Feb 24th - Wagner

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Wagner Background 1850 Ring cycle Ring cycle Series of 4 operas Story of needle men Link one to another to another Wagners Operas French too grandiose, Italian was going downhill Ill create German opera music drama (music had to enhance drama) Called them unique and artworks of future Had to combine everything (spoken word) Writes librettos Version of opera is about drama, called everything a synthesis Gesamtkunstwerk what he brought to music Job of orchestra suggest deeper meanings of text and recall and foretell action Poetry was to uplift the listener by creating subjects of philosophical Lighting atmosphere and setting Singer actor to express everything (thought a tion meaning) All about psychological action in works (no works, breaks, arias he called endless melody) flexible rhythms constantly changing harmonies, everything is linked together by Leit motive like a recurring theme Web of leit motives quite short, easily recognized, associated with a person (hero) an event, an object, or an idea. (played a significant moments) Give an under layer of meaning in the opera (secures unity) Number of leit motives (150ish) Highly recognized, wanted ppl to give him money Needed a theatre, so put add in paper (he could afford it) Ring Cycle Background all about love and background story is about power in love R: Die Walkure R: For 16 Ride of the Valkyries and Finale (wotans lament (from Act 3)