Earth is Alive! (At Least Geologically)

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Earthquakes Volcanoes Tsunamis. Earth is Alive! (At Least Geologically). Far fewer mountain ranges-less snowboarding!! Far fewer large sedimentary basins A mere fraction of the hydrocarbons that we enjoy today!!!. Without Plate Tectonics. Worldwide Rate of Oil Consumption. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Earth is Alive! (At Least Geologically)EarthquakesVolcanoesTsunamis Without Plate TectonicsFar fewer mountain ranges-less snowboarding!!Far fewer large sedimentary basinsA mere fraction of the hydrocarbons that we enjoy today!!!Worldwide Rate of Oil ConsumptionWorldwide current consumption rate is about 85 million barrels per dayAt this rate there are only about 30 years left using petroleumThis does not factor in growing countries like China or India US Rate of ConsumptionCurrent consumption rate is about 20 million barrels per day +/- (remember 85 million is worldwide)We import more than 60% of our consumptionWorldwide Production and ReservesCountryEstimated Reserves2004 Production (billion barrels) 1. Saudi Arabia267 10.4 mb/d 2. Russia609.3 mb/d 3. USA218.7 mb/d 4. Iran1324.1 mb/d 5. Mexico133.8 mb/d 6. China183.6 mb/d 7. Norway83.2 mb/d 8. Canada179 (inc tar sands)3.1 mb/d 9. Venezuela792.9 mb/d 10. United Arab Emirates982.8 mb/dLargest Oil FieldsField, CountrySize estimate 1. Ghawar, Saudi Arabia 75-83 billion barrels 2. Burgan, Kuwait in decline66-72 billion barrels 3. Bolivar Coastal, Venezuela30-32 billion barrels 4. Safaniya-Khafji, Saudi Arabia/Neutral Zone30 billion barrels 5. Rumailia, Iraq20 billion barrels 6. Tengiz, Kazakhstan 15-26 billion barrels 7. Ahwaz, Iran in decline17 billion barrels 8. Kirkuk, Iraq16 billion barrels 9. Marun, Iran16 billion barrels 9a. Daqing, China in decline16 billion barrels 10. Gachsaran, Iran15 billion barrelsUS Largest FieldsAll in Severe DeclineField, StateCumulative Production + Est. Reserves 1. Prudhoe Bay, Alaska13+ billion barrels 2. East Texas5.1-6.0 billion barrels 3. Wilmington, California2.8 billion barrels 4. Midway-Sunset, California2.8 billion barrels 5. Kuparuk River, Alaska2.6 billion barrels 6. Thunder Horse, Gulf of Mexico2.0 billion barrels 7. Kern River, California1.95 billion barrels 8. Yates, West Texas1.95 billion barrels 9. Belridge South, California1.9 billion barrels 10. Wasson, West Texas1.8 billion barrelsProduction peak by countryUS Rate of ConsumptionCurrent consumption rate is about 20 million barrels per day (remember 85 million is worldwide)We import more than 60% of our consumptionUS Consumption, Production and ImportsNonrenewable Replacements for Petroleum HydrocarbonsOil Shale in Western US (1 Trillion Barrels-110 years for USA-in USA)Tar Sands Canada (175 Billion Barrels)Natural Gas (Large Reserves-4 years if switched)Renewable Replacements for Petroleum HydrocarbonsSolarWindHydroelectricGeothermalBiomass Ex: Ethanol (Brazil is self sufficient), BiodieselFuel Cell Technology (Developing)======================================Improved efficiency-hybrid cars etc.ConservationUS Consumption, Production and Imports


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