Embedding ICT in Subject Teaching Richard Hammond, Head of Teaching Support - Schools.

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Embedding ICT in Subject Teaching Richard Hammond, Head of Teaching Support - Schools Slide 2 Embedding ICT in Primary Practice why now? Government initiatives on embedding ICT across the curriculum Joint projects between government agencies- common message. The key elements of the support being developed: Leadership Team Toolkit to identify ICT needs of the school Hands on Support scheme to provide classroom support for teachers National Primary Strategy consultant training in using ICT across the curriculum CD-ROM based classroom support materials. Slide 3 A developing model ICT enablers Improved outcomes ICT resources ICT used effectively in classrooms for learning ICT deployed appropriately Good ICT learning opportunities Increased attainment in ICT Improved learning ICT resources General teaching ICT teaching General leadership ICT leadership Source: SAND report Becta Slide 4 When to use ICT directly relate to the subject objectives enhance the subject lesson support good teaching in the subject improve the children's learning in the subject Slide 5 When to use ICT Whole class activity (suite) Whole class teaching (projector etc)Whole class teaching Demo ( practical/model ) Part of a circus One group using ICT others traditional activity Slide 6 When to use ICT Whole lesson Part of lesson StarterStarter Main activity Plenary Practical: class or demonstration Homework Slide 7 Resources Resources Resources Learning and Teaching Using ICT - Leadership Team Toolkit (PNS, NCSL, Becta and DfES) PNS Learning and Teaching with ICT Becta resources CD-ROM Paper Publications Online resources Internet safety Slide 8 Leadership Team Toolkit Slide 9 Two complementary CD-ROMs - one set by the National Primary Strategy and the other by Becta. The focus of the NPS CDs is on ICT as a tool to support teaching and learning across the curriculum. Bectas CDs focus on practising, developing or extending a childs ICT capability through subject lessons. Embedding ICT in Primary Practice CD-ROMs? Slide 10 Embedding ICT in Primary Practice PNS ! Y1-Y6 and foundation stage 9 subjects 3 to 6 lessons per subject per year group. Slide 11 Embedding ICT in Primary Practice the Becta CD? Bectas CD Y1 6. 101 lesson plans ICT capability to practise, develop in subject lessons. ICT skills knowledge and understanding Slide 12 Web-based resources Series of publications - leaflets 11 subjects in primary series FREE from Becta website Published on ICTadvice site www.ictadvice.org.uk/webbasedreso urceswww.ictadvice.org.uk/webbasedreso urces Slide 13 Effective Use of ICT in Subject Teaching (Primary) Art Design & Technology English Geography History Mathematics MFL Music Science RE Slide 14 More Becta Resources on CD-ROM Digital Alchemy Video assets Creating DV Technical help Slide 15 Contact details Becta Millburn Hill Road Science Park Coventry CV4 7JJ Telephone: 02476 416994 Facsimile: 02476 411418 E-mail:richard.hammond@becta.org.uk Becta http://www.becta.org.uk ICTadvicehttp://www.ictadvice.org.uk


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