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dovetail(cognizant) preperation dumps for helpdesk


1. What does Tcp/IP support? a. Modem dial up b. Token ring c. Ethernet d. NWLink (TCP/IP is a set of protocols developed to allow cooperating computers to share resources across a network) 2. Token rings use hubs as connectivity devices? Yes(Physically, a token ring network is wired as a star, with 'hubs' and arms out to each station and the loop going out-and-back through each.)3. What of the following file system for file and folder level permission? NTFS 4. Choose one of the following steps to resolve the Winsock error1. Go to Start > Programs > GraphiCode FLEXlm Server > LMTools Server Diagnostics. 2. From the main tab of the LMTools Server Diagnostic dialog, check Configuration Using Services:3. Click on the Start/Stop/ReRead tab and click on the Stop Server button ( Stopping Server will be displayed at the bottom of the dialog; it s also possible that the message Cannot Stop Server appears). Click on the Start Server button ( Server Starting will be displayed at the bottom of the dialog):4. Click on the Server Status tab and click the Perform Status Enquiry button. The details should display that the Vendor Daemon is up and running (gcflexm: UP v7.0) and that a total of x licenses are available to be checked out:5. VPN connections provide end end security and doesn t provide security between the client and VPN server True or False (A VPN connection protects your information between your applications and the VPN serveritself. It does not provide complete end-to-end security)6. Exchange server 2003 routing groups can be connected to another.a. Using cal connectors b. Using SMTP c. Using routing groups d. X.400 connections(Routing groups are generally created for one of two reasons:y yTo accommodate varying network connectivity across servers. To restrict the usage of a connector to users in a particular area. For more information about using routing groups to restrict connector use, see Understanding Connector Scope and Restrictions.) 7. Domain function level s/p only winNT 4.0 & win 2003 server DC a. Mixedmode b. Win 2003 c. Win 2003 interim 8. Which is the correct step for 2000 perform AD restore operation? a. Copy SYSVOL & NETLOGON to restore folders from CD b. Open backup utility>advanced mode link c. Open backup restore > start restore > ok (During a typical file restore operation, Microsoft Windows Backup operates in nonauthoritativerestore mode. In this mode, Windows Backup restores all files, including Active Directory objects, with their original Update Sequence Number (USN) or numbers. The Active Directory replication system uses the USN to detect and replicate changes to Active Directory to all the domain controllers on the network. All data that is restored nonauthoritatively appears to the Active Directory replication system as old data. Old data is never replicated to any other domain controllers. The Active Directory replication system updates the restored data with newer data from other domain controllers. Performing an authoritative restore resolves this issue.)9. Domain function level allows addition of win 2000 and win 2003 DC s a. Win server 2003 interim b. Windows 2000 mixed mode c. Win server native mode d. Win server 2003 10. How can an exchange be configured as a front end server? a. POP 3,IMAP 2,HTTP 5b. POP 3,IMAP 4,HTTP 1 c. POP 3, IMAP 4,STMP d. POP 3,SMTP,IMAP 1-4 11. What will you do when you get an error message Invalid media type a. Chkdsk b. c. Format d. Diagnostic ("Invalid media type reading drive C"You're booting off the Win98 boot floppy & at the A:\> prompt, attempting to format, correct?A:\>format C:Then pressing [Enter] ?) 12. What is the logical component used to link multiple domain trees? a. Forests b. Servers c. Domain Controllers d. WAN link 13. You are about to install second IPE which has only one adaptor. Your first hard drive will still be boot drive. a. As a secondary b. As a master c. As a slave d. As a primary 14. Site Site VPN connect geographically dispersed sites True or False 15. Tabs in service properties a. General b. Depen(Sorry not sure what s the option) c. Logond. Recovery 16. Steps to delete existing storage groups?a. Start Exchange System Manager. b. Expand Administrative Groups, expand the administrative group that you want, and then expand Servers. c. Click the server that you want, and then right-click Recovery Storage Group in the right pane. d. Click Delete, and then click Yes. 1. Open ADU&C. 2. Open the user's properties. 3. Make sure that the user is in Domain Admins and Administrators group. 4. Open Exchange Server Manager. 5. Right click (Exchange) and click Delegate control. 6. Click Next and click Add. 7. Add the user and grant "Exchange Full Administrator" permission. 8. Logoff the Administrator and logon as the user. 9. You will be able to remove the RSG store now. You can refer to below steps to delete the RSG.17. Internet connections firewall can be enabled in Internet connection sharing(ICS) .. False 18. Toplevel domain in http://www.mail.cognizant .com a. b. Cognizant c. www 19. What hardware and software will support plug and play concept?Personal computers have revolutionized the way people work. Today, PCs are being used in a wide range of settings and have become the primary business tool. Small and large companies are using PCs to automate routine tasks through productivity applications, and to solve complex business problems through customized, vertical market applications. Personal computer networks have enabled companies to work together and communicate more efficiently, bringing office productivity to new levels. Furthermore, as hardware technology has advanced, PCs have become both more powerful and less expensive, accelerating their adoption on a worldwide basis. The widespread adoption of the Microsoft Windows operating system has gone hand in hand with the advances in hardware technology. This corresponding advance in the personal computer operating system has enabled a new class of graphical applications that are easier to use and offer greater benefits to users. Additionally, new computer peripherals including CD-ROM, sound and full-motion video devices have further enhanced the potential of PCs, both in the office and in the home.20. LDAP search filters cant be modified in default recipient policy True or False 21. Which of the following will connect cable modem to a wireless router a. Wirelessly b. Coaxial c. Ring cable d. Twisted pair22. What is cryptography?Everyone has secrets; some have more than others. When it becomes necessary to transmit those secrets from one point to another, it's important to protect the information while it's in transit. Cryptography presents various methods for taking legible, readable data, and transforming it into unreadable data for the purpose of secure transmission, and then using a key to transform it back into readable data when it reaches its destination.23. Post error code of 6XX indicates a problem with the ----------Floppy drive 24. Which of the following are new facilities included in Win SP3 that are not included in SP2? 25. Where will you check the exchange server database last successful backup? 26. What is the command to give IP address detail in Win95 operating system? 27. How will you create partition in Win SP2? 28. What is DSL?DSL (digital subscriber line) technologies, often grouped under the term DSL, connect a computer to the Internet. DSL uses existing copper pair phone line wiring in conjunction with special hardware on the switch and user ends of the line. This special hardware allows for a continuous digital connection over the phone lines.29. What is FRU?pronounced as separate letters) Short for field-replaceable unit, a generic term used to describe any hardware device, or more commonly a part or component of a device or system, that easily can be replaced by a skilled technician without having to send the entire device or system to be repaired. The name implies that the unit can be replaced in the field (i.e., at the user s location).30. Correct steps to create the recipient policy?Recipient Policies are decidedly tricky to configure. The two secrets are, make sure you have a filter, and remember to right click, then 'Apply this policy now'.Creating the Recipient Policy is the easy part. Just navigate to the Recipient Policies folder, right click then select: New. Once the new policy arrives, select the E-mail Addresses tab, click New and then SMTP address. Example Consider an email address: Here is an example of the logic that Exchange 2003 uses to define the left part of the email address. Exchange takes a user account alias, guyt in our example, the recipient policy then calculates the left side of the @, e.g. guyt@. and adds it to the domain name As I mentioned earlier, Exchange set the left part of the email address = logonName. So you may wish to change this format with one or more of these clever variables. For example, to build the displayName from the first 3 letters of the firstname added to the first 4 letters of the last name. The secret of custom SMTP addresses is to control this family of % variables: %g = givenName. %s = sn (Last name). %4s = means first four letters of sn. %d = displayname. %m = Exchange alias. Example: translates to = Where can you see these actual email addresses? Open Active Directory Users and Computers, select the user, properties tab and the Exchange e-mail tab.31. The system shows less memory than actual memory. How to fix it?Click Start, type System in the Search box, and then click System under Programs. Double-click System in Control Panel. Click Start, right-click Computer, and then click Properties. Click Show more details in the Windows Vista Welcome Center window.32. Right options to create a user account in Winxp?Creating a user accounts is easy: Control Panel, User Accounts, Create a new Account. Next you are asked to create an Administrator account or an user account with limited rights. If there is no need for the new user to be an Administrator, it seems wise to create a user account with limited rights. This can cause many troubles setting up the account, because of the limited rights, I advise to create an Administrator account. If needed you can always change this setting later by going back to the user account settings in the Control Panel.33. Sensitive data security is undoubtedly a major issue in VPN True or False 34. How will you start disk management service? 35. What is the primary function of DNS server?36. The most basic tasks of DNS is to translate hostnames to IP address True or False 37. Which of the backup type purge committed transaction logs after successful completion of backup process? 38. VPN offers inbuilt virus protection True or False 39. Which layer in the Active directory is present according to the OSI reference model? 40. How to create a child domain? 41. Can FAT 32 be converted to FAT 16? 42. What are the steps to convert FAT 32 to FAT 16? 43. Types of storage limit [Check box question]Subscribe to this listing via:RSS EmailWhite Papers, Webcasts, and Downloads 44. IRQ use how many address? a. 16 b. 64 c. 32 d. 8 45. Is the create password reset disk available in Win XP? 46. What is the usage of chk-dsk command? 47. Type of trust which allows the users to access resources in unidirectional way to create a forest root domain? 48. Problem for 8 beeps? 49. Permission allows users to read and send messages in mailbox? 50. Types of restores in AD? 51. How does security concern in DSL/cable is handled? 52. What is virus? 53. Expand ISPN 54. Recommended method of restoring and backup AD database 55. Can printer be shared in Microsoft win SP2? 56. Define VPN connection 57. Goal of ICF?58. What happens when replication enabled option is selected? 59. Which info contains in system state backup info stored in Public folder? 60. How to create users account in Win XP? 61. Procedure to grant permission for creating a top-level public folder? 62. Packet filtering is needed in order to enhance security of VPN server True or False 63. Which domain functional level support only win2003? 64. How to delete a partition of a logical drive? 65. What is the logical structure of a AD forest? 66. Tracks of HDD are further divided into? 67. What kind of connectors does analog modem use? a. RJ 45 b. RJ 11 c. BNC d. SCSI 68. We set windows firewall in WIN XP OS without SP2. True or False 69. What cmd is used to reset the Winsock state? 70. What are the functions of VPN? 71. What are the functions of DNS server? 72. In which hierarchy AD forest is built? a. Down top b. Top Down c. Forest d. Tree 73. What type of trust configured between 2 domains provides a one way access? a. 2 way external b. Internal c. Simple d. One way incoming for external trust 74. File system that allows File and Folder level permission? a. Fat 16 b. Fat 32 c. NTFSd. Fat 75. How do you create a public folder? a. None b. At the time of the installation c. You can create only through e mail client d. Installation cd 76. Which of the following will connect a cable modem to a wireless router? a. Coaxial b. Wirelessly c. Cat5 cable d. Serial 77. Which of the following in exchange server 2003 allows you to create a public folder? a. AD users and computers b. OWA c. ESM d. None 78. What is the expansion of NAT? 79. What is the expansion of GAL? 80. What is the expansion of DNS? 81. Protocol used to resolve Netbios name to IP address? 82. What are the ways to Implement and Config DNS a. Forward look up b. Dummy DNS c. Naming Schema d. Reverse look up 83. What are the components of VPN? 84. Default domain functional & most functional interim of DC a. Win 2003 interim b. win 2003 c. Mixed mode d. Native mode. 85. Unable to establish VPN.a. Account lock b. A/c disable (Sorry forgot the other options)86. Tracks on HDD are divided into. 87. ISDN? 88. If there is no boot in PC? First what will you check. 89. Is VPN inbuilt security? (Yes/ No). 90. What are all will be available in service pack? 91. What command is used to configure ip address in win 95 OS. 92. What is the command to reset Winsock stake? 93. Mouse stops working even after restarting the machine. ? What will you check first? 94. Enable message tracking in exchange 2003. 95. Address does IRQ have? 96. What are the types of restore in AD? 97. How will u create Global Address List? 98. NAT? network address translation 99. Types of limit. 100. Default letter where primary/ secondary drive store (Not the real question). 101. CD- ROMS are read only by ? 102. Antimalware is a ? 103. DSL/Cable handle a. Installation of anti virus b. Installation of data filter c. Installation of firewall d. Installation of routers. 104. What cmd is used to find IP address along with MAC address? a. Ipconfig/All b. Ipconfig/ Show c. IP config d. none 105. Advantages of NTFS.There are someWindows 2000 operating system features that require NTFS. Faster access speed. NTFS minimizes the number of disk accesses required to find a file. File and folder security. On NTFS volumes, you can set file permissions on files and folders that specify which groups and users have access to them, and what level of access is permitted. NTFS file and folder permissions apply both to users working at the computer where the file is stored and to users accessing the file over the network when the file is in a shared folder. With NTFS you can also set share permissions that operate on shared folders in combination with file and folder permissions. Windows 2000 can format volumes up to 2 terabytes in size with NTFS. The boot sector is backed up to a sector at the end of the volume. NTFS supports a native encryption system called Encrypting File System (EFS), using public-key security to prevent unauthorized access to file contents. NTFS functionality can be extended by using reparse points, enabling new features such as volume mount points. Disk quotas can be set, limiting the amount of space users can consume on an NTFS volume106. Both file & folder have permission on? 107. FAT 16, 32, NTFS, FAT. 108. IRQ# is assigned for interface card? 109. 10,9,2,1 110. GAL? 111. IP address used in Win OS? 112. Users are authenticated on front end server on??(not exact quest)a. Exchange b. 64 authenticate c. Basic (Authenticate) d. None113. What work around for Non-system error . 114. How to enable printer pooling?115. Convert FAT32? (Using some drive converter).Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt.2. At the command prompt, type the following, where drive letter is the drive that you want to convert: convert drive letter: /fs:ntfs For example, type the following command to convert drive E to NTFS: convert e: /fs:ntfs Note If the operating system is on the drive that you are converting, you will be prompted to schedule the task when you restart the computer because the conversion cannot be completed while the operating system is running. When you are prompted, click YES. 3. When you receive the following message at the command prompt, type the volume label of the drive that you are converting, and then press ENTER: The type of the file system is FAT. Enter the current volume label for drive drive letter 4. When the conversion to NTFS is complete, you receive the following message at the command prompt: Conversion complete 5. Quit the command prompt.116. Where is AD data stored? a. Hardware of DC b. forest c. tree d. local system 117. What is reverse look up? 118. Option to hide a mailbox from address book. a. Hide all b. Hide from exchange address c. none d. Hide me. 119. Analog modem use? a. RJ 45 b. RJ 11 c. SCSI d. BNC 120. Basic function of VPN? 121. Option to set the age of items in folder a. Deletion limitb. Age c. Detail section d. None 122. We can setr win firewall in XP os with SP2? ( Yes/ No). 123. What is a personal firewall? 124. Read Request time out portions from operating systems part 125. Read the disk clean up portions carefully1. The possible reasons for Fan working inside the CPU, when system boots b. to lower the temperature inside . c. to recharge CMOS battery2. AD integrated zone means a. For renaming resolution purposes b. DNS integrates Active directory zone c. All of the above 3. Different types of AD partition a. Application partition b. Domain partition c. Storage partition (hope this is the option) d. All of the above 4. In order to have VPN connection a. Type the IP address of VPN server and connected to the server b. Type the IP address of NAT server and connected to the server c. Type the IP address of DHCP server and connected to the server. . .5. You have bought broadband connection from ISP, and connected with network adapters, and then what will u needs to connect? a. An access point(I marked) b. Nothing c. DSL 6. You are responsible for network security, in order to ensure for current network updates, which would be the best option? a. Contact network administrator b. Contact purchasing managerc. View manufacturer s web site 7. The command to display the ip address with MAC address a. ipconfig b. ipconfig/all c. ipconfig/show d. ipconfig/show MAC 8. to create a partition, what should be done a. That can be done in logical partition b. has to be done at the time of installation 9. To delete the user what should be done I. Open computer management users users and groups the user to be deleted V. It is supported by win 2003 only shift delete deleteChoose which r all correct?10. Default domain functional level and most appropriate one for adding domain controllers a. win 2003 interim 2003 mixed mode 2003 native mode 2003 e. all of the above 11. The work around for disk unreadable errora. the computer is not properly shut down, run the scandisk b. the disk volume is high 12. The reason for non system error 13. Packet filtering means? a. filter packet between machines b. Packet filtering is the term used in data decryption 13. Tunneling meansa. is the term referred to transfer packets between 2 networks 14. service pack means a. update of OS provided with resolved bugs 15. FSMO means Flexible Single Master Operations 16. The thing updated in SP3 but not in SP2 17. Temporary and recovered data are stored in Transaction logs(hope this s answer) 18. Address list we have a. Global address list b. Global address list and personal list c. contact list


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