Engaging Learners Through Discussion Pinwheel Protocol.

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Slide 1 Engaging Learners Through Discussion Pinwheel Protocol Slide 2 Goals Learn Strategies for Student Engagement Experience the Pinwheel Discussion Protocol Discuss Classroom Applications Slide 3 Agenda Why Student Engagement is Essential Video on Pinwheel Discussion Protocol Unpack Protocol Stesp Experience Protocol Reflect and Plan Slide 4 Discussion Protocol Sarah Brown Wessling Video Sarah Brown Wessling Video Pinwheel Protocol Broken Down Slide 5 What is a Pinwheel Discussion? Fishbowl Structure Grouped by Persona Provocateur 100% Student Participation Slide 6 What are the benefits? Maximizes student participation Provides freedom for students to generate their own questions and state their own opinions Enhances higher order thinking skills Increases student engagement Creates opportunities for formative or summative assessment Slide 7 Steps Group and Assign Persona Small Group Discussion Time Pinwheel Discussion Reflection Slide 8 Practice Working with John Updikes A & P, Focus = Hierocracy Divide into groups based on your card 10 minutes for discussion, question generation, role exploration Divide into inner and outer circle Provocateur begins Pinwheel Comment on TodaysMeet Slide 9 Reflection Observations and Questions? How might you use this in your classroom? Exit Slip & Evaluation What made you think? What concerned you? What would you like from me?