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  • Do You Need Capital to Start

    Your Own Business?

    These five tactics will help you

  • This business course is brought to you by the;

  • Preface

    You are about to read a business course that can change your financial life forever.

    Dont stop until you read the last word.

    This is the free section on this Business Training on How to Get Capital

    And you see, you need to read this free section and if you are the same person after reading, then the full version of this training is a fraud.

    But if after reading this free version you have learned many wonderful tactics on how to get capital, then, the full version of this training will change your financial life completely because it will teach you A-Z of the skill you need to get capital.

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  • Introduction

    If you are just starting out in the business world or you are having a small business, which is the best place to get capital?

    The best, simplest and easiest way to get capital to start or expand your business is to know how to get it from people, not from organizations.

    This is because organizations like banks and cooperative society will always demand collateral (or something related)

    Because you are just starting, or having small business, you may not be able to get capital you need from organizations; banks, cooperative societies etc because you do not have collateral

    That is the reason why in this course, we will be teaching you how to get capital from people, not a formal organization.

    Good enough, there is enough capital all around you, if you know how to get it.

    Let get inside

  • New Age; New Law of


  • You and I are at a critical time in the history of mankind.

    We are at a point of radical changes and unprecedented economic terror.

    We are at a point of unusual financial crisis.

    What was ones the way to prosperity (i.e. getting good job), is no more a wise way to walk.

    What was, in the past, a glorious achievement (i.e. being a university graduate, being a doctor or a lawyer) is now an ordinary attainment.

    Because of this drastic change in our life and economy, most people have been pushed into unemployment, poverty, and hardship.

    So many people work too hard and earn too little. Some people who earn good salary don't love their jobs.

    So without doubt, the whole world is crying.

    These tears have forced so many people to start thinking in a different direction.

    Most people have now realized that the way to prosperity in this era of ours is to be an entrepreneur.

    Not long as men and women discover this truth do they come in contact with another mighty mountain.

    How Will I Get Capital?

  • This question is the most often asked question by many intending entrepreneurs.

    The good news is that, capital is never scarce.

    Capital is so much in the world that I can like capital to water.

    I know

    I know

    I know someone may want to disagree with me.

    Someone will ask who are you and what gut do you have to claim that capital isn't scarce?

    Well, Im Stephen Afolabi

    I am an entrepreneur, an author of five business books, a motivational speaker and a business consultant.

    I am the CEO of the Africa Business Classroom (ABC).

    Africa Business Classroom is an organization (started since September, 2007) with the mission To Train One Million Africans to be Entrepreneurs.

    We now have our students in 13 African countries.

  • If you've joined and have become a student of the Africa Business Classroom, you sure know a little about me and what we are doing at the ABC.

    (If you have not become a student of the Africa Business Classroom, get our second free book and join the Business Classroom by following this link:

    Caution: If you have joined the ABC before, don`t follow the above link because our system will discover that you are already in).

    If you know my story you'll know that I was born by a cocoa farmer in a village called Oyi-adio, Osun State, Nigeria.

    You might as well know that I was born a sickly boy, praying for death because I was born with a strange genotype (SC).

    What you might have also known about me is that I started my first business at the age of 15.

    How did I get capital to start a business as a boy of only age 15?

    Well, let me tell you. I didn't ask my father for capital, nor did I tell any of my family members that I wanted to start a business (because they won't allow me, they wanted me to be a professor).

    The tactics similar to the one I used to get capital at age 15 is very much available for men and women who are 25/30 years old today, but they don't know about it.

    Why don't they know?

  • If truly capital is plenty in the world, why are most people unable to get it?

    I won't answer your question.

    I will instead ask you some questions.

    Why are we buying water?

    Why are people dying of thirst?

    Since you and I know that water is so much on earth that its covers more than 70% of the earth surface, shouldn't we wonder why we're still paying for water?

    Think about that.

    Certain thing (water) that is too much is at the same time so scarce that we are paying to get it.

    This happens because something is wrong (don't let me go further into this theory about water so we can concentrate on the reason why you're reading this business course).

    Why can't people get capital to start business of their own?

    Because they lack the knowledge of how to get it.

    I did not only get capital from people around me, I get capital from total strangers.

    I didn't just get capital at age 15; I get capital again, again and again, till this day.

  • In fact, as at the time of writing this course, there are three different men who are willing to support my business with their resources while I told them, "hold on please".

    Why do I tell people to hold on when they are willing to support my business with capital?

    Because capital is plenty.

    If you will allow me to show you the simple tactics you can apply to get capital, you will get to a point where people will be calling (almost begging) you to accept their resources for your business.

    No magic is involved.

    It happens to Dangote.

    It's happening to me.

    It will happen to you if you learn how to play this game.

    Let's move on as I will give you five tactics!

  • First,

    Getting Capital the Way You Get a


    About six years after I have been studying every aspect of

    entrepreneurship, I discovered that the same tactics we men are using to

    woo ladies (and which ladies are using to attract men) are the same tactics

    the smart entrepreneurs are using to get all of the capital they need.

  • That is why in this business course, I will be relating getting capital with getting a girl you love.

    Since love affairs between men and women are practical (and exciting) life`s situation all of us can relate with, you are going to enjoy this training (both the free version and the full version) You will not only enjoy this training, it will change your financial life forever.

    How Do You Get a Girl?

    Do you know, Getting a lady's heart is weighty an achievement than getting capital?

    This is because a lady's heart is her life, if you get it you've gotten ALL she has.

    Who on Earth don't know that a human life is far expensive than all the resources on Earth?

    You think about it!

    When a lady decides to give her heart to you, she's simply saying, "I give you my life".

    Now examine it.

    There are some fundamental processes that lead you to getting a lady's heart isn't it?

    What if we can apply the same creativity that allows us to get ladies into getting capital?

    Yes, we can!

  • Now you're wondering, but Stephen (some people will say) getting a lady is easy, but getting capital is very hard.

    You see, for a chicken, walking on the ground is easy, but flying is very difficult.

  • Come to think about it. Chicken has wings, but she cannot fly.


    She was never trained to fly.

    Eagle on the other hand does a diligent work of training his children how to fly.

    The major problem we have in today's world (the problem of unemployment and poverty) is caused by school school that keeps children busy for 18 years and teaches them nothing about how to be financially free.

    I hate school because school doesn't train children to use what they have to get what they need. (Dont let me go into that here).

    Once again I tell you. If any man can get a lady's heart, such a man can get capital to start a business.

    Why did I say this?

    Because the same Art and creativity is involved in getting a lady's heart and getting business capital.

    Many men who are reading this business course have gotten three, five ladies in the past.

    Many women who will be reading this course know how to entice, attract and get men into their lives.

    If you ever got a lady, I tell you, you can get enough of capital.

  • If you're so confident (just as many of us are), that you can go out NOW and win a lady's heart, if you know what it takes to attract men to you, and then you can go out and win capital now.

    When I say now, I mean NOW.

    Hey, Im not writing these words to you as a writer (though I am).

    I'm not writing these words to you as a motivational speaker (though I am).

    I am writing these words to you as a DOER of this act, as a practitioner of this tactics.

    Listen to me.

    I have (not once or twice) met strangers and get capital from them, I mean total stranger.

    No magic is involved.

    I simply applied the same tactics men use to get ladies, to getting capital.

    The two wings an eagle has and uses to fly are the same two wings a chicken has, but she cannot fly.

  • It's a pity.

  • Why can't chicken fly and keep flying?

    She's never trained to use what she has.

    The same methods men use to woo ladies and women to attract men are the same methods they can use to get capital.

    But why aren't people using their "wings" to fly?

    They were never trained to do so.

    Now let's go deeper and practical.

    Let's identify three major tactics you use to get ladies' heart and Ill teach you how to use the same tactics to get capital.

    Ready to go?

  • Use Surplus Tactics

    Men walk around in their untold pride.

  • They call ladies and speak with all confidence.

    Their non-verbal communication is, "com' on girl, date me now because there are too many ladies around".

    Men rely on this tactic a lot and use it to their advantage (even though it's a lie).

    Is it true that ladies are too much?

    Not really, at least, our population census doesnt paint such horrible picture as we believe.

    Let's apply this tactic into getting Capital.

    The first thing you must register in your mind as an entrepreneur is that capital is plenty.

    The truth is capital is plenty.

    If you have this mindset, it will show in your attitude as you approach people (even strangers) for the capital you need to start your business.

    This is psychologically contagious.

    It is like a charm.

    When people perceive that you have options, they wish (and sometime beg) you to choose them

    That's what happen with ladies (even good ones that men never wanted to lose), because they perceive that you have numerous

  • Options to choose from, they wish (and pray) that they are the only option for you.

    Jim Carter (America president) has a loan expert who used this tactic to borrow money for Jim than any other US president

    (Were not talking of bank loan here, just to cite an example).

    When you approach people who you know are having the resources you need to start your business, use surplus tactics and they will find it difficult to lose you.

    Let's see how it works.

    I needed capital for my business sometimes ago.

    After I have identified the few resources I had and others I needed, I didn't have any need to worry (because I know capital is plenty).

    I didn't speak with friends or family.

    I dressed up and walked out.

    What did I intend to do?

    I wanted to approach some (targeted) people, yes, people who never knew me, share my business vision with them and convince them to support me with their recourses

    To cut a long story short, I walked into a man's office (in Osogbo, the capital city of Osun state, Nigeria) his name is Mr. Ola.

    I greeted him and introduced myself.

  • After discussing my business vision and how I wanted him to partner with me with this man, his statement was, "I want to be part of your success".

    I won him!

    Don't get me wrong here.

    I'm not trying to impress you that it is as simple as ABC, but at least, it is like XYZ.

    It's not a magical thing, but it is possible.

    How I did it, someone will ask.

    I talked with him with surplus tactic.

    I didn't show him I was desperate.

    I injected some phrases and clauses in my discussion with him that showed him that I know what Im doing and I had options.

  • Note; you are not lying here, you are simply being confident.

    Wherever someone notices that you have options about what you're asking him, you've won 50% of the battle.

    The remaining 50% lies on you convincing her that you won't "break her heart". Lol.

    I know you got that!

    Use Surplus


  • Don't Approach a Lesbian

  • It won't work.

    You need a lover (as a man) you now call a lesbian (a lady who loves to make love with other ladies) and try to woo her.

    You're wasting your time.

    Let's apply this to getting capital.

    Don't approach anyone who apparently doesnt have the business resources you need.

    Yes, sometimes you won't know whether a lady is a normal lady or a lesbian, but as soon as you know, draw back.

    You may sometimes try to get capital from someone who doesn't have it.

    Don't cry.

    Simply see him/her as a lesbian.

    Move on.

    Some people who are just starting out in business do attempt to approach banks or other financial institutions.

    I also made this mistake some years ago, so I understand.

    This may not work for you because collateral and financial records are always required by banks and other lending institutions.

  • Will someone just starting out in business have collateral?

    Will he have financial records?

    Probably no

    So if you're just starting out in business, bank is a lesbian to you.

    That's why the intention of this business course is to teach you how to get all the capital you need, without bank.

    Don't Try to Woo a Lesbian!

  • Don't Beg; Persuade

  • Do you beg a lady if you want to win her heart?

    The major error the potential entrepreneurs commit is to beg their rich relatives, friends or colleagues for capital they need to start business.

    This seems logical since we were raised to beg.

    As a little child, you had to beg mummy, ``please, buy me toy``

    As you were growing up, you always beg people around you,

    ``please, give me $5`` ``please, dont beat me`` etc

    That is the reason why, even as adult, you have the tendency of begging wherever you need someones help.

    I am here to tell you, you dont have to beg to get capital.

    In fact, begging will make it near impossible for you to get capital.

    I will tell you the reason why.

    You see, wherever you beg someone for anything, you are appealing to his "mercy sense".

    You want him to be merciful with you.

    You want him to have mercy on you.

    Now let me tell you (if you have not known before) human beings are not merciful.

  • Quote me.

    Human beings are not merciful.

    That's why you see people crying, "I pleaded with my uncle to give me capital. He has money, but he didn't give"

    "I begged my friend to borrow me capital. He has this money, but he didn't give".

    Whose fault?

    Your fault


    Because you were begging them

    You were appealing to their sense of mercy.

    Again I tell you, human beings are not merciful.

    If you think I am exaggerating this issue, let me prove this with some real life examples.

    When you approach a lady and ask her to give you her heart, does she give you her heart because you beg her, or because she has mercy on you?


    She is not merciful.

    She gives you her heart only because you appeal to her sense of interest or what I call "her greedy zone"

  • Imagine a helpless, dirty, blind 31 years old man kneeling down in front of a beautiful 27 years old lady and begging her, saying "please Rose, marry me. Have mercy on me. I need a wife. Please marry me"

    Will Rose marry him?

    You know the answer.

    Rose will walk away

  • Why?

    Because human beings are not merciful!

    You don't need to beg anyone for capital.

    Permit me to prove this further to you.

    When you were a little child, your mother took diligent care of you and your father paid your school fees.

    What do you think?

    Did they do this because they were merciful?

    Did they do this for you, to please you?


    Mothers carry pregnancies and nurse babies (even when it is difficult for them) not because they are merciful, but because it gives THEM joy.

    (That's why most women will never be happy if they don't have children).

    It's about THEM (their happiness), not about the children.

    Your father didn't pay your school fees because he loved you (though he loves you) he paid your school fees because paying it gave him a sense of joy.

  • Him, not you

    Have you observed this?

    Most parents see parenting as farmers see planting.

    They will say, "I must take care of these children now, so as for them to take care of me when I am old".

    Just as farmer will say, ``I will labour on this farm now, so as it will give me harvest in the next three months``

    It's all because of themselves

    I hope you're now getting what I am saying?

    Human beings are by nature, selfish.

    Human beings are not merciful.

    (I used example of parents here not because I intend to pull you against your loving dad and mum, but because I want what Im explaining to sink inside your brain).

    What I am teaching you will be of great use to you on your dream to get capital (and other things in life).

    You will be magnetic to capital, if you understand these tactics Im teaching you.

    For you to understand perfectly well what I am emphasizing here, let me give you one more example.

    When you see a car that is involved in a road accident, you'll see people rushing to help the victims.

  • Are these people merciful?

    Not always.

    This is what happens.

    In human brains, there is a part that contains cells which neurosurgeons call Mirror-neurons

    Mirror-neurons are those cells in your brain that is responsible for transferring what is happening to another person into your brain.

    It works like a mirror.

    That is why if you see someone crying in blood (or any other agony), you pity him, your mind is troubled, your whole body receives the (imaginary) pains through your Mirror-neurons

    This "pains" is what push people (in most cases) to help accident victims, children in need or beggars.

    Tell me, why do people cry after watching some horrible scenes in movies?

    They know it's a movie, so why do they cry?

    Their Mirror-neurons influence them to cry.

    When people see someone who is dead, you see them crying.

    Why do they cry?

    Because they pity the dead man?

  • Most times no.

    They cry because their Mirror-neurons transfer the pains of death into their brains, this crushes their emotion and tears flow.

    Why do people give beggars their hard-earned money?

    The same factor Im explaining.

    Mirror-neurons` pains (and not mercy) is what is responsible for most of the "goodness" you see human beings doing.

    Because human beings are not merciful, that's why you must not BEG them for mercy.

    I am sure you are an adult, so you wont misinterpret me.

    I am not encouraging you to be tough with people, nor am I saying human beings are evil.

    (Of course, those who are (true) children of God are different, because of Christ in them)

    Should we conclude that you must never beg human beings for anything?


    Get me right.

    There are some highly emotional issues that people will rush to help you.

  • Take for instance, someone sick and dying, someone caught by the police and about to be sentenced, someone in school who wants to pay school fees, etc.

    In these cases, your appeal can easily touch people's Mirror-neurons then, they'll pity you.

    But not when you want to progress like or more than them!

    You think about it.

    If you want to bury your mother, you're likely to see someone to borrow you money than if you want to do wedding.

    If you are in school and need to pay #200,000 school fees, your family members are likely to get it for you than if you ask them #100,000 to start a business.


    I have told you the answer above.

    You cannot cry enough to transfer your pains into people's brain when it comes to getting capital from them because it has to do with success.

    Don't beg people for capital, ask them for it.

    Persuade them the way you will persuade a lady.

    Influence them the way you will influence a lady.

    Convince them the way you will convince a lady.

  • If you do this, you will ALWAYS have capital, just as you can always have ladies

    (Im not saying ladies are cheap, Im only saying we men know how to get them)

    This point is very important.

    That's why there is a need for emphasis.

    Writing this business course, I know I am not writing to people who could walk into Zenith Bank and negotiate for $1million (one million dollars) capital.

    I also know that many who are reading this are not capable of getting capital from Cooperative societies or even micro-finance banks.

    However, I know everybody who is willing to acquire the knowledge requires to get capital can get enough of it that they need.

    How then can you get capital as a person just starting out in business?

    From blood and flesh, from human beings.

    How then do you get capital from human beings?

    By begging them?


    Instead, by influencing them, by persuading them, by showing them the reasons why they have to give you capital.

  • Dont Beg People for Capital, Persuade Them and They Will

    Willingly Give You

  • Dont Allow Your Background to Keep You on the Ground

  • The famous excuse for most Africa young people is, "government is bad that's why I am unemployed"

    The next popular excuse is, "I was born in a poor family. I have no one to give me capital".

    I laugh.

    I laugh because I know people who are saying this are dump and deaf.

    I laugh because many times I have gotten capital from total STRANGERS.

    What will you say, if you meet a 32 years old single man who tells you, "I want to marry but there are not beautiful ladies in my town, that's why I can't marry"?


    It's not funny. His real problem is that he cannot woo a lady.

    So many genuine men of age 35 are writing to the internet, newspaper and radio that they need a wife.

    What do you think about such men?

    To them, ladies are so scarce.

    Your background cannot pull your back on the ground.

    I was not only born poor (by a cocoa farmer), I was born sickly.

    I spent my first 17 years praying for death

  • In fact, I started my first business at age 15 when I was still sickly

    Being born poor isn't an excuse for not getting capital to start your own business.

    Well, you've made enough of excuses; the time is now ripe for you to take action, to start your own business.

    You see everything you've read so far in this little business course is just a "taste of the soup".

    We have worked very hard to reveal to you (in detail), everything and tactics you need to know if you want to get all of the capital you need to start a business.

    This has been arranged into 3-day online business training.

    This training is in two formats; Audio (MP3) and Reading (PDF)

    You will get this training through your email address

    Through this training, you will be taught how you can use the same tactics you are using to woo ladies to get capital.

    Can everybody learn how to get capital through this business training? No. If we claim that everybody can get capital, I simply want to steal your money.

    If you have never woo a girl all your life or you don`t know how to attract men to your life, no joke, the tactics we want to teach you cannot work for you.

  • It simply means that you are a coward or a teenager. We don`t have interest in taking your money away from you.

    Thank you.

    However, if you are an adult man or woman who know how to woo or attract the opposite sex into his/her life, then, congrats because I can teach you how to get capitalenough to start your own business. And to appreciate you for your time for reading the free version of this training, we are giving you a discount of #2,500 on this training. Your discount code is HR (Please write and save this discount code to your phone) This discount code is not in public, so please don`t give it to anyone Send this discount code (HR) along with your name and email address and you will not pay the actual price of this training. Instead, you will save #2, 500 Your discount code (HR) is effective between 8:00 am Monday, 27


    October to 6:45 pm, Wednesday 5th


    Please go to;

  • The above page alone has some things to teach you, so you need to read and learn from it.

    Click here

  • Instead of paying the public price of this training, make use of this

    opportunity to save #2,500 by using your discount code (HR)


  • NOTE;

    If the above link is not going, simply check your email now and

    you will see a link that lead to the same page where we talk about

    this training.

    Go through that link.

    As long as you register and send your private discount code to us

    before it expires, you will still be allowed to pay at a discount.

    Or call the ABC CEO on 07038381171

    Thank You

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