has one old strand and one new strandSemi-ConservativeWhy do we need two sets of genetic information?CELL DIVISION!!!Lets Review Replication!DNA Replication Animation


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