European Territorial Co-Operation 2014 – 2020 Preparing a new EU Programme for Cross Border Co-Operation (INTERREG V) and a new EU Programme for Peace.

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SEUPB Five Years OnEuropean Territorial Co-Operation 2014 2020 Preparing a new EU Programme for Cross Border Co-Operation (INTERREG V) and a new EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation (PEACE IV)Local Government Workshop12 February 2013 1Early 2014 Submission, negotiation and approval of Operational Programmes with European CommissionMid 2014Commencement of new INTERREG V and PEACE IV Programmes Ex Ante EvaluationsEquality Impact Assessments Strategic Environmental Assessments Socio-Economic ReviewProgramme Evaluations2Timeline for new Programmes Public Consultation Open from August to November 2011 Have committed to producing OUTLINE Operational Programmes for DPER and DFP and Scottish Government by December 2012 Further refinement of Operational Programmes during first quarter of 2013 At the same time as this is going on we will be carrying out the Ex Ante evaluations, Strategic Environmental Assessments, Equality Impact Assessments on both programmes Following on from this, we will be going out to formal statutory consultation on the Ex Antes, the SEAs and the EQIAs We will be hoping to be in a position in summer/ autumn 2013 to seek formal approval of the Operational Programmes by the NI Executive, the Irish Government and the Scottish Government. We will then be seeking to submit, negotiate and approve the programmes with the European Commission with a view to starting the programmes in early 2014 ONE BIG CAVEAT THE EU BUDGET AND NEGOTIATIONS AND AGREEMENT ON THE EU BUDGET IS NOT COMPLETE AND NOT EXPECTED UNTIL MID 2013 WILL HAVE A MAJOR EFFECT ON OUR TIMETABLE. Emerging Views on INTERREG V No overall consistent view on four themes for INTERREG V Up to six themes emerging but only four can be chosen: No 1: Research and Development No 3: Competitiveness of SMEsNo 4: Low Carbon Economy No 6: Environmental Protection and Resource EfficiencyNo 2: Information and Communication Technologies No 9: Social Inclusion and Combating PovertyEmployment and Labour Mobility and Transport also popular themesMany responses lack detail on actual projects under these themes 3Choosing themes for INTERREG VEnsure projects fit with the thematic objectives as outlined in the draft Regulations Ensure themes fit with the priorities of Government Departments in NI / Ireland / ScotlandDemonstrated added value of cross border co-operationEnsure complementarity with the ERDF and ESF programmes which are being developed by DETI and DELEnsure the anticipated absorption capacity of proposed themes as evidenced by a project pipelineConsider the findings of the socio-economic reviewConsider the views expressed in the EU Commissions position papers to UK and Ireland.4Emerging Views for PEACE IV Activities in the PEACE IV programme likely to be within themes: No 9: Combating Social Exclusion No 10: Education and Lifelong learning Strong consensus on a renewed focus on young people Assistance for young people who are economically excluded Youth activities Education of young people In line with the views expressed on PEACE IV by the European Commission papers to UK and Ireland 5Delivery Structures - Principles Depends on choice of thematic objective, in line with responsibility and legal competenceTake account of the Review of Public Administration in NI and Putting People First in IrelandEfficiency within the public sectorBuild on the existing organisational capacities at local government level, rather than creating new structuresRobust, accountable and allow for simplification Co-ordinated across funds if possible and for cross border programme must involve both Member States 6Delivery Structures - Principles Appropriate to respond to the need for results based programmes Appropriate absorption capacity for the allocated fundingCover the entire life cycle of the project and programme delivery, from project development support, application and assessment process right through to audit and control7


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