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    Irvines 99 percent speaks upphoto courtesy of Zorrane abdeali

    Part time vs. full time faculty

    CollegeShuffle website

    helps students transfer

    to the university of their


    Classes taught by part-time and full-time instructors differ significantly, and even though the curricula have standardized elements, students must often make case-by-case class deci-sions.

    For some, websites like rate-myprofessors.com help solve the problem of choosing a ticket number.

    For others, academic counsel-lors help to make informed de-cisions on which class and in-structor would work best for an individual.

    Still more students choose to play it by ear and pick based on scheduling or seat availabil-ity. While ones schedule may be strict or important, or while seats may be limited, these op-tions may end in disappoint-ment.

    With all of these extraneous factors, what can even be mea-sured?

    At Saddleback College, the differences between the part-time and full-time faculty them-selves are generally standard.

    For some, part-time instruc-tors are preferred, for others, full-time.

    In my computer science class, my instructor is around a lot, said Kirk Bishopp, 37, computer science, in reference to his full-time computer sci-ence instructor. Shes in the lab, and shes very available to students.

    Full-time instructors have of-fices on campus, and the majori-ty have regular office hours dur-ing which students can get help with their class work.

    Many full-time instructors also work in their departments, which keeps them on campus more than other full timers.

    With my part-time instruc-tors, I really havent had much need to contact them outside of class, Bishopp said. Spe-cifically for math I dont find it to be an issue because of the [Learning Asistance Program].

    Chistopher Paquette, a part-time English instructor and Academic Senate alternate rep-resentative has been at Saddle-back since 2004. He describes teaching here as a great expe-rience.

    I feel I am passing on a gift to young people that is going to outlive me. Its wonderful to have a job that allows you to invest in people, Paquette said. Being a part-time teach-er at this school has brought me steady work that I can rely on, and thats a blessing, especially in the times were living in.

    Teachers here, I feel, have a

    Students dfifer on the idea of the benefits be-tween the full time and part tiime faculty at Saddleback.


    Early September the Oc-cupy Wall Street move-ment has gained an ex-treme amount of followers and sub-movements, some reaching as far as Orange County.

    While the movement started in September main news net-works didnt start to cover the event until nearly a month later. However once viral videos of what was happening hit the In-ternet, the world seemed to start paying attention.

    According to occupywallst.org, the people are protesting the greed and corruption of the one percent of society. Thus Wall Street being the center of commerce in the known world, it is also the epicenter of the protests.

    What many people may see is the use of masks from the mov-ie, and comic book V for Ven-detta. This mask is very distinct in being a white mask with red, rosy cheeks and a pencil mous-tache and beard. In the source material this mask is to repre-sent the historic revolutionary Guy Fawkes and his ideals.

    Fawkes is a famous sym-bol for civilian unrest, as he planned to destroy the British Parliament in the early 1600s because he believed their cor-ruption needed to be wiped out. He was caught and hanged, but his legacy of civilian unrest re-mained alive throughout time.

    Currently the mask still holds symbolism and is used in post-ers and other mediums. While the movement has no clear lead-ership, with people of all races and creeds, except the members have one thing in common: they are the other 99 percent.

    I think its a good idea be-cause the whole protest is uni-fying and getting everybody on the same page and having a big objection. Then well see real progression as a whole, Antho-ny Marquina, 20, anthropology said.

    While many people support the Occupy movement, some people question how much the movement can actually accom-

    plish.I think that in order to

    achieve their goal, they need to have a direct objective, said Alex Mappes, 27, education. Im for it and all, but the main goal seems too unclear.

    Using the new protest tac-tic known as Arab Spring, the Occupy movement has been in full force for more than three months. Arab Spring is a tac-tic that has been used earlier in 2010 with the political uprisings in countries in the Middle East.

    The tactic uses the relatively new innovation of social media to organize followers and raise awareness of others of their

    plight. Occupy Wall Street has done just that.

    While initially the media ignored the movement, the worlds attention was grabbed once videos and pictures taken during the protests were put on the web. Many of these videos and pictures portray gruesome acts of brutality toward peaceful but determined protesters.

    Pepper spray seemed to be frequently used on the protest-ers, even when they were be-hind a line of police officers.While these instances of civilian unrest are happening, many po-litical figures are willing to con-demn the actions of a movement

    that speaks for the other 99 per-cent. Majority leader Repre-sentative Eric Cantor called the multiple movements mobs and said that they are pitting Americans against Americans.

    Occupy Wall Street is not just limited to New York and is not limited to just the liberal mind-ed individuals of the country.

    Occupy Orange County is underway with protests in Ir-vine and Santa Ana. The oth-er 99 percent is a clear major-ity, maybe the protest will mean something when 99 percent of the world shouts no to the wealthy.

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    photo by alyssa hunter/lariat

    What are the best coffee

    shops in Southern

    California? Article lists

    best shops and

    describes why.

    On A&E:

    photo by takako tominaga/flickr: cc by-sa 2.0

    Coldplay comes out

    with with their fifth

    album and is currently

    the No. 1 album on


    On life:

    photo by alyssa hunter/lariat

    Volleyball games pro-

    ceeds assist Side-Out

    Dig Pink Volleyball

    Breast Cancer Aware-

    ness Campaign.

    On sports:

    photo by alyssa hunter/lariat

    Mens water polo de-

    feats Santa Ana 11-8

    last Wednesday at

    Saddleback pool. They

    will be competing in a

    tournament Nov. 4

    and 5.


    NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION: The RapidTech program, which is the Additive Manufacturing program at Saddleback College, helps develop new products for advanced prototyping.

    photo by alyssa hunter/lariat

    In BriefA town hall meeting is to be held at Saddle-back College Tues-day, Nov. 8 to discuss recom-mendations made by the state for improving city college completion rates.

    The Student Success Task Force under the California Community Colleges Chan-cellors Office has been look-ing at the best models and practices used in colleges throughout the United States to improve student success in the state of California.

    From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. col-lege officials will be meeting in the Ronald Reagan board of trustees room in the Health Sciences Building to discuss drafts created by the state.

    Recommendations will in-clude an increase in academic counseling, delivering reme-dial instruction, improving the student assessment pro-cesses, and the use of tech-nology to help students reach their educational goals faster.

    - Michael Dorame



    From the first time one picks up a bat to play T-Ball, most children dream of someday playing on the World Series-winning team. This dream came true last Friday for St. Louis

    Cardinals second baseman and Saddleback College alumnus Nick Punto when his team won the Series.

    After graduating from Trabu-co Hills High School and play-ing for the Gauchos, Punto was eventually inducted into Saddle-

    back Colleges Hall of Fame in 1998. He is perhaps one of the most famous athletes to come out of the college.

    He was drafted by the Boston Red Sox, but he didnt make his debut in the league until 2001 with the Philadelphia Phillies.

    That year, Punto had a .239 batting average, 4 home runs, and 26 runs brought in. In 2005, 2006, and 2007 he struggled for the Minnesota Twins.

    He posted career lows in all categories and had one the worst slugging percentages in the his-tory of the league in 2007.

    Punto had a rough few years in the league. In the second half of the 2008 season, after be-ing injured the first half, he im-proved.

    He was the Twins starting shortstop and had a .284 bat-ting average and had 28 runs brought in.

    After a year full of strong per-formances in 2008, 2009, and 2010, he was injured and was placed on the disabled list for a majority of both seasons.

    During this time, he lost his starting job to Brendin Harris.

    In January 2011, he signed with the St. Louis Cardinals. He had a decent year and stayed healthy.

    photo by keith allison/flickr cc by-sa 2.0

    WORLD SERIES: Nick Punto, the second baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, was a former student at Saddleback College.

    Cardinals meet alumnusCHRIS CANTWELL



    lot of freedom to create the kind of classroom they want, Paquette said.

    For part-timers, however, that freedom comes at a cost.

    Making ends meet is difficult for part timers, Paquette said. Freeway flyers, which are in-structors who work part-time at multiple schools, are common between Saddleback, Irvine Valley College, and other near-by campuses.

    Part time instructors are a lot like the commuter students at Saddleback, Paquette said. They come to campus, they go to their classroom, and they go home.

    Part-time instructors are not required to hold office hours, and the majority choose not to.

    Basketball assists by raising money for cancer

    Continued from Page 1FacultyStudents create site to ease transfer pains

    Transferring to four-year uni-versities can be difficult, and websites like CollegeShuffle.com attempt to make the pro-cess easier for students to tackle.

    The site currently supports an estimated 500 transfer students for the University of Califor-nia, Los Angeles, said Founder of CollegeShuffle, Zorrane Abdeali. The service hopes to expand to other UC schools by next spring.

    Inspired by his younger broth-er, Komail Abdeali, co-founder of CollegeShuffle, Zorrane started the site after witnessing Komails challenges when try-ing to transfer from Saddleback College to UCLA.

    He would tell me how he would constantly meet with his counselor and browse the Inter-net for answers to his questions about ways to transfer to his

    dream college, UCLA, but was never satisfied with the results, Zorrane said.

    The more transfers he spoke to from UCLA, the more confi-dent he became. I had learned from a number of my friends that had transferred colleges that my brother was not alone, Zorrane said.

    Komail transferred from Sad-dleback in 2009, and completed his education at UCLA this year.

    CollegeShuffle is something Im very passionate about be-cause not only did I transfer, I feel what we are doing is already

    helping students accomplish goals they previously believed impossible, Komail said.

    The more past transfer stu-dents I tell about the Colleg-eShuffle project, the more I hear the comment I wish this was around when I was transfer-ring. Were on the right track, and its only going to get bet-ter, Komail said.

    CollegeShuffle serves as an easy-to-use platform for trans-ferring students to have the ability to learn from each other, Zorrane said.

    Its features include specific information about colleges, such as admission stats, col-lege rating and reviews, and tips on how to improve a students chances of acceptance.

    The sites social networking allows transfer students to build a community with similar goals.

    Students [can] contact and interact with other students

    facing similar challenges, and thereby benefit from the experi-ences of others, Zorrane said.

    The site provides these solu-tions via multiple modes: stu-dent interviews and reviews, discussion forums, and student-authored articles.

    Along with UCLA, Zorrane expects to have four more col-leges built on the site by next year for students to check out.

    Visit the site at http://www.collegeshuffle.com/.


    COLLEGESHUFFLE: Founders, Komail and Zorrane Abdeali, hope to expand the website to other University of California.


    The teachers union contract, also called The Academic Em-ployees Master Agreement, was voted on last week and rati-fied on Oct. 24 by the board of trustees at Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College.

    According to Lewis Long, the South Orange County Com-munity College District faculty association chairman, the new agreement is going to be imple-mented by the district and will be put into effect until its expi-ration date on July 30, 2014.

    Most of our faculty recog-nize the difficult, almost cata-strophic situation faced by our

    state and its educational sys-tems, and recognize that in the face of those challenges, the contract we negotiated is an out-standing achievement, Long said.

    almost 57 percent of the fac-ulty from both IVC and Saddle-back voted online, with over 95 percent voting in favor of the contract as it stands, Long said.

    there are few changes from the previous agreement even though the negotiations have been going on for 19 months, Long said.

    New ratificationsDAVID GUTMAN


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    Maecenas ac massa at pu-rus aliquam varius. Sed vitae laoreet mauris.

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    Fusce mollis adipiscing so-dales. Fusce dictum velit eget neque pellentesque consequat.

    Aenean dolor arcu, tempus ac fermentum non, iaculis at nunc.

    Morbi laoreet dignis-sim mi, vitae placerat justo lacinia accumsan. Donec et ante diam.

    >>Streamlined admissions

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    >>Flexible scheduling >>A unique one-course-per-month format >>Scholarship programs

    At National University, we know you cant sit in class all day or lock yourself in a library youve got work,

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    finish your degree and move on into a new career. National

    University makes that possible with:

    800.NAT.UNIV | getinfo.nu.edu/transfer

    N A T I O N A L U N I V E R S I T Y

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    l Uni


    ity 1


    The University of Values

    COSTA MESA CAMPUS3390 Harbor Boulevard714.429.5100

    ONLINE INFORMATION CENTERWestfield Main Place714.564.3600

    (949) 347-8700 ext. 1800

    Saddleback College hon-ors breast cancer awareness through proceeds during a bas-ketball scrimmage on Oct. 29.

    Players practiced to loud mu-sic that rang through the gym while the stands filled up with supporters. The team can only scrimmage one time before the season.

    The Saddleback team pre-pares for their season by scrim-maging Lady Swish, a second year professional team with the Womans American Basketball

    Association.Sandra Towne, grandmoth-

    er of Saddleback player Rina Towne, said, Duh! Im a wom-an, and its very important to be aware and to support breast can-cer.

    Lady Swish had clothing, bracelets and candy for sale. Of all the proceeds 25 percent goes to support breast cancer aware-ness, another 25 percent goes to Saddleback Ladys basketball and 50 percent goes to Lady Swishs team.

    Saddleback students, local high schools, family and friends of teammates will come sup-

    port, said Fentriss Winn, Head Coach of Saddlebacks Ladys.

    With people supporting the team and buying clothes or snacks they can also donate money for breast cancer.

    We are just doing this to

    support breast cancer and to get ready for our season that starts in January, said Lady Swish.


    LADY SWISH: Sandra Towne, grandmother of Saddleback bas-ketball player Rina, buys candy to support breast cancer.

    Photo by AlyssA hunter/ lAriAt

    Photo Courtesy of ZorrAne AbdeAli

    To read full story, go to our website lariatnews.com

    The site serves as an easy-to-use platform for transferring students.

    To read full story, go to our website lariatnews.com

    To read full story, go to our website lariatnews.com




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    COFFEE FIX: With the many different varieties of coffee beans and coffee stores, the average coffee drinker has a lot to choose from in terms of quality and quantity.

    The pursuit of career happiness made difficult by reality of low paychecks

    When looking for a career to call our own, sometimes we stumble across the fact that enjoying our work and earn-ing substantial pay does not go hand in hand.

    While Im finding my way through college, theres a lot for me to consider, like whether the path I choose will pay the bills and if it really is some-thing I can do for years without becoming jaded or bored.

    For those who found both happiness and a good salary in life, congratulations, you have achieved what many people have found impossible.

    For those who are unsure where to begin, how can these

    two great career benefits, hap-piness and money, be combined into one primary goal?

    To find our true calling, sometimes our greatest assets are disguised as hobbies. For example, I love to write, so theres a chance that I could find a career that requires writ-ing skills, like an author or a journalist.

    While it can feel exciting and assuring to do what you love, your paycheck should give you the same feeling as the work actually did.

    While this may or may not be true, it is also possible that money can be the root of all troubles.

    It can be frustrating to find out that the profession you have longed to be a part of has some

    setbacks, like a meager salary or few benefits.

    I have seen people do what keeps them inspired while liv-ing on an undesirable income, so I know it is not impossible. Many college students have followed their dreams while living a humble lifestyle so I know it isnt a far-fetched feat.

    So what can we do when the career doesnt pay?

    There is no correct answer for a question like this, and finding an answer can be a stressful event for many.

    While following a career path that I am passionate about is one of my many goals...

    To read full story, visit http://www.lariatnews.com


    Which coffee type is worth the hype?

    The three most common cof-fee shop franchises in Southern California are Peets, Start-bucks, and Coffee Bean, but as an avid coffee drinker myself I set out to find which coffee shop is truly number one.

    There is no question that Starbucks takes the prize for the most locations in a one mile radius.

    In Southern California, we can always count on a Star-bucks to be within five minutes from any location to cater to our daily caffeine fix.

    With over 4 billion cups of coffee sold every year, most would automatically grant Star-bucks the best coffee shop winner, but in my experiences I have found that quantity does not always lead to quality or consistency.

    All three coffee shops have a loyal following with many reasons as to why their coffee shop is the best.

    I love Peets because it is al-ways so consistent and I know that I will always get a good cup of coffee when I come here, said Nicholas Theisen: a loyal Peets coffee goer.

    Starbucks is a much more convenient stop than trying to go to any other place, espe-cially in the morning when Im in a hurry, said Ximena Mendoza, 23, a daily Starbucks consumer.

    I think that Coffee Bean just has much more variety than

    any other coffee shop, and I can taste the difference in flavor with the blended drinks, said Brittany Mcneil, 19, a Coffee Bean customer.

    When it comes to conve-nience, Starbucks is definitely the better choice, but one must be ready to sacrifice quality for the convenience.

    It is less convenient to find a Peets, but the quality of the coffee at Peets greatly differs from Starbucks.

    Peets vows to always have fresh brewed coffee.

    In fact, they brew a fresh pot every 30 minutes.

    Im not saying that the quali-ty of the coffee at Peets is nec-essarily better than Starbucks, but if one is basing quality on the intensity of the coffee, than Peets would be the better choice.

    The coffee blends at Peets are much stronger than at Cof-fee Bean or Starbucks, and this may be a reason as to why someone would rather go to Coffee Bean or Starbucks for their coffee and vice versa.

    Coffee Beans coffee drinks are not as strong as Peets, but the company is considered to be the founders of gourmet coffee in California, according to its website.

    The coffee and the blended coffee drinks at Coffee Bean tends to be much sweeter than Starbucks or Peets.

    This correlates with the intensity of the coffee that is served by the company.

    Like Starbucks, Peets coffee

    easily beats Coffee Beans cup of Joe when it comes to inten-sity, but it is also important to note that some prefer Coffee Beans weaker roast that is served.

    When it comes to the best coffee shop in Southern Cali-fornia everyone will have their own opinion and reasons when considering the winner.

    Those who prefer conve-nience will most likely pick Starbucks.

    Those who prefer gourmet coffee that is low in intensity, will most likely pick Coffee Bean.

    Those who prefer a stronger blend, will most likely prefer Peets over the other two men-tioned.

    I am one who prefers a darker roast rather than some-thing sweet, especially in the mornings.

    So if, I had to pick which of the three coffee shops is the best coffee shop in Southern California, I would have to go with Peets.

    Although I prefer Peets cof-fee over Starbucks or Coffee Bean, I still make more stops at Starbucks because of its conve-nience.

    I also enjoy the chai tea latte at Coffee Bean more than at Starbucks or Peets.

    When it comes down to the overall quality and consistency of the coffee, Peets is the clear winner in my book.



    How to spot good and bad reality TV

    The reality TV debate causes people to question whether it is harmless entertainment or taking part in corrupting our society.

    Reality television has be-come a guilty pleasure in our culture.

    It taps into an animalistic desire for sex, violence, and emotional investment in the lives of others.

    Many are fascinated with it, because it is relatable to the average person.

    It often shows everyday problems and issues.

    The genre is simple minded for sure and immensely cheaper to produce than shows like HBOs Boardwalk Empire or AMCs Mad Men.

    The top networks that have tapped into the reality TV mar-ket are, Bravo, A&E, E!, VH1, and MTV.

    When many people hear the words reality television, they automatically pair the idea with shows like Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant, and Teen Mom, that air on MTV.

    My mind immediately wan-ders to the way in which those shows has become a form of entertainment that is both trashy and lowers the IQ of our society.

    Shows like these give real-ity TV a bad rap, because they often promote bad habits and moral choices.

    The shows 16 and Preg-nant and Teen Mom started off with good intentions of showing young girls the hard-ships of being a young mother, and the extra struggles they will have to endure.

    However, it seems to have had the opposite effect.

    With the popularity of the shows among teenagers, many girls see how the teenage moth-ers from the show appear in the tabloids and some are even on the cover of magazines.

    This seeps ideas into their heads that if they become teen mothers, they too can be fa-mous.

    They ignore realities of single-parenthood, lower the quality of life in themselves and their children.

    This also decreases their likelihood of going to college, or even graduating from high school.

    Ironically, this is the result of a reality TV show.

    Despite shows like these, not all reality television negatively affects our society.

    Like myself, many forget shows like Survivor, Project Runway, and Top Chef, which give average people the oppor-tunity to work hard for an end

    prize. Shows like these demonstrate

    that if you work hard and have determination, anything is possible.

    Some may argue that these type of shows are scripted and they often have a winner cho-sen from the beginning, but at least they have a positive mes-sage.

    The main themes are not focused on alcoholism, inces-sant partying and tanning, and unintelligent conversation, like Jersey Shore.

    Another key aspect of reality TV, is the inside look into the lives of celebrities.

    With shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the draw of viewers is that they are able to see how celebrities live and function in a home envi-ronment.

    While often parts of these shows are scripted, it still draws people in to see the lat-est drama happening with these celebrities.

    In fact, E! television net-work has made a huge profit off of this market, with shows like Kendra, Hollys World, Kourtney and Kim take New York, and Khloe and Lamar.

    To read full story, visit http://www.lariatnews.com




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  • Wildly successful mega-band, Coldplay, released its fifth studio album, Mylo Xyloto, last Tuesday.

    The album takes on a much more anthemic theme than any of the bands previous works, and it is the most musically am-bitious effort the band has ever produced.

    While frontman Chris Martin fills the record with even bigger choruses than 2008s Viva La Vida, it is also accompanied by the musicians ever pres-ent feel-good lyrics. It seems that Coldplay has chosen to stick to what it knows best on Mylo Xyloto, and that is mu-sic geared toward uplifting the soul.

    As always, the lyrics of each track provide an exhilarating sensation of empowerment and inspiration.

    In Every Teardrop Is a Wa-terfall, the first single off Mylo Xyloto, Martin sings of a revolution brought on by young people. The track is a rather accurate foreshadowing of the overall feel of the album.

    The mega-band even pro-duced its first slightly danceable cut with Just Like Heaven.

    On Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay integrated its venture into a more artistic and worldly sound taken on in Viva La Vida with the bands founding musical style.

    Tracks like Up in Flames and Us Against the World are reminiscent of the early Cold-play style found in Yellow and The Scientist, both of which can be considered two of the bands most iconic songs.

    Coldplay experiments with the sounds and rhythms in each of its musical endeavors, and it did just that on Mylo Xyloto.

    Princess of China, a col-laborative effort with Rihanna, achieves the middle-ground style the band has been seeking.

    It is a slightly darker track than the others found on the album, but it is also one of the highlights on the compilation.

    Other highlights include the previously mentioned track Us Against the World and Para-dise.

    The variation in sounds and rhythms found on Mylo Xy-loto only cements the fact that Coldplay remains to be one of the few bands that consistently provides an escape from the re-petitive sounds of todays pop music.

    Another version of The Three Musketeers has hit the-aters once again.

    This new one unfortunately includes a couple of blimp air-ships, modernized weapons and some matrix-like action where you cant tell whats going on.

    The usual suspects Athos, Porthos and Aramis meet up with the young, arrogant DArtagnan, who wants to kill them all over stupid crap and so he meets them all in the same location to duel.

    Of course, they all immedi-ately become friends once they see they have a common enemy, the cardinal and the Duke of Buckingham, played by once well cast actor Orlando Bloom, whom they join forces against.

    The action is just like any oth-er modern matrix-like over the top, unrealistic action you might see in any modern day movie.

    It includes all the common clichs and stupidity you would see in any other artistically cheap and superficial action film.

    Weapons have been

    modernized including a ma-chine cannon on one of the ornate air ships.

    Much of the movie consists of badly written dialogue and the storyline has mostly to do with the cardinals plots to take over France.

    They had to have a skanky fe-male object in the film, Milady, who easily takes out guards with her super martial arts skills.

    And what modern day shallow action film would be complete without an over weight idiot for the main characters to make fun of and treat like crap?

    This is accomplished by the Three Musketeers servant, who is always told to shut up. Wow, comic gold. Not.

    The supposed good guys arent really that good.

    They are all willing to kill DArtagnan over stupid of-fences in the beginning and he in turn is willing to kill them, and yet they all become friends when they have a fight with the cardinals men, in which they easily fight off 40 dudes.

    Whatever happened to chal-lenge? This movie doesnt portray it well.

    One scene that is

    especially disappointing is when DArtagnan fails to con-vey mercy on Milady, who was lenient towards him in an earlier scene. What a horrible charac-ter.

    What ever happened to ad-venture and actual good guys, who children could look up to?

    As for the acting, it wasnt horrible, but the characters just dont reach that level in which a connection or attachment was made.

    The actors in the film did well in other films, but just didnt seem to do as good of a job in this one.

    Over the top and cheap are the two words that describe this movie best.

    It was just like any other over budgeted Hollywood action film. While the sets, costume design and scenery were all beautiful, the movie most cer-tainly was not.

    It gets one star out of five, and that one star comes only be-cause of the design aspect.

    A waste of money and time, the Disney version was much better.


    3 Musketeers totally flopped


    Photo By DennissylvesterhurD/ Flickr cc By-nc-nD 2.0

    UNDERWHELMED: Despite the hype, the film diappoints due to poor dialogue and futuristic weapons.

    UFC 137: Penn Vs DiazUFC 137 Penn vs. Diaz was

    a great pay per view with an ac-tion packed fight card and a lot of displayed emotions. The fight last Saturday was initially sup-posed to be George St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit for the UFC Welterweight Championship.

    This event showcased two co-main events, a main event, and a few other fights. The two co-main events were Roy Nel-son vs. Mirko Cro Cop and Matt Mitrione vs. Cheick Congo. The main event was B.J. Penn vs. Nick Diaz.

    Nelson vs. Cro Cop was an intense fight. Roy Nelson has a record of 16-6, stood at 6-foot-0, 252 pounds, and has a 73 inch reach. Mirko Cro Cop had a record of 27-9-2, stood at 6-foot-2, 235 pounds, and also has a 73 inch reach.

    This fight was mostly domi-nated by Nelson. He started the first round with fierce right hands and a great ground and pound game. He continued to do so in the second round, but got cut open by Cro Cop by some intense uppercuts. Cro Cop survived a mounted cruci-fix in the second round, but was later knocked out by Nelson in the third. Legend Mirko Cro Cop announced retirement after the fight.

    Saddleback student, Brian Duenas, 21, undecided, said Nelson had the weight ad-vantage and used that to his advantage. Cro Cop got winded too fast.

    The fight between former NFL lineman Matt Mitrione and Cheick Congo was fought very cautiously. Their effort and

    performance was booed by the crowd.

    The Main Event was a blood-bath and an amazing fight. B.J. Penn has a record of 16-7-2, stood at 5-foot-9, 169 pounds, has a 70 inch reach, and is rec-ognized as one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time. Nick Diaz has a record of 26-7, stood at 6-foot-0, 170 pounds, has a 76 inch reach, and is one of the best fighters in the sport right now. Both fighters are black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

    In the first round, Penn and Diaz came out very aggres-sive with each throwing a large amount of punches. B.J. was the first to get Nick on the ground. He put him on his back and looked like he was going to sub-mit him.

    The second round was all Diaz. B.J. had some good

    uppercuts and leg kicks, but Nick outboxed him and showed a lot better cardio. Diaz hit him with big body shots and a lot of punches to the head. He busted open Penns eye to the point where he was bleeding pretty bad. B.J. showed so much heart and would not give up. Penn really took a beating and was exhausted by the end of the sec-ond round.

    In the third and final round, Penn showed even more heart and fought back to the last sec-ond. It just wasnt enough. Diaz was far more conditioned and has some of the best cardio in the business. He wore out B.J. by the end of the fight.

    It was a good fight, but Penn got tired a lot faster. Duenas said. Diaz was just too fast and his cardio was fantastic.

    After the fight was over, Nick Diaz called out George St. Pierre saying that he wasnt re-ally hurt and that he was scared of him. That was a sign of ar-rogance and smart tactics. A few minutes later Penn told an-nouncer Joe Rogan that he plans on retiring because he is tired of going home to his daughters looking all battered and bruised up. If he officially retires, we will all miss The Prodigy, and he will go down as one of the greatest UFC fighters ever.

    Diaz is a punk and St. Pierre would destroy him. St. Pierre is a better fighter, Duenas said. Bj is getting old and he will al-ways have his kids in the back of his mind. Penn made the right choice on retiring. He has no need to fight or prove a point anymore, we know hes one of the best ever.


    ALBUM: Coldplay released its fifth studio album Mylo Xyloto.

    PRODIGY: BJ Penn gears up in preparation for his much antici-pated fight against Nick Diaz




    Photo By Daehyun Park/Flickr: cc By 2.0

    Coldplay enthralsPhoto By malleus_BranDo cc-By nD 2.0

    New show on deck

    The Importance of Being Earnest is coming to Saddle-back Colleges McKinney Theatre starting Friday, Nov. 4 at 8 p.m.

    The play by Oscar Wilde is a social comedy in which Victo-rian social customs are mocked, especially marriage and pursuit.

    Performed first in London in 1895, this play has a long his-tory.

    Jack Worthing is a well-known landowner in Hert-fordshire, where he has various responsibilities.

    Jack pretends to have a brother named Ernest, who is extremely irresponsible, and whenever Earnest gets into a heap of trouble, Jack must leave town and come to his rescue.

    This fictional brother makes it possible for Jack to disappear for long periods of time to do whatever. Only Jack knows that the imaginary Ernest is actually Jack himself.

    Making things more interest-ing, Jack has fallen in love with his best friends cousin, who suspects that Jack is leading a double life.

    Show times are Nov. 4, 5, 10, 12 at 8 p.m. and Nov. 6, 12, 13 at 3 p.m.

    Tickets may be purchased by calling 949-582-4656 or online at www.saddleback.edu/arts. Prices are $12 general and $11 for students and seniors.


    crossel0@saddleback.edu mdorame0@saddleback.edu

    074618.12_PEPUNI_BSM_Saddleback_CC_2nd_MECH ROUND #: MECH Trim: 5.667 x 10.5 Bleed: NA Color Space: B&W

    TM: EG AS: MV AD: JB dA: eM Date: 10/24/11

    The Pepperdine Advantage

    Lead the way by adding the prestige of Pepperdine University to your resum

    Complete your bachelors degree in two years with evening and weekend classes, and earnyour MBA in as little as one additional year

    Transfer to Pepperdines Graziadio School with a minimum of 60 lower-division units

    Guaranteed admission through TAG community college partnerships

    Learn more by attending an upcoming Information Session.

    Irvine Campus: Tuesday, November 8Wednesday, November 16Tuesday, December 6


    Master the leader in you.

    Irvine, West LA, and Encino Graduate Campuses

    Elizabeth CoipelFixed Asset Accountant, Boston Scientifi cBachelor of Science in Management 2011

    Complete your dream.The Bachelor of Science in Management

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    As the leaves fall, winter arrives

    Help an infertile couple achieve their dream...Become an Egg Donor

    All ethnicities welcomedYoung women ages 20-29 Compensation $6,500 and up tax free

    For further information please contact:Sheryl Anderson R.N.M.S.949.494.6511Email: info@elitefertility.comwww.elitefertility.com


    Instructor Mitchell Haeri hits the road with style

    Mitchell Haeri started full-time teaching at saddleback College back in 1995.

    with multiple degrees, in-cluding a doctoral degree ob-tained at UCla, the physics and astronomy instructor has gained a lot of knowledge he wishes to share with students.

    the current chair of the phys-ics and astronomy department also works for a government-contracted company in aero-space research, is the advisor for the astronomy club, does engineering consulting, and gives talks at universities, all in addition to teaching students at saddleback.

    Haeri, an Orange County na-tive, has had an interest in sci-ence since he was a child.

    ive always been interested in the sciences, Haeri said. i was motivated by my father.

    He used a little telescope as a kid to gaze into the sky, and in

    high school he took astronomy at saddleback.

    Haeri said, astronomys always been a hobby of mine, since i was a little kid.

    He said the astronomy course gives students an opportunity to survey the sky with professional telescopes.

    the astronomy club gives students yet another opportunity to star gaze by driving out to the desert and getting away from the city lights in order to better view the sky.

    starring into the universe isnt the only thing Haeris pas-sionate about.

    In 2000, when the first Prius came out, he got one, and de-scribed himself as very environ-mentally conscious.

    He doesnt like foreign oil and gasoline, and wants less pollution.

    now theres a new kind of vehicle taking center stage in the efforts to completely make gasoline a thing of the past.

    its called a hydrogen fuel

    cell car, and very few people have been given the privilege of testing them, however a certain saddleback College instructor drives one every day.

    Haeri said he had been an-ticipating the hydrogen car for a while, and signed up right away when he heard of the pilot pro-gram.

    and hes now riding in style, without a drop of gasoline, and without a vapor of pollution.

    its a Benz, as in Mercedes Benz. it runs off electricity, and is fueled by pure hydrogen.

    Hydrogen is the most abun-dant element in the universe, Haeri said.

    this is in contrast to fossil fuels, which will run out even-tually.

    But is it safe? Hydrogen is flammable, but gasoline is flam-mable as well.

    To read full story visit http://lariatnews.com

    as the months progress into the Fall season, the leaves on the trees begin to change color.

    it seems like these colors only appear during Fall, but actually they contain small amounts of them all year round.

    three pigments make up each leaf: carotene, anthocyanin, and chlorophyll.

    Chlorophyll is the main pig-ment that is used in photosyn-thesis to take in sunlight and give leaves their green coloring.

    according to sciencedaily, there is a chemical called aux-in that controls the abscission layer.

    this layer is a special band of cells at the base of each leaf stem.

    the auxin is what prevents this layer from developing dur-ing the Fall and winter months.

    when Fall comes and the days shorten, leaves know to stop food production, because there is not enough sunlight or water to take in.

    the leaves shut down, caus-ing the chlorophyll to disappear and reveal the orange, red, and yellow colors underneath, that the green chlorophyll was cov-ering up.

    with winter comes the chang-ing solstice.

    the december solstice is set to occur this year on dec.22 at 5:30 a.m.

    it will mark the winter sol-stice for the northern hemi-sphere and the summer solstice for the southern hemisphere.

    the date of the dec. solstice varies between dec.20 to dec. 23 depending on the year in the Gregorian calendar.

    according to www.timeand-date.com, all places above a latitude of 66.5 degrees north will be in darkness on this date, while locations below a latitude of 66.5 degrees south receive 24 hours of daylight.

    photo by alyssa hunter/lariat

    Fall leaves: Kelsie Shimizu, 19, undecided, observes the color changes that appear in the leaves during Fall months.

    michael dorame


    For four months now, the ca-tering truck refresh has been wowing their customers with its food known as Pacific Rim which is an asian fusion food.

    audrey davis is the event co-ordinator for refresh, and also the owner and daughter of da-vis, aubrey duran, have much to say about their new food truck.

    the main chef working on the truck is Chef Jordan Hamada, who brought his Pacific Rim fu-sion culinary skills to refresh. Pacific Rim is all the islands en-circling the Pacific Ocean, like the Philippines, Hawaii, and Japan.

    Chef Hamada used to work at Dana Points Wicked Garden as the executive Chef.

    the restaurant is now closed and was replaced by another called Caliente.

    duran and Chef Hamada were originally roommates and he had just got out of the food truck business because of a bad partnership.

    then they began a partner-ship together, davis said.

    the name refresh is used because many of the items on the menu are refreshing and cool, such as gazpacho, a cold fruit soup. there are also re-freshments like lemonade as well.

    the refresh truck has vis-ited saddleback College in the previous weeks to speak to the catering class and talked about how the business works.

    they were looking for an intern and i think they got one.

    then they took everybody in the class out to the truck and they sold to them, so they could show them how it worked,davis said.

    To read full story visit http://www.lariatnew.com

    Student helpsfamily food truck


    nicole bullard


    Bookstore vs. online: which do students prefer?For all saddleback College

    students out there, some buy your textbooks for the new se-mester and it can get really ex-pensive. But some wonder just how many buy them online and how many buy them in your lo-cal college bookstore.*

    the big question some sad-dleback College and irvine Valley College students won-der about is where to buy their books for the semester at the best price. is it online or in a the college bookstore?

    a poll was conducted on how many students use the book-store or rather go online.

    there are some students out there today that buy their books online and some students buy them at bookstores. some book-stores even allow students to rent books for cheaper than the original price instead of buying the book and reselling it.

    saddleback students may even prefer to buy their books at the College Bookstore across the street from the college which lets costumers buy and resell their books.

    when it comes to students who order online, you have to wait two to three business days or even weeks to have the text-book delivered.

    almost 60 percent of the stu-

    dents at saddleback that partici-pated in the poll said that when it comes to ordering their books online, they mostly use ama-zon.com rather than the saddle-back bookstores website.

    Out of those 56 percent, al-most half of those students use amazon.com, only for the rea-son that it comes with one night shipping. also it gives the stu-dents more options for buying

    used books. it was only two stu-dents in the entire poll that use the bookstore website to buy their books.

    according to dolores Monet on hubpages.com, the relatively new phenomena of eBooks and the success of amazons Kindle is throwing the world of pub-lishing and reading into a whole new age of controversy and tur-moil.

    On almost every news chan-nel and website on the internet, you hear about eBooks possibly replacing traditional paperback books.

    But not to fear, there are still some students at saddleback that still use the bookstore for their textbook needs.

    after the conclusion of the poll, it was also found out that about eight students said they buy their books from the book-store. But about 50 percent of

    those students in the poll actu-ally go to the bookstore across the street from the school.

    some of the students i also talked to have considered get-ting the Kindle from the ama-zon website or the Apple iPad and that it would be less heavy on their backpacks.

    surprisingly, there are stu-dents out there that are still will-ing to take the risk of paying a lot of money to get the actual textbook that they need for their class.

    whether you go online or the bookstore, most students on the poll or survey at saddleback have said that they really need books either way in order to function in their classes.

    For those who to go to the bookstore to get textbooks, the college bookstore is located in the very right corner of the stu-dent services Building on the first floor.

    For those who want to order their books online, you can ei-ther go to the college bookstore website, which is on the sad-dleback website under the link Bookstore.

    jessica osiecki

    photo courtesy of lhoycel teope

    online or bookstore: Rent-A-Text is available on campus for some textbooks offering a cheaper price than buying the book, while competitor Chegg.com offers to rent textbooks online.


    the womens iVC volley-ball team played Golden west College on Friday to help raise money for the side-Out dig Pink Volleyball Breast Cancer awareness Campaign for breast cancer research.

    a mix of iVC and Golden west College fans came to

    watch their school compete. at the door each participant bought a five dollar raffle ticket, where they immediately received a pink aasis shirt and a bottle of pink simple Green.

    it all started 2 years ago with an ex player of ours, Caitlin segert, it was her idea to begin this community service and we have continued to carry it on

    since she left. said head coach of the iVC womens volleyball team, Tom Pestolesi.

    But this year, a student from Cal state Fullerton did a ton of work making the Dig Pink Vol-leyball Breast Cancer aware-ness Campaign a success.

    a lot of the credit goes to Bruce Bourquin for making this such a cool event. said Pesto-

    lesi.Bourquin helped make this

    event for a school graduate proj-ect.

    i got in touch with iVC and started to work on the project. i had to get donations from all over the place, it took a long time. said Bourquin.

    Bourquin succeeded in find-ing businesses to donate for the

    breast cancer campaign raffle. He got Knotts Berry Farm, Universal studios, active ride shop, starbucks, Costco, tar-get, Outback steakhouse, sim-ple Green and many more to donate.

    Most of the people who do-nated were very helpful and professional. a lot of the com-panies were already contribut-

    ing to a breast cancer fundrais-er, so i got rejected from them. said Bourquin.

    Bourquin even succeeded in publicizing the event, he got in touch with Kiis-FM and scored the coach, Pestolesi an interview regarding the campaign.

    To read full story visit http://www.lariatnews.com

    Irvine Valley College supports breast cancer awarenesskiralynn edmondson

    In transition to winter solstice leaves change color to reserve energy for trees by stopping chlorophyll production.


    melanie roberts

    60 percent of the stu-dents that particpated in the poll... said they mostly use Amazon.


    photo by AlyssA hunter/lAriAt

    Laser womens golf wins over Saddleback rival

    Women from Irvine Valley, Saddleback, and Fullerton, all played an 18-hole golf match, which led to a win from IVC of 313 at Trabucco Arroyo last Wednesday.

    IVC had 20 wins and no loss-es this season.

    Were defending state cham-pions, they should feel good about themselves, said Ben Burnett, the IVC womens golf coach.

    IVC golfer Sally Kim was the

    medalist on Wednesday, with an even par score of 72 and her teammate Foya Lazare with a fi-nal score of 76.

    Saddleback women golfers lowest score were with fresh-man Were defending state champions, they should feel good about themselves. Jaz-min Grajales, with a score of 81 and her teammate, sophomore Hannah Stewart, leading with a score of 80.

    IVC had two girls that scored pretty low and that was the game right there, said Gary

    Sabella, the Saddleback coach.Saddleback has 16 wins and

    four loses. Im proud of the team this

    year. We have a fairly new team, only two returners, but for being brand new we had a good sea-son, Sabella said.

    GOLF: Halle Young, IVC (left), Taylor Weber, Saddleback (middle), and Tonni Honnes, IVC (right), spectate as they each await their turn to putt, at the Orange Empire Conference held at Arroyo Trabuco last Wednesday.

    photo by melAnie roberts/lAriAt



    The womens water polo team at Saddleback College tri-umphed against Santa Ana last Wednesday, winning by a close score of 12-10.

    Throughout the game, the score was unnervingly close and almost never wavered from a point ahead or below. Accord-ing to the coach and audience members, it was a unique game.

    It was such a great game because it was back and forth, back and forth. Then there was the tie. Then they were up two at the very end. They played ex-cellent, just really good strategy toward the end of the game, said Mike Hall, who had been watching the game from the stands.

    The coach, Jennifer Higgin-son, was proud of her team and was seen giving them pep talks during timeouts and between quarters.

    Im really proud of them, they came away with a win. They had a lot of patience at the end, and every single person contributed in that game, Hig-ginson said. We had shots from everybody and Id have to say that the person that was an all standout would be our goalie,

    Jessica Barr. Really proud of all of them.

    While Santa Ana desperately tried to get past the goalie, Barr managed to keep the ball and the opposing team as far away from her as possible.

    The two teams were constant-ly in a tie, starting from the first quarter all the way to the fourth quarter.

    The tie scared the heck out of me, Barr said. That was re-ally frightening, but I just had to keep [watching the ball] and put the score out of my mind. Every time I saw their star player I just had to focus on the ball.

    In the first quarter, the score was 1-0, so the beginning was a little slow but gradually picked up speed in the second quarter.

    There was difficulties again in the second quarter, with each team determined to score more points than the other but managed to tie 5-5. There was obvious tension to break the tie and it showed in the next quar-ter.

    Although it was an incentive to the teams to break the tie dur-ing the third quarter, it was a mild part of the game, with an-other unusual tie of 7-7.

    In the fourth quarter, how-ever, the game picked up and the score went from 8-7 with

    Saddleback in the lead. A tie was slowly forming until the score reached 10-10 then it was no longer a tie, and the final score was 12-10.

    We came through in the end, but it was frustrating for the first three quarters, but the fourth quarter was nice, said Rachel Novelli, a player on the Saddle-back team.

    The unwavering tie was a definite anxiety for many of the players and although it was a constant throughout the game, the last quarter was the real tie-breaker.

    I was actually impressed that we kept fighting and that we never gave up. We fought until the end. I was just glad that I was able to step up and do something for the team because theyve been behind me, Hig-ginson said.

    Its usually not back to back like that, so it was a pretty stressful game. Both teams had really good shooters and thats one of the reasons, Higginson said. It came down to more of a defensive game than an offen-sive game at the end because it was tied up every single sec-ond.

    Womens water polo dominates the poolNICOLE BULLARD


    DEFENSE: Gauchos women go for the goal in a heavily defended area. The Gauchos won by a close score of 12-10 last Wednesday against Santa Ana College. Saddleback womens water polo team record is 4-17.

    Punto and the Cardinals won two upset series, defeating the Phillies and Brewers team.

    They faced the Texas Rang-ers in the World Series. Punto started at second base in three out of seven games in the World Series. He had a few crucial hits throughout the game. He also started in game six which will go down as one of the greatest World Series games of all time, if not the best.

    Punto and the Cardinals didnt give up. They won game seven, and Punto captured his dream--a World Series champi-onship.

    CardinalsContinued from front


    photo by AlyssA hunter/lAriAt

    GOOD STANCE: Saddlebacks men water polo goalie uses his great sense of vision to barely save the shot. The Gauchos record is 12-12.

    Mens water polo dives into a win

    With a final score of 11-8 against Santa Ana College, Sad-dleback Colleges mens water polo team won the match last Wednesday.

    The quarters were eventful and the scores seemed to move quicker as the game progressed. The first quarter showed few signs of who would win, with the score being 3-2.

    Although the first quarter score was only 3-2 the second quarter ended with a score of 6-4, so the score ascended more than double in points for the Gauchos.

    The third quarter showed promise and the score changed from 6-4 to 8-5, giving a leeway

    of three points between the teams.

    During the fourth quarter the entire time was a game of catch up for the Santa Ana mens water polo team, because the Gauchos were gaining the most points in the quarter.

    The scores had a habit of keeping two or three points apart throughout the game, so ties didnt ever seem to become a problem.

    As for the fourth quarter, the score went from 8-5 to 11-8, so the Gauchos gained three points as well as Santa Ana.

    At one point, Saddleback passed the ball to each other so repetitively that it became clear it was a strategy to catch the opposing team off guard. It worked a few times in the third

    and fourth quarter.This was a good game for

    us, its a great way to finish out the conference, said Pat Higginson, the coach of the Saddleback mens water polo team.

    Throughout the water polo game, the player that scored the most points on the Gauchos was Matt Villanueva, according to Higginson.

    Im really happy with the guys. Theyre finishing strong at the end of the season and were coming together better, so weve come a long way and Im really proud of them, Higgin-son said.

    To read full story, then visit http://www.lariatnews.com



    We are defending state champions, they should feel good about themselves.