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Engagement Letter

by goerkem-yigit





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PROJECT TOPIC: Cloud Farms: what it takes to build it effectively Dear Sirs, We are a public regulatory agency in Lombardy, a region of North Italy with one of the highest pro capita GDP of central Europe. Please consult public available statistics from official sources to make an economic snapshot of Lombardy and understand the context. We need your advisory services to draw a public policy document that explains the following: What are the indispensable components of could computing infrastructure and services What do cloud farms / datacenters and any other supplier of cloud computing services need to establish their operations (investments, capabilities and skills) Are there any benchmarks available from other regions in the world? Please describe them. What are the key ICT players that provide equipments to build cloud farms? Tell us about the SAS model (software as a service): what it is and who is already prepared to sell services under this model Tell us how the major datacenters of TLC companies in Lombrady are organized, where are they and type of services provided Are there any lessons learned from the Nicholas Carr’s views of the parallel evolution of power utility infrastructure and cloud based infrastructures? Prof. F. Pennarola and Prof. F. Sacco are available during weekly office hours (see Bocconi website) to assist you in this research effort. Your consulting report will be welcome by June 17th, 2011 Regards, Your Beloved Client (submit your PowerPoint document on WebLearning no later than June 17th – your Power Point document should be self explanatory – eventually providing extra infos in the notes section - and it should include: 1) a cover page with name of your team + team member names, 2) a list of all references used. You are also welcome to upload your excel file databases.
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