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  • October 2013

    Early Drawing

    Advanced Drawing

    Books for Children

    Sequencing(some are advanced)

    CommunicationMath (may be visually

    busy)Timer Games

    Hello Crayons Glow PaintThe Monster at the End of this

    BookSimon Says Games Choice Board Creator CountingBoard

    Game Timer Plus (By DKG software)

    Angry Birds

    Hello Crayon Pencil Doodle BuddyMiss Spiders Tea

    PartySee Touch Learn Answers:yesno Adding Apples

    Kid Time Lite

    Push Cars

    Hello Chalk Fun Bubbles iReading HD ABA-Belong Pictello KG Math HD Take Turns Tiny Zoo

    iSnowflake ChiliPaint I Like Books Brain teasers iCommNumbers 123(Wood Puzzle)

    Repeat Timer

    Bubblebirds HD

    iBoard iColoring Lite I Like My Brother Zoola opposites Story Creator Preschool 123 AlarmFinger Scan

    Color Drops Drawing Den I Love Mom After Me Photo Manager Pro Kids Math Clock Pro

    Doddle FitScratch a Sketch Lite

    Finger Books Cute Memory Photo Table Addition to 20Visual Timer

    Paint by Hand iColoring PlayTales HD KidsMag#2 NostalgioMultiplication x2

    x5 x10Visual

    Timer HD

    Doodlecast Sleeping Beauty MrPotatoHead Photo-sort Division 2/5/10Touch Me Alarm

    Color Wall HD The Ugly Duckling Visual Impact SpeechButton Chalkboard MathTimer Touch+

    Singing Fingers Cinderella Swipe Tap Tap ProMy Story - Bookmaker for

    KidsTelling Time Free

    Action Timer

    iDoodle2Lite Read me Stories Bubble Dreams PCS Vocabulary Flash Cards Jumbo Calculator Stop Go!

    ColorPlayHD ABC_For_Me iSpellWord FREEPictCard/C (Picture Card

    Communication)Math Bingo

    VisTimer Free

    Finger Paint StoryKit Lines and Flowers Visual Cue LiteAnimalPairs HD Scribble Press

    123 Color International

    Type N Talk

    Tappi Bubble Panda Pal (AAC)Fill the Gap SoundingBoard

    WDNB? (What Does Not Belong?)


    BitsboardPicture Card Maker for

    CommunicationInjini Lite Go Talk Now

    Touch ChatProloquo2go

    Early Learning Apps for iPad(some are iPhone based)October 2013 p.2