Does Automatic Link Building Work?

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    ID: 5227495Author: Nick SimpsonDate Published: Oct 18, 2010Title: Does Automatic Link Building Work?Summary: There are many different ways to build link on the internet in hopes of gaining favorablelisting in the top search...Body:

    There are many different ways to build link on the internet in hopes of gaining favorable listing inthe top search engines. However, there are obviously some methods that work better than others.If you are using an automatic link building service or product and are not getting the results youhad anticipated you are not the only one. This doe snot mean that you are doing anything wrong, itmay just mean that you are not using he software or service correctly.So, the question still stands,do automatic link building systems work. The short answer is yes. These systems do work andthey work very well if you implement them in a solid link building campaign. You should never usethese systems as your only method of link building because this is a dead give away of themethod you are using and this can raise some black flags to certain search engines. If you areworking on a strong article marketing campaign, remain active on forums and use this for linkbuilding and also take advantage of many web 2.0 sites for link creation, blending in yourautomated service will most likely complement your other efforts. You must be careful to grab asmany links as you can from different categories of site, not different topics, just different types. Bythis I mean, use some forums, some blogs some social sites, some personal web page and more.There are almost endless ways to grab new inbound links to your web site. You should researchand investigate as many different ways as possible. Outsourcing your seo can be one way to get anew source of inbound links and the locations that a seo service uses may be a good way to findsome easy to use services that you can use yourself after you are done paying for youroutsources work. Reading popular blogs and web sites that discuss this topic can also be a greatway to find new link sources to add to your seo routine.The more ways you are getting inboundlinks the less that any stand out from the others. If you really want to do things right with your linkbuilding strategy, you can use a tiered link building method. The sites offering the strongest siteauthority and your best content can link directly to your home page and your web site, while thesecondary or lessor sites will only link into your first tier of sites. This can be a good way to keepthe lower quality links away from your site and only reinforce your first tier link structure. If you taketime setting this up on paper it may look like a link wheel or a link magnet, but planning out yourlink building strategy never hurts. If you have a set structure to develop back links to your site, itcan be very helpful when you start another web site. Once you have a successful pattern it will beeasy to follow and duplicate your efforts on your next project!

    Automated link building is only looked at as black hat if you are spamming sites and using a largeamount of duplicate content. If you want to have a successful link campaign, you should avoid this

  • at all cost. Make sure that any information you choose to distribute is of the highest quality, isunique and offers a real value to the reader and you will get amazing results from your efforts. Ifyou want to learn more about automatic link building check out this free link building system toboost your seo efforts.You can also lean many cool link creation secrets on the Link Building Ninjaweb site!

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    The List Building Academy -- Teaching The Best Strategies For Success In Your ChosenBusiness!

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