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  • Organization: FitnessBit S.L.

    The company fitnessdigital is organizing a promotion within the Instagram

    community in the form of an online photography competition on the theme of fitness.

    The competition is open to anyone who fulfils the conditions laid out below.


    fitnessdigital is organizing this competition with the aim of encouraging users to

    upload and share on Instagram their own photographs and videos featuring their

    purchased products.

    Period of time of the promotion

    Entries will be admitted from 01/06/2015 until 30/06/2015.

    Method and conditions of participation

    1) The competition is open to all those users of the mobile App Instagram,

    aged 18 or over who are or who have become followers of the account


    2) The uploaded photographs/videos should reflect the use, design or style of

    the product.

    3) At least one product purchased from the fitnessdigital webpage must

    appear in the uploaded photographs/videos and the hashtag

    #playfitnessdigital must be included in the description.

    4) Each user can upload as many photographs/videos as he/she wants to

    before the closing date.

    5) Only those photographs/videos which reflect the theme of the competition

    will be considered.

  • 6) The winning user will be the one whose photograph has the most likes at

    the closing date for the original photographs/videos labelled under hashtag


    7) Note that the privacy settings of Instagram may affect the visibility of the

    photographs labelled under hashtag #playfitnessdigital impeding other App

    users from seeing and voting for them. In order to participate your profile

    must be public.

    Prize and competition winner

    The prize is a Polar A300 Blanco.

    The winner will be the user whose photograph has received the most likes from

    among the uploaded original photographs/videos labelled hashtag #playfitnessdigital.

    If it is not possible to contact the winner within a maximum period of 15 days or in the

    case that the winner rejects the prize, the user with the next highest number of likes

    for his/her photograph will be proclaimed winner.

    When the prize is awarded the winner will be obliged to present identification, in

    order to prove that he/she is a client of fitnessdigital and that the featured product

    has been purchased from the company.

    The prize and the postage will be paid for by fitnessdigital.


    fitnessdigital reserves the right to publish the name of the winner for promotional

    purposes and to share the uploaded photographs/videos which are labelled hashtag

    #playfitnessdigital on its own Instagram profile.

  • Accepting the conditions of the competition

    Merely by participating in the competition the user accepts the legal conditions of

    the competition.

    Date Protection for personal data

    Participants accept, by participating in the competition on Instagram that the

    content and comments which are published in this network may be shared with other

    Instagram users and other social networks.

    Participation in the competition implies the acceptance of Instagrams own rules

    and regulations.

    "The data of the pertaining to the participants, will be handled according to the

    stipulations of the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December, for Personal Data (LOPD)

    and the Royal Decree 1720/2007, 21st December, approved by the Regulation of the

    Organic Law, 13th December, for the protection of personal data (RDLOPD).

    The submission of personal data is obligatory for the prize to be awarded. In the

    event of the submission of any false or erroneous personal information the

    organizers will have the right to disqualify the winner.

    Participants will be able, at any time, by virtue of the prevailing legislation

    regarding the protection of personal data, be able to revoke the authorization

    conceded for the use of said personal data and also exercise their rights of Access,

    Rectification, Cancelation and Opposition, by directing their petition to the following

    email address marketing@fitnessdigital.com or this postal address: Avenida de los

    Olmos 1, Edificio Inbisa D4, Oficina 015, CP: 01013, Vitoria-Gasteiz (lava), with a

    copy of their National Identification Document ".

    "This competition is governed by Spanish legislation.

  • The participants in this competition agree to be submitted to Spanish law and the

    Spanish judicial system courts, in the case of litigation arising between the

    participants and the organizers with regard to the interpretation and application of the

    aforementioned rules of the competition and expressly renounce the legitimacy of

    any other governing body."


    1) fitnessdigital reserves the right to disqualify any participant if they suspect

    an incorrect manipulation of data or a breach of the competition rules.

    2) fitnessdigital reserves the right to disqualify or exclude the participation

    from the competition of any participant who does not meet the

    requirements outlined in the aforementioned rules and conditions of

    participation or who contravenes the rules or objectives of the competition.

    3) fitnessdigital is not responsible for the loss of data due to problems with

    emails and/or due to the malfunctioning of Instagram or the Internet.

    4) fitnessdigital excludes itself from any responsibility for damages of any

    nature which, in spite of the adopted security measures, may be caused by

    inappropriate use of services or content by the users, and, in particular,

    although not exclusively, for any damages of any kind which may be

    caused by impersonation of a third party by a user in any kind of

    communication carried out on the website.

    5) By the same means, the organization is excluded from any responsibility

    for damages of any kind arising from the inappropriate use, manipulation or

    mutilation made by users or unauthorized third parties on the general

    content of this page, as well as any breach of intellectual property rights

  • which may occur, due to failure to comply with the requirements

    established on this website.