European Co-ordination Project on COllaborative DEmand and Supply NETworks What partners mission tools and expected results... CO-DESNET is.

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  • European Co-ordination Project onCOllaborative DEmand and Supply NETworksWhat partnersmission tools and expected results...CO-DESNETis

  • The project missionEuropean Co-ordination Project onCOllaborative DEmand and Supply NETworksthrough the European economic and academic landscapethe scientific knowledge on large scale collaborative demand and supply network management problems, tools, solutions.

    To andco-ordinatespread

  • BelgiumSwedenUKHungaryFranceGermanyGreeceIrelandPolandIsraelItalyThe partnersUniversitiesEnterprisesResearch centres From several European and not EC CountriesCo-ordinator partner: Polytechnic of Turin prof. Agostino Villa 22CO-DESNET

  • The durationThe duration of the project officially funded by the European Commission 3 yearsNo limitsThe expected duration of the project mission boosted by the EC European Co-ordination Project onCOllaborative DEmand and Supply NETworks

  • CO-DESNET should act as an exposition virtual place, when universities and industrial bodies interested in SCM issues, make themselves visible each others. The opportunity to boost this connection could be the EXCHANGE OF USEFUL MATERIALThe way to make this connection is the WEB PORTALCO-DESNETThe toolswww.codesnet.polito.itManagement proceduresData and performance evaluatorsInformation on events Contacts


  • CO-DESNETCO-DESNETIn other words, we think that CO-DESNET web portal should seem to a VIRTUAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT SERVICEwithout real walls, but with virtual rooms and services to visitwith the mission of connecting experts and users in CO-DESNET field and spread related knowledge.

  • Lets suppose that the visitor who will enter the portal is an industrial user.lets suppose this user have some kind of problem to manage in his enterprise related to SCM. He can check if there is some specific event in the future about his kind of problemHe can check if there is someone in the chat room/virtual forum/newsgroup somehow expert or interested in his specific situation Finally he can refer to the virtual library, looking for a solution procedure Or to the laboratory, looking for a set of data or a case study that seems to his situation, or for a set of indicators useful to evaluate his performances and to clear his own position.CO-DESNET&

  • The key++VIRTUAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENTSimple translator between user problem and Codesnet library/laboratoryNo-stop link between business user and academic research departmentCO-DESNETAll procedures/data and indicators stored are presented in a standardized language

  • Goals Encourage the approach between research centres and companies within scientific themes and problemsAddress the applied science, like the Supply Network Management, to such a language that does not take the potential users away; does not lose the contact with real problemsMake a scientific paper attractive and easily comprehensible for a business person CO-DESNET


  • irene.cassarino@polito.itCO-DESNETTurin, September 17, 2004 - CODESNET kick off meeting


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