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Brochure for EMW Aberystwyth Conference 2013.


  • MAIN Speakers:

    ALISTAIR BEGGIain D. Campbell

    Vaughan roberts


    CONFERENCEAugust 10-17Be refreshed by the Wo


  • WelcomeEvery August, for more than 50 years, Christians have come together for a week on the beautiful west coast of Wales to be refreshed by the Word. Organised by the Evangelical Movement of Wales, the conference has grown to accommodate more than 1,500 Christians, but has kept a reputation for warm fellowship and plenty of opportunity to meet new friends.

    The programme is focused around the morning Bible Readings where Alistair Begg will preach from Gods word. These sessions will give everyone an opportunity to go deep into the Bible. Seminars run during the day dealing with key areas of the Christian life, helping equip us to better serve our God. In the evenings we come together again for an opportunity to worship God and hear His word preached. Every day there is also an opportunity to join with others to pray.

    During the Bible Readings children aged six months to 14 years can attend their very own Bible-based sessions. A stream of meetings specifically for those aged 15-25 runs throughout the week and several fellowship meetings for adults give further opportunity for reflection and discussion.

    Theres also plenty of other things to do. You can visit the Mission Exhibition, enter the sports tournament, support the open air work on the seafront and go on the church history guided tour. You may just prefer to enjoy the beautiful west Wales coast relaxing with friends,

    both old and new, and reflecting on all youve heard. Its your holiday, so it really is up to you.

    Were sure youll find the EMW Aberystwyth Conference 2013 both challenging and uplifting so why not come and be refreshed by the Word? A warm welcome awaits you.


  • What happens at the Conference?Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday



    The day-long history trip

    is a great opportunity

    to get to know others and some local

    church history.

    Bible Readings led by Alistair Begg are the main focus of each morning. Seminars, prayer meetings, and activities for those

    aged six months to 14 are also on the programme.


    Theres plenty of things to do during the afternoons at Aberystwyth. The programme is full ofdifferent activites, including seminars, open airs, BBQs, sports tournaments, Mission Exhibition orwhy not spend time with family and friends getting to know Aberystwyth and this beautiful area?



    Evening preaching meetings with Iain D. Campbell, Vaughan Roberts, Ian Parry and Bernard Lewis are followed by

    more informal times of fellowship for everyone aged over 14.

    Programme is subject to change.


  • Alistair BeggAlistair Begg has served as the senior minister of Parkside Church, Ohio since 1983. Following graduation from The London School of Divinity, he was ordained to the gospel ministry at the historic Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh. He served for six years as pastor of Hamilton Baptist Church some 14 miles from his birthplace, Glasgow. For the past 36 years he has been learning how to teach the Bible by teaching the Bible. Along the way he has written a number of books and been surprised by the Parkside pulpit becoming the basis for a radio programme, Truth For Life, heard daily across the USA. He has been married to Susan for 36 years. They have three children and two grandchildren.

    Iain D. CampbellIain Campbell is minister of Point Free Church on his native Isle of Lewis in northwest Scotland. He previously ministered in Snizort Free Church on the Isle of Skye (1988-1995) and in Back Free Church on the Isle of Lewis (1995-2009). He is married to Anne, a teacher of special needs children, and they have three grown up children. Iain has published several books, and has spoken at conferences in the United States of America and in South Korea. He was appointed Moderator of the 2012 Free Church General Assembly. He is a keen cyclist.






  • Vaughan RobertsVaughan Roberts studied law at Cambridge University before a brief spell in South Africa where he was involved in student ministry. He subsequently trained for ordained Anglican ministry at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and since 1991 he has been on the staff of St Ebbes Church, Oxford, where he is now Rector. St Ebbes is an evangelical church with a large student congregation. Vaughan is the director of The Proclamation Trust, which seeks to encourage and equip preachers to expound the Bible, and he is also a founding member of 9:38, an initiative that encourages people to consider the possibility of gospel ministry. Vaughan has written a number of books, and in his spare time he enjoys playing cricket, tennis and golf.

    Ian ParryIan Parry has been the minister of The Bay Church in Cardiff since it began in 2003. He trained at London Theological Seminary and Wales Evangelical School of Theology. Before coming to Cardiff he was, for eight years, the minister of Mount Elim Evangelical Church in Pontardawe. Ian has recently taken over the leadership of Revive, a prayer meeting for Christian leaders held six times a year in South Wales. He is married to Liz and they have four school age children.

    Bernard LewisBernard Lewis grew up in Pembrokeshire, coming to faith in his early teens. After teaching for some years he studied at London Theological Seminary followed by seven years of pastoral ministry in inner city south London. In 1991 he moved with his family to Papua New Guinea. For 17 years Bernard trained pastors and ran in-service conferences for the Evangelical Church of PNG. They returned to the UK in 2008 and continued working with UFM. They have three adult children and four grandchildren. Since February 2010 he has been pastor of Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Newport.


  • AccommodationThe Aberystwyth Conference is based at the University, and accommodation is in well-equipped Halls of Residence. Accommodation units are available from 3-berth, right up to 10-berth, or if you dont want a unit for your exclusive use, you can opt to share a flat with others (individual lockable bedrooms with shared kitchen and dining facilities).

    All accommodation prices include an event pass giving access to all conference meetings. What you see is what you pay.

    In addition to the bed, all rooms have a sink (except houses), desk, chair and wardrobe. Kitchens are fully equipped, including fridge and freezer, microwave and conventional hob and oven. All rooms have free WiFi access, and bedding and towels are provided.

    Ground floor accommodation is limited, but is available for those that need it (make sure you let us know your needs when you book). Some ground floor rooms have been modified for wheelchair access, please ask if you would like more information.

    Buraries of 40 per person are available for adults receiving Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance or Working Tax Credit (excluding payments for childcare). We want the conference to be affordable to everyone, therefore additional bursaries for children are available in 3-berth and 4-berth houses for those that need them. Please contact us for more details.

    Houses (3-6 berth)

    Individual houses with mainly single rooms (although some houses will have one room with a twin). Each house has two toilets, a bath and shower.

    Flats (shared, or 7-10 berth)

    Individual flats close to the Great Hall with single rooms (although 10-berth flats will have one twin room). Each flat has two toilets, a bath and shower.

    Size Cost

    3-berth 795 (265pp)

    4-berth 836 (209pp)

    5-berth 895 (179pp)

    6-berth 930 (155pp)

    Size Cost

    7-berth 1,015 (145pp)

    8-berth 1,160 (145pp)

    9-berth 1,215 (135pp)

    10-berth 1,250 (125pp)

    shared 150 per person


  • Ensuite (shared, or 7-8 berth)

    Individual flats close to the Great Hall with single rooms. Each room has an ensuite sink, toilet and shower.

    Youth (shared, or 7-8 berth)

    Individual flats close to the Great Hall with single rooms. Available to 16-25 year olds. Each flat has two toilets and two showers.

    By booking this accommodation you agree to attend the meetings, be considerate to other guests, and remain quiet between 11pm and 8am.

    Catered (individual rooms)

    Individual rooms, close to the Great Hall and restaurant, with tea and coffee making facilities, and shared bathrooms. (One night includes a Day Pass for the following day.)

    ChildrenGenerous discounts in self-catering accommodation* are available for children.

    If you are not in shared accommodation, a child under five can stay in a room with a parent free of charge. You will need to bring your own cot and bedding. The child still needs to be named on the booking form.

    Children who are five or over, have their own room or in shared accommodation qualify for a discount as shown in the table below.

    (*Except youth accommodation,which is already discounted.)

    Size Cost

    7-berth 945 (135pp)

    8-berth 1,000 (125pp)

    shared 130 per person

    Age Discount

    under 5 70

    5-11 50

    12-16 30

    Bed and Breakfast

    1 night Mon-Fri Sat-Sat

    45 199 259


    1 night Mon-Fri Sat-Sat

    55.50 235 305

    Size Cost

    7-berth 1,295 (185pp)

    8-berth 1,352 (169pp)

    shared 175 per person


  • Bon apptitIf you are booking into our self-catering accommodation you may appreciate a hot cooked meal provided for you each evening.

    TAMED DA RESTAURANTThe TaMed Da restaurant, using fresh University produced and local ingredients, provides tasty meals daily. You have the option of pre-booking these meals. Please add to the booking form when you book.

    Prices are 60.90 per person for the week or 8.70 per day.

    Lunches can also be purchased at TaMed Da each day by anyone attending the conference but cannot be pre-booked.

    Other places to eat at the university:THE ARTS CENTRE'S award winning caf offers a mouth-watering selection of freshly made salads, hot meals and snacks, plus platefuls of homemade cakes! Open Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 8pm andSundays 12 - 5.30pm.

    THE PIAZZA CAF offers freshly made pizzas, rolls, bagels, wraps, toasted teacakes, scrumptious home-made cakes, plus a wide range of speciality teas and coffees. Open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.

    GETTING AROUNDMost of the Halls of Residence are just a few minutes walk from the main meeting venue, the Great Hall. The main university campus is about a 15 minute walk from Aberystwyth town centre and about a 20 minute walk from the sea front.

    Free parking is available at the university for all those attending the conference.A minibus ride is provided free of charge to and from the sea front before and after the morning and evening meetings. Priority is given to those who find walking difficult.


  • CHILDRENChildren are welcome to come to the morning meetings with you each day, however if you want space for them roam then you can make use of the overflow room or take them to one of the groups designed just for them.

    Tiny TotsOur team of happy helpers are looking forward to welcoming your little ones to Tiny Tots this year. Tiny Tots is for children from six months and under five, and runs Tuesday to Friday mornings to coincide with the main Bible Readings. Timings are such that you will be able to drop off and pick up without missing a single moment of your meeting.

    At Tiny Tots you can be sure your little ones will have plenty of fun. They will be playing, singing, painting, and even have time for a well earned drink and biscuit pitstop before you collect them. But be warned they may not want to leave!

    Holiday HeroesYour 5-11s will love to join Holiday Heroes. Whether its their first time or theyve been coming for several years there will be great leaders to meet and new friends to be made. They will get to know more about the Bible with fun activities, cool games and quizzes. Holiday Heroes runs Tuesday to Friday mornings during the main Bible Readings. Drop off and pick up times mean you wont need to miss any of your meeting.

    JAberIf you are between 11 and 14 then JAber challenges you to get stuck into Gods word and find out what it really means to live for Him. Our leaders will help you do this with awesome Bible teaching, small group discussions and thrilling challenges. Come to all four sessions, running Tuesday to Friday during the main morning Bible Readings, meet with God and make some new friends along the way.


  • EXTRATIMEextratime is a series of meetings for 15-25 year olds. The programme is designed to complement the main conference meetings and look at key biblical issues. This is done with a focus on what it means specifically to 15-25 years olds through a series of seminars throughout the day as well as the extratime late meetings.

    extratime is not just about formal(ish) meetings, it is also an opportunity to meet other Christian young people through a number of social events. These include a newcomers lunch, quiz night, BBQ and the annual football and netball tournaments. If youre 15-25 and at the Aberystwyth Conference

    2013 it would be great to see you in extratime!

    Extratime blog:www.extratime.emw.org.uk

    Connect with us:




  • FellowshipMeetingsA unique and valued part of the conference are the fellowship meetings specifically to help adults come together and reflect on the teaching of the conference and discuss relevant issues with others at the same stage of life. Time Out is for those who are not quite young enough to join the under 25s at extratime, but are still young at heart. Each evening theres a chance to meet some of the conference speakers, and engage with other Christians in discussions about the challenges that work and/or family life can bring. Prime Time is more reflective, and aimed at those who are a little older. Each evening a topic will be briefly introduced by a guest speaker, and theres always plenty of time for questions and conversation over a free cup of coffee.

    PrayermeetingsEvery morning before the Bible Readings there is an opportunity for you to come together with others and pray.

    A few prayer meetings run each day so you are able to choose the time and location which suits you best. This essential part of the conference is well loved by those who come together to recognise our need for God and ask Him to graciously come and work amongst us.


  • HISTORY TRIP to Llangeithio10am-4:30pm, Monday 12 August

    Every year the Aberystwyth Conference hosts a church history guided tour. This much loved coach trip to a place of importance in church history is an opportunity for you to relax and enjoy time with friends, old and new. Gwyn Davies, retired lecturer in Church History at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology, will be your tour guide.

    This year you have the opportunity to visit the village of Llangeithio (just 25 miles south of Aberystwyth) and learn more about its special significance in the spiritual history of Wales.

    2013 celebrates the 300th anniversary of Daniel Rowlands birth Llangeithio witnessed his powerful ministry during the eighteenth-century. More recently, this village was the boyhood home of one of the most famous preachers of the last century, Martyn Lloyd-Jones. So why not join us and learn more about the rich spiritual history of this place?

    For just 13 the history trip offers you a day out which will enrich your knowledge of Gods dealing with His people in the past and give you plenty of opportunity for fellowship with others. You can book your place by completing the relevant section on the booking form.


    EVENT PASSESIf you prefer to arrange your own accommodation in or around Aberystwyth, you will need to purchase an event pass so that you can attend the conference meetings.The Week Pass gives access to all the weeks conference meetings. If you are only able to attend for part of the conference week you can purchase a Day Pass for the day(s) you can attend. These passes can be booked in advance by completing the booking form. Also available are Single Event Passes which will give you access to one meeting. Single Event Passes are only available for purchase during the conference week.


    Adults 50 13

    12-16s 35 9.50

    5-11s 27.50 7

    Under 5 FREE FREE

  • CONFERENCEBOOKSHOPThe Aberystwyth Conference 2013 bookshop will be open throughout the conference week both at the main venue and at the Mission Exhibition selling a wide range of good quality Christian books from different publishers, many at greatly discounted prices.

    MISSION ExhibitionThe Mission Exhibition is at Morlan, in Aberystwyth town. Here you will find a great variety of organisations and agencies offering information, resources and opportunities to help you connect with what God is doing all over the world. Wander around, meet the representatives and then stop for a drink in the caf. Bring your children, theres something for them too.

    ABER 2013 MEDIAAll the main meetings, Sunday services and seminars will be recorded for you to purchase at the end of the week so you can remind yourself of what youve heard, catch up on talks youve missed or buy to give as presents to others. There will also be a selection of recordings from previous conferences to purchase during the week.


  • 1. BookingAll bookings must be made online or by post. Bookings will be dealt with from 5 February 2013. You will receive confirmation of booking within 28 days. Payment of the balance must be received by 20 June 2013 and should be made in one payment by credit/debit card, cheque or online. If more than one payment is received at booking or final payment the EMW office reserves the right to charge an administration fee of 5.

    2. Booking accommodationThe non-refundable deposit (30 per person) must be made in one payment by the group leader at time of booking. All invoices will be sent directly to the group leader, but a conference guide and event pass will be sent directly to each member of your party in July. The group leader is responsible for collecting the fees of each group member and forwarding one final payment to the EMW office by 20 June 2013. If payment is not received by 20 June 2013 your booking may be cancelled.

    3. Booking event passesEvent passes must be paid in full (in one payment) at time of booking. Single meeting passes cannot be pre-booked but will be available to purchase during the conference. Priority will be given to those who have booked in advance.

    4. Booking alterationIf you wish to change your booking please contact the EMW office immediately who will try to meet your request. However, they reserve the right to charge 5 per alteration.

    5. Cancellation chargeIf you wish to cancel your booking please contact the EMW office immediately. Sliding scale of amount refunded when booking is cancelled:

    Date Amount refundedBefore 2 July 75% of total cost (less deposits)2-21 July 50% of total cost (less deposits)22 July 4 August 25% of total cost (less deposits)4 August onwards 0% of total cost

    Full amount (less deposit) will be refunded for certified illness on receipt of proof. Please inform the EMW office immediately then send proof to: EMW, Bryntirion, Bridgend, CF31 4DX.

    6. Special requirementsIf any guests have particular needs, please use the Notes section on the booking form to tell us about them.

    7. ChildrenAt least one adult (over 18) must occupy each unit of accommodation. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children should not be left unattended in accommodation blocks. Whilst every care is taken children remain the responsibility of their parents/guardians at all times.

    8. Care of facilitiesPlease treat the university accommodation and facilities with care. Accidental damage should be reported immediately to the university reception. You may be charged for any loss or damage.

    9. Unacceptable behaviourWe reserve the right to terminate your holiday without compensation where unreasonable or anti-social behaviour spoils the conference for other guests.

    10. BursaryBusaries are only available for those booking self-catering accommodation. Use the Notes section on the booking form if you are applying for a bursary and write the full amount (excluding the bursary) in the price column. Please provide a photocopied proof of eligibility with your booking. If accepted the bursary will be deducted from your total by the EMW office.

    11. Filming/photographyFilming and photography may take place during the conference for use in future publicity material.

    12. Data protectionEMW will use the personal information you provide to keep you informed about the conference and future conferences. They will not share your information with any other parties but may occasionally contact you with details of other EMW events. If you do not wish to receive such information please write to: EMW, Bryntirion, Bridgend, CF31 4DX.


    EvangelicalMovementof WalesBryntirion, Bridgend, CF31 4DXPhone: 01656 655886Email: ABER@emw.org.uk Reg. charity no. 222407

    Terms and conditions:




    Enter accommodation type or "Event pass"

    If staying part week, complete dates:


    NOTES (e.g. special requirements, etc.)

    GROUP MEMBERS Include group leader in list below if part of this group. Use another booking form or continuation sheet if needed.




    PAYMENT: Event passes must be paid for in FULL at the time of booking. A non-refundable deposit of 30 per person is required for ALL accommodation at the time of booking OR you may wish to pay in FULL.

    o I enclose a cheque payable to EMW foro Please charge my credit/debit card* for

    *These card details will be used to take the balance payment by 20 June 2013.Please tick box if you DO NOT wish us to do this. o

    Card type:


    Card number:

    Start date: 3-digit security code:

    Expiry date: Issue number:


    EMW Aberystwyth Conference 2013 Booking Form

  • Get to knowAberystwythThe seaside town of Aberystwyth lies on the west coast of Wales at the heart of Cardigan Bay. This small town nestles between three hills with the promenade facing seaward in a colourful curved terrace of Victorian houses. There are two shingle beaches, a pier, a picturesque harbour and the remains of the late thirteenth-century Aberystwyth Castle.

    At the end of the promenade are the rugged slopes of Constitution Hill with a zigzag path that climbs the 420 feet to the summit. Up here you can recuperate in a small cafe or visit the Camera Obscura for fine views of Cardigan Bay. For the less energetic there is the option of the Cliff Railway, a fine example of Victorian engineering built in 1896 and still trundling up and down its steep track.

    Pendinas Hill has visible remains of an iron age hill fort that dates back to c. 600 BC and a fine monument to the Duke of Wellington. The National Library on Penglais Hill holds more than three million printed works, forty thousand manuscripts, and four million deeds, as well as holding works of art, photographs, and audio visual material.

    In the town you can play bowls, tennis, pitch n putt or crazy golf. The rugged coastline is popular for all types of water sports and boat trips. You can also go to the cinema, visit Ceredigion Museum or watch a show in the University Arts Centre.

    Just six miles north of Aberystwyth is Borth with its two mile long golden beach. Keep travelling north and youll reach the Dyfi National Nature Reserve which boasts an impressive sand dune system.

    East of Aberystwyth is the dramatic scenery of the Rheidol Valley which extends several miles inland to Devils Bridge. From here, you can follow the Rheidol to its source at Llyn Nant y Moch, a massive reservoir in the shadow of one of mid-Wales highest range of mountains. Why not take the cycle route or walk the valley if you are feeling energetic, or, seeing as youre on holiday, let the train take the strain?

    Whatever your interests, youre sure to find something to do in Aberystwyth.


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