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I was reading through the edition of The Daily Prophet from a couple days ago. While I was doing so I came across an article written by Rita Skeeter about Hagrid, a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was disturbed by how she painted Hagrid as a dangerous and cruel individual that had fun scaring his students half to death and maiming others with the various creatures that he showed them in class. I have met Hagrid and now know him personally. Hagrid may be partially-giant because his mother was a giant, but the fact that his father is a human, also makes him part human. Hagrid is possibly the sweetest man you could ever meet. His large size makes him like a huge huggable teddy-bear.

This example shows that in our wizarding world racism is present and hurting the people in our community. Condemning people, such as Hagrid, because they are different than us is a problem. This also applies to muggle-born witches and wizards. Should they be condemned for not being born in the magical community? No. Some of you believe that we, as witches and wizards, are better than muggles, but if we have just as much racism as they do if not then how can we be better. (Continued on Page 2)

Also, if we considered ourselves better, then that alone would be enough to make it not true because that is essentially racism, with the races being magical humans and non-magical humans. Something else in the realm of racism that is in our society is our horrible treatment of house-elves. They are as magically powerful as witches and wizards and yet we have made them our slaves. Much of the non-magical society around us removed slavery from among themselves a large number of years ago. How can we consider the magical community to be as advanced as the non-magical community when this is true? We must do something to end the racism in our world.

Studies from Volume three, issue 4 of Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, a muggle book, show that racism is among the number of social behaviors included in learned behaviors. A learned behavior is a way to act and think that a person learns from interaction with their elders, but more specifically their parents, family members, and teachers. I would argue that this is true because, if you look at how muggle children and wizard children act in their respective societies, they act completely different and usually similar to their parents. Assuming that this is true, the older generations need to try to teach the young ones that they care for to think in less racist manners, even if they do not feel that they themselves can completely change. Any of you younger wizards and witches that read this, I want you take this to heart the most because you are the ones who be having your own children soon enough. I find that easiest place to start this will be with all of you students at Hogwarts, for you know Hagrid for how he actually is better than the rest. If any of you in this group see this, please pass the message on to your fellow students. The fate of your future depends on your choices.

Written By: William Costello Facebook Group: Harry, Racism, and the WorldDaily ProphetEditorials Page 2