Empowering students with Web 2.0 tools.

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Empowering students with Web 2.0 tools. Libraries2L - Learning and Literature. Ken Price kenjprice.edublogs.org. Before we start!. Please start 3 web browsers and open these sites: your work or home email, so you can read it later. kenjprice.edublogs.org www.delicious.com. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Empowering students with Web 2.0 tools. Libraries2L - Learning and Literature Ken Price kenjprice.edublogs.orgBefore we start!Please start 3 web browsers and open these sites:your work or home email, so you can read it later.kenjprice.edublogs.orgwww.delicious.com Typical studentwho ensures that each studentissupported in ICT across ALL learning areas?e.g. who ensures each student can maintain an online collection of notes for their physical education class, the half-written work about the Gold Rush, and the shared notes for the fundraising activity they are organising accessible from home or school at any time?Simple toolsA more formal tool to create documents, presentations etc. A showcase site, perhaps a weblog, with customisable appearance Student controls who sees them. A personal space to store rough notes, works in progress, etc. A place to keep important URLs favouritesUsernames and passwordsCan use system/school email addresses, if well-managedCan use external email BUT multiple passwords are a headache Most Web 2.0 tools expectstudents to have an email address, for confirmation of registration management nightmare!Usernames through disposable Gmail addressesyou create a "master" gmail address. For example wombatcreekschool@gmail.com your students use a derivative of this username when they set up a Web2.0 tool. This derivative just adds a +sign followed by their name to your master email name egwombatcreekschool+jillabell@gmail.comwombatcreekschool+lorenefurmage@gmail.com etcthe clever bit - Gmail sees ALL these addresses as wombatcreekschool@gmail.com, so all the confirmation messages (and passwords) are mailed to your master email address wombatcreekschool@gmail.com.You hand the passwords to the students and off they go. Record usernames and passwords somewhere, accurately http://www.google.com/notebook/Gives students a place to quickly assemble a setof notes for anygiven topic, andorganise them as required.No images, etc -simply a note-taking tool, nothing more.Same username and passwordas the more sophisticated Google Docs - students can move content into that environment if they want.Every student can have this - now.Tool 1 - Using Google Notebooks as a public/private note spaceTool 1 - Using Google Notebooks as a public/private note spaceTool 1 - Using Google Notebooks as a public/private note spaceStudent can create a notebook for every subject, project, study task, or topic. Each notebookcan have sections, each section can have multiple notes (sections of text). These can be moved around as needed.Each notebook can be private, shared with a nominated group of colleagues (eg teacher, otherstudents - colleagues can view and edit the notes) or made publicTool 2- del.icio.us as a personal, shareable online favourites toolwww.delicious.comClick on Join NowCreate an account and WRITE DOWN YOUR USERNAME AND PWD!Follow creation process, then sign in to your account. Save a New Bookmark lets you add new items, or you can import existing favourites in bulk (see kenjprice.edublogs.org for file - save, unzip, then upload)student collections can be pre-populated with useful sitesTool 3 a personal blog for every studentTool 3 a personal blog for every studentwww.edublogs.org provides every teacher and student with a free weblog. To set one up You now have a blog. You could use the disposable Gmail method to set up blogs for every student, or do it yourself.edublogs in one page Log in via www.edublogs.orgSite Admin takes you to your dashboard (where you can control your blog)Write -> Post lets you write an item. Save till ready, then PublishManage -> Posts lets you edit old postsDesign lets you change the look and feel of the siteVisit Site lets you see what the world sees.Resourceshttp://edublogs.org/support/ Edublogs support pagehttp://theedublogger.edublogs.org/ Edublogger, the official support blog for edublogs.http://blogwalker.edublogs.org/files/2008/05/edublogs_05-26a3wp.pdf Edublog guidehttp://docs.google.com/ Google Docshttp://delicious.com/help Del.icio.us helpkenjprice.edublogs.org Kens blog.