Filming Monday 21st feb

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1. Laurie AmosMonday 21st FebruaryAs it is half term, myself and my group are unable to record in school thereforeI have organised for both Jodie and Fran to come to my house for us tocontinue going through the shooting script and recording all possible shots thatare remaining.Unfortunately, there was an immediate advantage as Fran and Jodie wereunable to record at the time we originally agreed suitable over text thereforewe had to rearrange for later in the day meaning that it was darker thanexpected and we had to use a light on our phone whilst holding the camera.The first part of the process recording today was to do our makeup suitable forthe shots we were recording. I followed the steps I had done when I looked atVampire Make-up styles earlier in the year...i.e. dark eyes, red lips, smudgesand pale skin. As you can see below including fangs! 2. Laurie AmosWe were recording the first few shots on the shooting script that consist of uslip syncing to the lyrics we had allocated we chose the woods for this settingas recording in my house didnt achieve the eerie and mysterious feel and thesetting wasnt as grim as we were intending!We encountered few problems whilst recording, particularly that we had to re-record the majority of shots several times, it wasnt as straight forward as wehad expected and it was difficult to lip sync with the lyrics as specific as weneeded to, to match up with the song.However, other than this, there were many advantages to our recording today.We worked efficiently as a group and made significant progression fromhelping each-other with applying our make-up to achieve the look we wanted,to negotiating who would record which shots.When watching the clips back on the camera, I found that there were a fewshots that worked well on their own e.g. when we were talking together withthe fangs in, or making eye contact with the camera as the wind blew andother simple shots that were unintentional actually worked really effectively.When uploading the shots onto iMovie it will be effective for us to considerthese shots as replacements or shots that fill in between others.Similarly, when Fran was in the mirror, I recorded an over the shoulder shotand asked her to turn round really slowly this will be another interesting shotthat I may be able to insert into the video, and if I do so I will also have to alterthe shooting script so it matches up with anything new.