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The results, financial report and donors of East Meets West in 2011


  • Changing Lives



    As I write this introduction to the East Meets West 2012 Annual Report, Im struck by how quickly last yearwith all its hard work and substantial resultshas receded from view, caught up as I am in the work at hand in 2013.

    So returning to1988, the year EMW was born as an organization, requires some serious mental time travel. But its important to honor the fact that EMW has been active and growing for a quarter century, helping change the lives of over 5.9 million disadvantaged people in eight countries.

    EMWs 25 years of resultsfeatured here alongside our 2012 accomplishmentswere made possible by dedicated, visionary staff; strategic partnerships and generous funders; a host of individual donors; and pioneering approaches like results-based financing. Much credit is also due to Atlantic Philanthropies. Under Country Director Le Nhan Phuongs leadership, AP made a major investment in EMW that has paid off in a faster growing, stronger, more capable organization.

    EMW isnt just growing fastwere growing smart. Were not just identifying and seizing opportunities for growth; were creating them. Were pleased that in 2012 our efficiency and effectiveness was again recognized by the esteemed watchdog organization Charity Navigator, which gave EMW its highest ratingfour starsfor the fourth year running.

    As Nelson Mandela said, Playing small doesnt serve the world. We best honor EMWs success by building on it, applying the valuable lessons weve learned to achieve even greater impact. Thats why, in the pages of this annual report, youll find the key results of the strategic planning process we undertook in 2012. The plan sets out a path for growth and embodies EMW at its most visionary and forward-looking.

    But lets not neglect 2012. Much was achieved last year through the efforts of our staff, partners, donors and beneficiaries. In particular:

    In clean water and sanitation, EMW received a $10.9 million grant to launch and implement a community-based program to promote latrine building and hygiene education. Ultimately, this project will improve sanitation for 1.7 million people in rural Vietnam and Cambodia.

    In the education sector, we continued to work with a network of schools to maintain scholarships for over 12,000 disadvantaged students in Vietnam. Targeted geographic expansion brought educational support to 200 high school girls in India.

    Our Breath of Life (BOL) neonatal healthcare program expanded to six hospitals in Myanmar (with 20 more to come in 2013), supplying new, durable equipment and intensive training. BOL was also launched in Benin, one of several countries in West Africa where many newborn lives will be saved through the programs timely interventions.

    In 2012, EMWs ongoing commitment to innovation and impact was reflected in the continued strengthening of our partnerships with MTTS, our design and manufacturing partner in Vietnam, and Design that Matters.

    Whether youve been a friend of EMW for two, five, 10 or 25 years, I know you share our commitment to improving lives, be it a strong start for vulnerable newborns, an education that brightens prospects, or better community health through clean water and improved sanitation.

    Your support is invaluable in allowing EMW to grow wisely and effectively. Please stay with us as we innovate for better lives and social justice, replicate success from one community to another, share our knowledge with peer organizations and national governments, and use the influence of those contributions to make the world a healthier, better educated, more hopeful place.

    Lets see what we can accomplish together in the next 25 years!


    Warm regards,

    John AnnerPresident



    400,000People with access to clean water

    70,000Individuals with access to improved sanitation

    236Water systems built

    250,000Newborns treated

    117,000Children provided free dental treatment

    315Hospitals upgraded

    346Elementary schools and kindergartens built

    63Large construction projects completed, including hospitals and university facilities

    57,000scholarships awarded

    51,000Students and teachers benefiting from school construction

    East Meets Wests results over the past 25 years reflect our ongoing commitment to developing and implementing effective programs that offer people opportunities to live more productive, healthier lives.

    SINCE 1988

  • RESULTS IN 2012







    $9.7 million


    water & sanitation


    $2.3 million

    $2.8 million

    $1.9 million

    $2.7 million

    Building a community-level pediatric cardiology program. EMW began mobilizing community healthcare providers to promote early identification of children with heart defects in Vietnam.

    Supporting school completion for girls. EMW brought its SPELL scholarship program to 200 disadvantaged high school girls in India.

    Pioneering an innovative social enterprise. The Dental Program launched a fee-for-service component with revenue from patients cross-subsidizing free care for children.

    Expanding reach to Africa. EMW began piloting its neonatal health program in Benin to save newborn lives through appropriate equipment and clinical training.

    HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEARAddressing preventable neonatal deaths in Myanmar. EMWs neonatal health program equipped six hospitals with medical devices and trained 50 clinicians on newborn care.

    Applying output-based financing to sanitation & hygiene improvement. Our community-based program is on track to benefit 1.7 million people in Cambodia and Vietnam.

  • A Strategy for Organizational Transformation at East Meets West


    Throughout 2012, EMWs stakeholdersprogram and senior staff, board members, donors, and partnersengaged in a strategic planning process to assess the organizations current capabilities, compare them to the needs of our ever-changing world, and develop a pathway for moving forward.

    Our ambitious 2009 strategic plan, which focused on global expansion, introduced new countries, programs, and funding mechanisms. Between 2009 and 2013, we launched programs in Laos, Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Myanmar, India, the Philippines and West Africa. Not that we have left Vietnam behind. In fact, our geographic expansion has only enhanced our program work there. Our biggest grant to date, for example, funds a sanitation program in both Cambodia and Vietnam.

    Weve found that our success hinges on flexibility, innovation, and creativity. Rather than just doing more of the same thing every year, we are constantly seeking new ways to deliver more benefits at a lower cost by pioneering the use of results-based financing, developing new technologies specifically designed, engineered and manufactured for low-resource settings, and devising social enterprise approaches to solving problems.

    We will continue to focus on EMWs distinctive competencies, such as our sanitation business model, newborn care medical

    devices, self-funding dental program, and results-based education financing, but we will also be actively seeking

    fresh ideas and new ways of helping people. The world needs both effective implementation and ongoing

    innovation. EMW is committed to delivering both.


    OUR REPUTATIONEast Meets West has

    received a four-star rating the highest possible from respected non-

    profit ratings organization Charity Navigator for four

    years in a row.

    Businesses/ CorporationsIndividualsCommunity OrganizationsFoundationsGovernment/ International Agencies






    Management & GeneralFundraisingPrograms





    OUR FINANCIAL HEALTHEast Meets West has

    received multiple grants from major donors who

    require rigorous reporting. Our audits have helped us obtain these repeat

    donations. EMW has had the highest possible audit results an Unmodified

    Opinion every year since 2003.Monetary




    89centsof every dollar donat-ed went directly to our

    program work

  • Restricted funds are designated for specific programs or projects. Unrestricted funds can be used for any purpose.



    SUPPORT & REVENUEGrants $1,602,763 $1,960,973 $3,563,736Contributions 410,844 1,851,890 2,262,734In-kind donations 598,163 - 598,163Investment income 41,522 - 41,522Net assets released from restrictions 6,767,595 (6,767,595) -

    Total Support & Revenue $9,420,887 $(2,954,732) $6,466,155

    EXPENSESProgram services $9,650,554 - $9,650,554Management & general 660,761 - 660,761Fundraising 571,084 - 571,084

    Total Expenses $10,882,399 - $10,882,399Changes in net assets (1,461,512) (2,954,732) (4,416,244)Net assets at beginning of year 5,102,459 17,205,257 22,307,716

    Net Assets at End of Year $3,640,947 $14,250,525 $17,891,472



  • Restricted funds are designated for specific programs or projects. Unrestricted funds can be used for any purpose.


    ASSETSCash and cash equivalents $4,629,855Grants receivable, net 5,475,304Investments at fair value 9,217,686Other assets 71,434Property and equipment, net 16,792

    Total Assets $19,411,071

    LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETSLIABILITIESAccounts payable & accrued expenses $156,313Accrued payroll and other benefits 298,925Deferred revenue 1,014,361 Notes payable 50,000

    Total Liabilities $1,519,599 NET ASSETSUnrestricted net assets $3,640,947Temporarily restricted net assets 14,250,525

    Total Net Assets $17,891,472

    Total Liabilities and Net Assets $19,411,071


  • 2012



    In 2010, East Meets West launched Together for Our Future, a voluntary, peer-to-peer employee giving campaign. The effort raised over $100,000, with 92% of EMW employees making three-year contributions. Below we recognize employee contributions in 2012.


    Anonymous*John & Devora AnnerJack Bernard & Marilynn WestermanCao Vu Hoang ChauLaura Ward Collins & Michael CollinsCong Huyen Ton Nu To HanhDang Thanh CanhHo Thi Y NhiHoang Thi Hang TamHoang Ngoc DatHoang Ngoc Anh

    Hoang Ngoc TungAvery HochhalterLai Hung CuongLe Cao DungBill and Takako LeeThomas Low & Priscilla JoeVan Tu LyLuciano MocciaNgo Dinh TrieuNguyen HiepNguyen Van QuangNguyen Huu ToanNguyen Minh Thu

    Nguyen Ngoc Phuong HoangNguyen Chau MinhNguyen Thu HuyenJohn Nguyen & Ria FresnozaMinh Chau Nguyen & Per Ljung Pham Thi HuongPhan Thi Hong ThoiPhan Minh TanRon SmithLiliana Suryadi & Bryan Dickinson

    Sylvia Townsend & Charles CowensTran Thi Thanh Ha Veronica & Blandon TuberaVo Van HoangVo Le Phu AnVo Thi HienVu Ngoc HaVu Thuy Y Nga

  • $100,000 & AboveOrganizationsAmici Della Neonatologia TrentinaBESRABill & Melinda Gates FoundationInstitut Europeen de Cooperation et de DeveloppementOrr Family FoundationRonald McDonald House CharitiesThe Atlantic PhilanthropiesThe Boeing CompanyThe Lemelson FoundationThe World BankUSAID

    IndividualsJack & Rose-Marie AndersonNeil Barsky & Joan DavidsonEric Hemel & Barbara MorgenGil & Barbara Kemp

    $25,000 to $99,999OrganizationsAlbatros FoundationAlliance for Global GoodBlue Planet NetworkGE HealthcareHenry E. Niles FoundationMorrison & Foerster FoundationPrudential Vietnam Assurance Private LtdQualcomm, Inc.Smart Tulip FoundationThe Ford FoundationUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillVietnam Education SocietyVNHelp

    IndividualsJerome & Nancy FalkStephen Gunther & Linda Essakow John & Tina KekerGeorge Miller & Janet McKinleySatya Tiwari

    $10,000 to $24,999OrganizationsBBGVBritish Embassy - HanoiDai-Ichi LifeDiageo VietnamDKSHPiedmont Community ChurchShinoda Junko Femin GroupThe Greenwood CompanyThe Jao Foundation

    IndividualsLawrence & Kim DongCharles Gilreath Paul Huddleston & Dori BoudreauBarbara Kafka Frederick Khedouri & Sarah Glazer Peter Singer & Marjorie Kagawa-Singer

    $5,000 to $9,999OrganizationsAkzo Nobel CoatingsClimb for a CauseDuquesne UniversityFriends of the Vinh Son Montagnard Catholic Orphanage

    2012 DONORS

  • International Children Assistance NetworkJewish Community Endowment FundJohnson & JohnsonMTTSNorth Peninsula Jewish Community Teen FoundationThe DOVE FundUnited Nations International School, Hanoi

    IndividualsFrances Allen John & Devora AnnerClaire Burgess William & Phyllis Draper Daniel Kaplan & Kay RichmanThomas Low & Priscilla JoeCarrie Eglinton Manner Dan & Paula ReingoldElise Wen & Carles PolesHang & Sir Malcolm Williamson

    $1,000 to $4,999OrganizationsABC International SchoolBradley Family TrustDesign that MattersFriends of DanangHarvard-Westlake SchoolHealth Research for ActionInternational School of Ho Chi Minh CityIntesa SanPaolo BankLao KidsMoss Adams LLPOsprey PacksRotary Club of the University DistrictRotary Club of the Valley of the Moon, CARotary of Canton, OHSavitsky, Satin, and BaconSporting RepublicThe Bowman Family FoundationThe European Chamber of Commerce in VietnamThe World Bank Community Connections Fund

    University of Michigan Vietnam Student Association

    IndividualsDavid Axelrad & Liza BercoviciBrantly Baynes Jeff & Annie BernardPeter & Alice BronerWilliam & Debby BrownRoger & Marilyn BrowningWilliam Bucholtz Pauline Camacho Anne Cammenga Mary Case Leo Chen Lien & Martin CibulkaWilliam & Joyce CurranGina & David DempseyJames & Maria DickinsonJames Dietzenbach Michael & Sally FitzhughGary FriedmanJudith & Lawrence GlendinningAmanda Hamilton & Tim HemmeterBlaine Honda Michael Horowitz

    2012 DONORS

    Chelsey Ingenito Fields & Ian FieldsCosimo Jencks Ragui Kamel G. Marcus & Pamela KnightDaniel Knox Luis & Lee LainerBill & Takako LeeJimmy Low William Lyons Lynn MacFarland Rusty Mather Robin Matlin & Richard DrianskyJorge Mestman Ellen Miller-Wachtel & Alan WachtelLuciano Moccia Jeffrey Newman & Mary MontellaJesse Newmark Alexander Nguyen Linnea Nilasson Lorraine Parmer Thien Pham Charles Rice Robert Riordan & Spring HillTamara Sanderson Vivi Sasaki George Savitsky Gus Schwed & Lucy HarringtonLinda & David Setzer

  • Emily & Ned SherwoodSalem Shuchman Stan & Paulette ShulmanStephen Simko Keith Soukkala Joe & Carolyn SwindlehurstKimberly & Jeremy TroggioThomas Walczyk Townsend Walker & Beverly MillsRichard & Lan WilkersonMimi Yu

    Up to $1,000OrganizationsAT&T United Way Employee Giving CampaignBarr Charitable FoundationBen Daviscourt Memorial FundCentral Building, Ltd.Chevron Humankind - Chevron CorporationCommunity of Change LLCDTZ Debenham Tie LeungDung Si Thanh Khe Primary SchoolFidelity Charitable Gift Fund

    Hale SchoolHanoi Hash House HarriersHokkaido Japanese Seafood and SteakhouseIBM Employee Charitable Contribution CampaignJPMorgan Chase FoundationLocktonNeotech Products Inc.Phanh Thanh Primary SchoolPPF Vietnam Finance Company LimitedRMIT VietnamRuth and William Merkey FoundationSai Gon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock BankService Interact Club of Galileo Academy Southern California Association Hospital Development Tai Toan LaboratoryTsais Family FoundationTTF FoundationUnited Way California Capital RegionUnited Way of Greater Los AngelesUnited Way of San Diego CountyUnited Way of the Greater Dayton AreaVID Public Bank

    VNN Plus JSCVolleyball SaigonWheelchair Foundation

    IndividualsJudith Abeles Anthony Aboumrad Gerald & Corinne AdlerHarrison Albert Fidel & Prudencia AlfonsoElizabeth Alte Andreas Altmann Robert & Linda AmbroseRichard & Heather AmesMary Amon Paul Amundson Lill Anderson John & Rosemarie AnnerDavid Axelrad & Liza BercoviciJerald & Virginia BachmanV. David Baker Gordon Barron Lillian Barton Abi Basch Gaylen Baxter Richard Berkman & Toni SeidlJack Bernard & Marilynn WestermanShari Bernstein & Daniel NewmanChristina Beros

    Jiten Bhatt Patte Bishop Cecilia Bjork Lawrence & Deborah BlankPaul Boerner Raymond & Verena BortonJanis Boyd Rebecca Bratspies & Bernard SchulzFrancine Brevetti Joseph & Judith BrillGeorge Brogdon Alan Brown Linda Hanna Brynolfsson Debbie Buchwald Ngan Bui & Lam TranBarbara & Jerome BurgKathleen Burns Colleen Burt Lee Burton & Roberta Shaw-ReevesJill Calvert Chau Cao Fabio Cappiello Lisa Carlson Marcia Carpentier Catherine Carreon Michael Chae Mark Chakwin Janet Chan Ronald Chan Vivian Chan Stephanie Charnock Ming Chim Hans Chin

    2012 DONORS

  • MyDzung Chu Arthur & Stephanie ClancyPaula Cohen Terry Collington Alex CortlundGary Cowart Stephen Craxton Wendy Crisafulli & Steve CalhounVirgilio & Audrey CristobalDomingo Santiago Cuadra John & Frances CurleyJames Curtin Mark Dauner Amy DeCew Arthur & Rebecca DHarlingueBruce & Bernice DinnerCharles DiSogra & Susan DuffeyRobert Donovan Robert & Diane DouglassJohn & Lois DreelanScott Drucker George & Dale DrugerPierre Duboc Frances Dunwell & Wesley NatzleVan Duong Joan Eaton Neil Elliott Calvin & Alice EngLeslie Ennis Richard & Sharon Erickson

    2012 DONORS

    Thomas Eusterbrock Katherine FalkRichard Falk & Francine Falk-AllenSusanna Falk & Ashley Kennedy Duyen Faria Robert Fassbender Don & Jackie FeinsteinAlexander Feldman Mark FensterAlyssa Filangeri Edward Filangeri Jennifer Filangeri Jessica Filangeri Daniel Fischler Linda Fisher Lawrence & Elizabeth ForteMattie & Warren FrenchMichael & Dao FrenchDiane Fries Hugh & Elizabeth FullertonPeter Galbraith Rebecca Gallaher Frederick Galloway Richard & Kathy GariepySigmund & Carol GastScott Gattey Kevin Gee George Gibson Kellda & Duane GilesGeorge Gillis Marni Glick Elaine Goldman

    Kathryn & Marvin GoldsmithJudy & Dane GordonAlexandra Gruskos Jasneet Gulati Linda Hableib George Hahm James Haines Geneva Hamilton Joanne Hankamer Justin Hanlon Amy & Thomas HanrahanE. & Joe HansonMartin & Sheila HarrimanDan & Van HaynesMary Alice & John HeaneyBernhard Heck Roslyn Hees Ray Henderson David Herschfeld Jerome & Fleurette HershmanEllen Hertzmark & S. GedwiserPhoenix Phung Hoang Ho Nadine Hoch Suzanne Hoke Richard & Rebecca HornerRichard Horvitz James & Judy HowerYolin Huang Toni Hulbert David Hurwitz Peter Hutcher & Theresa Correia

    Hue Lieu Huynh Jordan & Sarah HymowitzOlukemi Igbon Craig Ilschner Christine Ingle Jack & Harriet IzowerJoel Jepson Yin Ji Jian James Jubak & Marie DAmicoMohamed Kaif Ken Kashiwahara Arthur & Frances KatzJeremy Kay Raymond Keeling Stewart Kemp John & Nancy KemptonCor Koese Rini Kok Kathy Krautwurst Calman & Jane KurtzmanSandra Kusche Jim Laffe Wendy Lai James Lampert Phuong Lan Jeff Lane William & Barbara LarsenBrian Latimer William Laver Cordelia Le Tuan Le & Huong Nguyen Isabella Lee Joseph Lee & Susan Eisner

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    Sarah Lees Craig Leman Daniel Leung Candace Leveille Jeremy Levenson Joe Levinger Ewe Leng Lim Kok-ui Lim Shirley Lincoln Charles Lippa Gordon Love Rick & Elaine LowensCal & Georgie LutzCarolyn Luu Binh Ly Russell Lyons Katherine Ma Barbara Madden Vuong Mai Beth Markowitz Henry & Susan MarkowitzUlla Mast Marc Mauer Susan McConnell Shauna McDaniel Deborah McDonald Mark McDonald Consuelo McHugh James & Gail McIntireDaniel Meek Linda Meier Margit Meissner & Ervin BognarMargaret Merl Carson Metzger Julie Meyer Tom Meyer Sue Middleton

    Barbara Miller Carol Miller Fred & Betty MillerSandra Miller Sandra Morgen Barbara Morrey Richard & Bettina MossPeter Murad P. Gay Myers Larry & Debbie NeinsteinJoy & Don NelsonAlexander NguyenRosalynn Nguyen Tai & Liem Nguyen Thang Nguyen Thy Nguyen Victoria Nguyen Aaron Nissen Roberta Odell Jeanne Oglesby Lulu Ottaviani Kim Parks Fredric & Sandra ParsonEdward & Corinne PatrickJane Patullo William Peacock Richard Peers & Allison ButlerDiane & Braulio PenaChristine Penn Alan Peto Ronald Petrie Cassandra Pham Chris Pham John Phan Mike & Kathie Phillips

    Stephen Phillips Edward & Sandy PickettStephane Pictet Barbara Podell Trudy Powers Binita Pradhan & Manil BajracharyaDiana Price Bruce & Diane PringleTara Pyott Adda Quinn Cynthia Randall Richard Rash Bert & Sheilah RechtschafferLucy Reckseit Carol Reville Fariborz Rezakhanlou & Armineh TerpanchianHilda Richey Colin Ritchie Susan Ritchie Marilyn & Don RodgersCharles Rogers Karen Rowan Dana Sachs Dianne Sainsbury Tan San May Patricia Sandro Nguyen Thi Sanh Juliet Sarkessian Mark & Hope SarkowskyBenjamin Schachter Erich Franz Schimps Patricia & Anthony Sebastian

    Kelly Sin Jonathan Singer Tin Singleton Michael & Bella SkweirJerry SmithLisa Smith Stephen Snyder Monique Sondheim Lange Soo Donnie Statom Ken Stones & Diana WegnerLynn & Bertram StriebHoward Sum Suzanne Summer Elsa Sung Thomas Suriano Cora Tellez Patricia Terry Lynn Thai Albert Than Ann Tours Anhdai TranChien Tran Lena Tran Phuc Tran Tu-Uyen Tran James & Annette TrapnellPatricia Troxel Ann Truong & Terry Hall Lysa Truong Tuyet Truong Marilyn Van Raalte Richard Vanden Heuvel Gray Velasquez Victoria Vu

  • 2012 DONORS

    Alice Waco Charles Wagner Rebecca Wagner Chau & Charles Walters John Walters Clifton Wan Thomas & Joni WannamakerCraig Wardlaw John Weaver Martin Weiss Edo Weits Erica Wiley-Morris Roy & Judy WolffLinda Worthington Brien Wright Banting Wu Catherine Yap Gary Yee David Zerhusen & Katherine SchoffRick & Susan ZimmermanThomas Zimmerman

    In-KindOrganizationsA-DecAEDEA Partners LLCCity of Da NangClearChannel OutdoorColgate VietnamF CubedGlaxoSmithKline VietnamGlobal Dental ReliefMinh Hoang Dental Company

    Post and BeamUnited Nations Mission in TimorWheelchair Foundation

    IndividualsRobert Allen Ronald & Gailmarie BerquistCecilia Bjork Lawrence & Deborah BlankHeather Bond Janis Boyd Linda Hanna Brynolfsson Ingrid BucensKathrina Carrasco Dave Chaix Thaddeus Chamberlain Harry Chapman Stephanie Charnock Tung Hwei Chen Brett Chung Charles Craft Wendy Crisafulli & Steve CalhounThierry DefechereuxJoan Eaton James & Birgitta EdwardsLeslie Ennis Tess Estocapio Edward Filangeri Joe Fogerty Rachelle Galloway-Popotas & Vassilis Popotas

    Kevin Gee Rowena Griffiths Jasneet Gulati Chuck Hazen Helen Hughes Priscilla Joe & Thomas LowRini KokDaniel Leung Candace Leveille MaryJane Levy Michael Lewis Per Ljung & Minh Chau NguyenWilliam Lyons Deborah McDonald Sanjay & Sapna MadhavKatherine ManingasWilliam Manteris Bahareh MostajeleanBud Naff Jeppe Nielsen Joseph Novak Kathleen ODea Christine Penn Katie Phines Melvin & Susan PotterJohn Rayher Maureen & Timothy RileyDianne Sainsbury Junko Satow Christopher Shaw Stan & Paulette ShulmanKelly Sin Lange Soo Robert Spiegel Barbara Stefani

    Ken Stones & Diana WegnerArwel Thomas Ritchie ThomasJames Thompson Duong Ton Tauk TunNgo Tuongo Alexandra Tuton Alberta ValenteKees Van Den BerkThomas Walczyk Clifton Wan Jack Bernard & Marilynn WestermanGarret Wood

  • Thanks for all your support!


    the power of a donation to east meets west

    $50 provides five children free

    modern dental care for one year.

    GIVE A RECURRING GIFTProvide ongoing support to EMW through a recurring donation: you choose the gift amount and frequency. Set up your gift online at www.eastmeetswest.org, use the enclosed envelope, or call a local EMW office.

    MAKE A ONE-TIME DONATION Choose one of three easy ways to give to EMW: make an instant, secure tax-deductible contribution using your credit card at www.eastmeetswest.org; send a check in the envelope enclosed with this report; or call a local EMW office to donate over the phone.

    FIND YOUR MATCH Increase the impact of your donation by giving through a matching gift program. Check to see if your company matches its employees charitable contributionsmany do!

    GIVE THE GIFT OF STOCK A gift of publicly traded securities can provide tax advantages for the donor as it supports EMWs mission.*

    CREATE A LASTING LEGACY Consider including EMW in your estate plans. A bequest can allow you to realize your philanthropic objectives while helping minimize estate taxes for your family.*

    *Consult your tax advisor.

    $200 provides a

    connection to clean, piped water for a family of five.

    $120provides an

    impoverished high school student a

    one-year comprehensive scholarship for school.

    $600provides a

    disadvantaged child housing, food,

    education and job training at the Village of Hope for one year.

    $1,500provides a

    hospital with a phototherapy

    machine to help treat babies with



    The mission of East Meets West is to transform the health, education and communities of disadvantaged people by building partnerships, developing opportunities and creating sustainable solutions.


    OUR CORE PROGRAM AREASEMWs three core areas reflect our commitment to delivering catalytic solutions to difficult development problems around the globe.

    Education Our initiatives stress quality, completion and credentialing for primary, secondary and university students. EMW has pioneered the use of innovative results-based financing in the education sector. Our SPELL scholarships provide comprehensive support to students through high school graduation. SPELL Goes to College gives high-achieving students four-year scholarships to attend university. The Village of Hope Disadvantaged Childrens Center provides shelter, education and a nurturing environment for its young residents.

    Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Water, Sanitation & Hygiene programs work hand-in-hand with local groups and civic leaders in rural communities to help provide sustainable access to clean water and improvements to sanitation and hygiene. Our Clean Water Systems program builds community water systems that bring clean piped water to households and solar-powered systems that deliver clean water to schools. Community Hygiene & Sanitation supports household latrine construction and improved sanitation through innovative Output-Based Aid financing, incentives and community education.

    Global HealthEMWs health programs focus on providing access to healthcare services for children with unmet needs in low-resource settings. The Breath of Life program provides cost-effective neonatal equipment and training to hospitals to save newborn lives. Operation Healthy Heart Plus promotes early identification and treatment of heart defects in children at the community level. The Dental Program employs an innovative social enterprise model to support free dental treatment for children at its clinic and on outreach trips to rural areas.



    Vice President, WASH Solutions

    & Vietnam Country Director

    JOHN ANNERPresident

    TOM LOWChief

    Financial Officer


    Vice President, Global Health




    International Program Director,

    Breath of Life



    Professor of Medicine,

    University of Southern California School of Medicine


    President, Alson Capital



    Arbitrator & Mediator, JAMS, San Francisco

    Retired Partner, Arnold & Porter

    BARBARA KAFKADirector,

    The World Bank retired

    STEPHEN GUNTHERPresident and

    Founder, New Urban West



    CPA and former EMW

    Chief Financial Officer


    Professor of Medicine,

    Loyola University

    SATYA TIWARIPresident, Surya Inc.

    GIL KEMPFounder & President,

    Home Decorators Collection



    Assistant City Manager,

    City of Alameda

    LENA TRANDirector,

    Business and Management UC Extension

    Santa Cruz


    Board of Trustees,

    University of the Cordilleras


    CEO,Clarient Diagnostic

    Services Inc., a GE Healthcare








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