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Heat Recorery Systems Vol. 3, No. 6, pp. 461-464, 1983 0198-7593/83 53.00 + .00 Printed in Great Britain, Pergamon Press Ltd REPORT EUROPEAN COMMUNITY DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS Tm~ COMMISSION of the European Communities has, in addition to the Energy R&D Programme reported regularly in this Journal, a demonstration programme. This programme includes provision for financially supporting projects to demonstrate energy saving technologies, and also operates in the fields of alternative energy and the substitution of hydrocarbons. A number of projects within the scheme are related to heat recovery, and some date back to 1979. Heat recovery projects are listed below, and further information may be obtained from the Commission of the European Communities (DGXVII) in Brussels. Data given here includes the contract number, which also identifies the country, I--Italy, IR--Ireland, N--Holland, UK- - United Kingdom, B--Belgium, H--Greece). The first projects in the list were started during 1979. The total cost and Commission contribution in thousands of Ecu (I Ecu = $1 US approx) is also given. The Demonstration Programme still operates, and a call for tenders closed recently. Not all projects listed necessarily were completed; some being withdrawn. Project List Cost (Thousands Commission Contribution Reference Company Project of Ecu) (Thousands of Ecu) EE/008/IR Carberry Heat recovery from 178 71 a milk dryer EE/016/I Lanerossi Heat recovery from 167 67 cooling water EE/028/I CIGA Combined heat and 1229 492 power EE/046/D MAN New Diesel-powered 239 100 Technology heat pump EE/065/F Saviem Combined heat and 756 227 power EE/174/DK Burmeister & Diesel driven heat 2072 622 Wain pump EE/178/N De Nieuwe Heat pumps 281 112 Weerdjes utilizing river water EE/193/F Beighin Say High temperature 232 70 heat pump EE/209/N PAGV Utilization of waste 431 172 heat for horticulture EE/221/F SMA Total energy system 356 89 EE/238/UK Darlington Heat recovery at a 263 105 Borough Council recreation centre EE/278/I Emel Heat recovery for 1242 435 horticulture EE/301/F Etab. Bonnet Heat recovery from 100 40 dishwashers EE/002/80UK B.F. Fraser Smith Use of waste heat 241 97 for fodder drying EE/014/80NL ljmuiden Use of waste heat 1636 573 from furnaces EE/015/80UK Nuffield College, Gas engine driven 44 18 Oxford heat pump EE/023/80B Bell Telephone Gas engine driven 522 209 heat pump EE/O30/80B SDRW Waste heat recovery 1582 554 from steel industry EE/043/80F Spach Heat pump driven by 34 12 hydraulic turbine EE/O50/80N Alver B.V. Vianen Heat Recovery in 773 232 aluminium surface treatment EE/074/80F USINOR Heat recovery and 8563 2569 storage in a steelworks 461 462 European community demonstration projects Reference Company Project List Project Cost (Thousands of Ecu) Commission Contribution (Thousands of Ecu) EE/079/80UK EE/100/80I EE/128/80DK EE/163/80F EE/176/80D EE/181/801 EE/205/80D EE/209/80UK EE/212/80I EE/2 ! 3/80DK EE/224/801 EE/270/80D EE/002/81B EE/003/811 EE/011/81D EE/014/81N EE/109/81D EE/095/81F EE/129/81UK EE/134/8 ! UK EE/146/81UK EE/180/81I EE/205/81Y EE/221/91F EE/225/81D EE/229/81F EE/24 i/81UK EE/246/81D EE/248/81D EE/251/811R DHSS Pirelli Sabroe Spie Batignoiles Balke-Durr Hotel Consult Energietechnik lona Cathedral Fornaci Laterizi Umbertide European Heat pump Consultors Solmine Maximilianshuette Eisenwerke SDRW SCM Fitchel & Sachs AG Campbell Nedcrland BV Salzgitter AG Alstham Atlantique National Coal Board Ruston Gas Turbines International Research & Dcv. Co. Ltd Industria Cementi Felice Rmconi Zetmeslbedrijven REGIE NOV F. Weissheimer Malzfabrik USINOR Associated British Malsters Thyssen AG 1NTERATOM Kerry Cooperative Creameries Low energy hospital Combined heat and power Organic Rankine cycle system Waste heat recovery Gas Compression Heat Pump CHP Air/water heat pump Heat pump Gas engine-driven heat pump Low energy apartments heated by heat pumps Waste heat recovery Gas converter with recuperation Heat recovery from mill Recovery of energy from cupola furnaces Use of IC engine driven heat pumps in offices A total energy plant for a frozen food factory Construction and operation of an ORC pilot plant Energy recovery at a maltings using a heat pump CHP Exhaust-fired gas turbine CHP High temperature heat pump applied in the chemical industry Utilization of waste heat from a cement kiln Heat recovery in the conversion of starch to glucose Energy recovery on diesel-powered trucks The application of heat pumps in a malting plant Waste heat recovery equipment for hot stoves Air drying using a heat pump Electricity generation from blast furnace gas Utilization of radiant heat of a cement kiln ClIP at a milk processing plant 3357 3443 587 3562 434 194 116 534 90 514 430 6908 968 372 1023 1652 2542 565 3692 3108 197 4839 49 2478 1250 3640 4568 5716 626 6784 1007 861 235 t069 173 78 47 133 36 205 172 2072 387 149 280 661 763 141 923 777 79 759 20 991 249 912 1042 1500 150 1072 European community demonstration projects 463 Reference Company Project List Cost (Thousands Project of Ecu) Commission Contribution (Thousands of Ecu) EE/254;81D EE/26081D EE/288/81F EE/313/811 EE/322/81DK EE/346/81 UK EE/351/81D EE/356/81D EE/050/81D EE/157/811 EE/004/82D EE/010/821 EE/012/82I EE[051/82D EE/053/82F EE/082/82N EE/093/82B EE/097/82D EE/110/82B Vereinigte Saar Elektrizitat Audi NSU Auto Union Chamber of Commerce & Industry Teksid SpA Tondferhallern/ Tonder Tek. Skole Stone Fluidfire MAN New Technology Badenwerk Gerresheim Glas AG Italcantieri SpA Ruhr Zink Construzioni lndustriali Rhone Poulenc Stadtwerke Moteurs Leroy-Somer Akzo Zout Chemic Brouwerij Palm SA Huttenwerke Kayser AG RTBF Heat recovery in 2229 a central power station Heat recovery from 622 exhaust of reheating installation Refuse incineration 3454 with heat recovery Energy recovery from 1604 gas exhaust of cupola furnaces Installation of a 205 heat pump Industrial application 363 of the falling cloud heat exchanger Manufacture and 1440 testing of domestic absorption heat pumps Utilization of heat I 1509 from a nuclear power station Utilization of 2129 waste heat of glass container furnaces Construction of 1000 marine Diesel engine exhaust heat recovery plant Heat exchanger for 441 preheating of spent electrolyte with neutral solution Installation of vapour 2685 compression system for alcohol production Heat pump with 4653 direct mechanical recompression in a chemical process Utilization of waste 4927 heat potential of treated waste water and sludge gases in sewage plant Water-to-water 113 residential heat pumps Waste heat utiliation 2500 for evaporation of brine Biogas production, 860 heat recovery of an aerobic treatment of brewery waste water Heat recovery from 264 hearth furnace waste gases Heat recovery on VHF 40 transmitters and amelioration of heat production and supply 780 249 781 562 82 145 440 346 507 400 176 268 1163 271 45 750 344 106 16 464 European community demonstration projects Reference Company Project List Project Cost (Thousands of Ecu) Commission Contribution (Thousands of Ecu) EE/149/82I EE/156/82D EE/160/82H SNIA MAN INOTEX Reduction of energy cost for interlacing synthetic filaments and compression heat recovery of air in same process Large heat pump with mixed refrigerant Waste heat recovery in textile finishing 425 798 82 170 316 33


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