Embedding ICT into teaching through e-learning

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Embedding ICT into teaching through e-learning. A vision of 21 st century learners. ICT. Foundations for Discovery. What are ICT s. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Embedding ICT into teaching through e-learning

  • ICTFoundations for Discovery

  • What are ICTs

  • What ICTs do you use?Have a chat with your neighbour...What do you use? What are ICT tools?How confident are you?Does using ICT improve outcomes for students?

  • E-learning and pedagogy -NZCInformation and communication technology (ICT) has a major impact on the world in which young people live. Similarly, e-learning (that is, learning supported by or facilitated by ICT) has considerable potential to support the teaching approaches outlined in the section below.

    For instance, e-learning may: assist the making of connections by enabling students to enter and explore new learning environments, overcoming barriers of distance and time

    facilitate shared learning by enabling students to join or create communities of learners that extend well beyond the classroom

    assist in the creation of supportive learning environments by offering resources that take account of individual, cultural, or developmental differences

    enhance opportunities to learn by offering students virtual experiences and tools that save them time, allowing them to take their learning further.

    Schools should explore not only how ICT can supplement traditional ways of teaching but also how it can open up new and different ways of learning.

    Ministry of Education (2007) The New Zealand Curriculum Years 1- 13 Effective pedagogy: Teacher actions promoting student learning (pg 36) Wellington, New Zealand

  • Where exactly does e-learning fit?E- learning and ICTKey Competencies

  • Blooms Digital TaxonomyWhat does e-learning and ICT look like for students? What could it look like...

  • Effective e-learning Practice

    A focus on purpose is important in all learning areas and in e-learning. Some things to think about Use activites with whole class or groups.Wiki can be used for home linksWhole class and a learning object on the data projector to work through togetherGive students the mouse while working in a group - (consider wireless Bluetooth)Students demonstrating using a learning object or activity2-3 students working together on activities at computerStudents showing each other or demonstrating their learning to other studentsDo they lead to any hands on follow up activites?Targeting Maori and Pacifika or other learing needs - eg extensionDon't be restricted by level eg a upper primary learning object could be used with Juniors with supportDon't be restricted by learning area eg an english learning object might have maths contentout of class work (eek homework!) on a wiki for students

    Ask what is e-learning? What have students seen out in schools? What is ICT? Discuss that it is the communication that is the important concept. If the technology tool helps us to communicate with our children and allows them to be creative and communicate in different ways then it will enhance their learning.*This quote is from early childhood and reminds us that e-learning should not replace real hands on experiences, its all about balance and variety. Meeting the diverse needs of all students. *ICT is not just computers*Give students 5 mins to discuss this. Feedback as a whole group.*This page is copied directly from the NZC. It is in the section effective pedagogy, so as teachers we are being encouraged to use e-learning as an effective teaching tool. The definition of e-learning e-learning (that is, learning supported by or facilitated by ICT) means that any time we are using an ICT tool we are e-learning. Eg in PE if you use a video camera for assessment and skills evaluation then this becomes an PE e-learning experience. In Technology if you use computers to design a t-shirt logo then again this is technology e-learning.*E-learning is integrated in every learning area. It should not be separate or highly skills focussed. It should be another tool in the learning toolbox that we as teachers choose to use. There is an ICT area in Technology.*Blooms taxonomy reminds us about the importance of higher order thinking and doing. Its the same for e-learning. Whilst using emai, publising etc is great the challenge for us is to let our students create and explore in an authentic way. There are lots of things in this model that I dont know how to dobut should this prevent me from letting my class try them?*Give students time to read through this. Some key points to consider. *


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